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Than it is possible to treat the bruises on his face after getting hit?

Under what circumstances would a bruise or was received, the victim in the first place asks the question: how to treat bruises on his face after getting hit?

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A bruise on the face may be a consequence of injury, falls, specifically caused someone injury. Either reason leads to the appearance of facial edema, which very soon filled with color, first it turns pink, then reddish, later (depending on impact force) may be blue-grey, after a while - green, towards the end of healing - yellow, and the last (yellowish-deadly) stage lasts for several days. By the way, the pain can stay much longer, than the color: when you touch the bruised places, even when it is acquired in a natural flesh color felt the pain, some internal swelling, induration.

The bruise on his face: where to begin treatment?

prikladyvanie lda k mestu ushiba dlya lecheniya sinyakovTreatment of a bruise on the face can be started only in that case when at this place there are no open wounds or deep scratches. If you have the latter you must first engage in their treatment: if necessary, the wound to sew up, and a scratch - to wash, use ointment or cream for speedy tightening.

If the bruise is a lot more wounds, the healing will be one of the priority cases. When treating a bruise is impossible to touch the open area of damaged tissue. Apply special creams and lotions do for a bruise to be strictly along the edges of the hematoma, as Kirovogradskaya components of drugs, once on the inner layers of the skin, can negatively affect the wound healing process.

If it cost only bruises and bleeding wounds and scratches are absent, you can immediately proceed to the treatment of hematoma. The best way to relieve swelling and prevent the appearance of a bruise at the site of injury are cold lotions and ice. Remove from the freezer tray with ice cubes or use any package or bundle that lay in the freezer (a pack of cold crab sticks, a bag of frozen minced meat).

ispolzovanie mazej ot sinyakovPut the tray with ice or pack in a plastic bag, wrap in a towel and gently attach to the injury site. On the street in winter you can use snow (having made a snowball). It is advisable to place it in a bag or in a clean handkerchief, limiting contact with an injured area of the skin with dirty snow.

Nature can be moistened with cold water towel, a handkerchief, a rag,ripped t-shirt and also place them in a pouch so that microbes were not included in minor wounds. Then applied a towel to the injury periodically wetting with cold water.

Cold and warm compresses

Avoid very low temperature compress. Too cold compresses left on for a long time, can negatively affect the condition of internal tissues and even lead to colds. The compress should be significantly cold, but in any case not ice: this procedure can lead to the destruction of the small subcutaneous vessels, which will negatively affect the condition of internal tissues, complicate the healing of bruises and hematomas.

maz vishnevskogo ot sinyakaA cold compress as a means for getting rid of the swelling and bruising should not be longer than 1-3 days of receipt of the injury (to hold a maximum of 15-20 minutes). During this period, the main thing - to remove edema, to narrow the blood vessels, to return the skin to normal and then doing getting rid of the hematoma, which requires already warm, not cold.

Warm compresses (warm, warmer, water compress or pouches with warmed salt or sand) improves blood circulation, cleaning the capillaries of stagnant blood, which helps the bruise to disappear faster.

Drugs: ointment

After first aid (applying cold compresses), making sure on the skin surface at the point of impact there are no open wounds and scratches, you can begin treatment of the hematoma ointments.

Not earlier than 2-3 days after an injury you can begin to apply heparin ointment (around the eyes - with great care). It has good absorbing effect and not only reduces swelling but also promotes more rapid disappearance of the bruise and reduces pain. Early application of ointment (immediately after injury) can have a negative impact: the blood in damaged blood vessels under the warming effect (although small) the heparin ointment can koagulirovat (curl), long time, pausing at the injury site and stained his deep blue-purple color.

maz traumel s ot sinyakovTo get rid of this hematoma will be very difficult: it can last up to three weeks. Applying to the place of impact heparin ointment, use it should be in the center of the bruise, grasping at its edges, striped netravmirovannymi skin. Otherwise, the inside of the bruise podmechennaya skin is a lighter tone.

Ointment similar action scars can cause the point of impact, if there are scratches and wounds. Its undeniable advantage is speed of action: the bruise after applying Traumas can go literally for a week.

Vishnevsky ointment - a panacea contusions, haematomas and wounds.This is probably the only tool that can (and sometimes should) be used when available at the point of impact of wounds and blood. To apply the cream or ointment should be very careful, pre-clearing the wound from dirt, litter, grit.

A great tool for healing - balm "Rescuer". This cream not only restores the blood circulation in the tissues of the hematoma, but will have a healing and analgesic effect.

Indovazin will also help the stagnant blood to dissolve, relieve swelling. There are other ointments: Vitamins, "Bruise-off", Lition, Lioton 1000 gel with extract of leeches, etc. they All have different methods of application. Strict adherence to the instructions for using each of ointment separately will help remove the bruise as quickly as possible.

Other drugs

polza joda pri sinyakahEffective means against bruises - the real stuff. It is part of ointments, gels, powders from injuries and bruises. However, it cannot be applied if the bruise is around the eye. Entanglement may cause irritation, lacrimation; may be allergic reactions.

Iodine rather iotova grid, will also help to remove swelling and reduce bruising. Apply iodine grid (including near the eyes) is better than wide and thin, but frequent strokes and lines.

Arnica tincture is another good remedy for bruises on the face, good for combating swelling. It is sold in tincture form, to be used, wetting the cotton pads and applying them to some time to the injury site.

Folk remedies

Among folk remedies, many of those that help to quickly bring the person in order after the attack, to remove the swelling and to heal bruises. About the beneficial effect of cold compresses on the swelling have already been discussed, as Arnica and tincture from it that are sold in pharmacies.

As improvised folk medicine can suggest the following. After exposure to a cold compress (5-10 minutes, no longer) possible to the place of injury on the person applying grated raw potato, to change a cold compress the compress of cabbage juice and/or crushed garlic, onion pulp.

polza aloe pri sinyakahIn nature you can use the leaves of burdock, mother and stepmother, plantain.

Quickly get rid of a bruise will help acetic iotova lotion (vinegar can be as table 9 percent, and Apple):5 drops of iodine to add to a teaspoon of vinegar to moisten the composition with a cotton ball or gauze pad, to close it a hematoma, I keep no more than half an hour.

You can repeat with small breaks a few times.

An excellent remedy for bruises I consider the tincture of parsley (50 g herbs pour a glassvodka).

You can start to make these packs a day after the injury.

Houseplants (aloe, Kalanchoe) can be saved from bruises: cut the sheet lengthwise, put him cut to edema, if necessary, fasten using adhesive tape. Keep to the drying of the sheet. Replace with fresh. Breaks in treatment can do. The bruising will go for 3 days.

If the injury and the bruise is small, we can treat the damaged area with paste of equal parts baking soda and teaspoon of salt. But this folk remedy well only if there is no even minor scratches: top layer leather clean, without damaging the surface, without damaging the cover. Also can be applied to the injury site a compress of a concentrated solution of salt (a tablespoon of salt with a slide on a glass of water).


However, when receiving facial injuries is best not to have only self, and, applying a cold compress to go to the emergency room for a consultation with a doctor to show the damage and check the integrity of the facial bones of the skull.