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The reasons for the formation of a hematoma under the nail and treatment

Hematoma under nail of the hands or feet is a common unpleasant problem that may face many. It is the result of mechanical damage and is a blood clot that formed under the nail plate.

problema gematomy pod nogtem

Causes and symptoms

The main causes of bruising on the nails are the bumps on the fingers or pinching, for example, the door. In addition, the cause may be inconvenient tight shoes used for a long time. Much more rarely, the formation of a hematoma as a result of taking medicines that affect the blood's ability to clot.

After injury of the finger may feel a strong throbbing pain in the region of the nail. Can sometimes create the impression that the finger grows in size. This is because under the nail there is accumulation of blood.

podnogtevaya gematoma i ee dekompressiyaThe main symptoms of a bruise is a sharp pain and change in color of the nail plate. First it turns red, then there is a bluish color and gradually it is a deep purple, almost black.

If the bruise under the nail occurs after prolonged wearing uncomfortable shoes, the patient felt, not such a pain as if shot. However, she will accompany him as long as the shoes will not be removed. Most often affects the thumb nail.

It should be noted that the color change of the nail plate is not always associated with mechanical damage and the formation of a bruise. For example, the appearance of blue-black spots can indicate the development of melanoma or malignant change in moles.


Immediately after injury, place of injury should be cooled down.

The finger should apply ice, a cold pack, or just substitute it under a stream of cold water. In particularly urgent cases, you can even use packages of frozen products. Cold at the site of injury should be no more than 3-5 minutes. Then is a break of 15 minutes, if necessary, the procedure is repeated. Cold is applied to until the pain subsides.

perekis vodoroda dlya lecheniya nogtevoj gematomyThen the damaged area must be sanitized with an antiseptic means: iodine, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate solution. A cotton swab dipped in the medium, clean the nail and the soft tissue around it. Simultaneous reception of anti-inflammatory drughelp to slow the development of inflammation.

If the injury is too serious, resulting in rupture or complete removal of the nail, you need to quickly clean the wound with an antibacterial agent. Then it is necessary to impose a sterile bandage, after brushing the wound with antibacterial ointment, and take victim to a doctor.

Treatment on their own can be limited in that case, if the injury was minor, and formed a very small bruise. However, if struck by more than a quarter of the nail plate, and there is severe pain, you need to visit a doctor. Severe pain may indicate a fracture of a finger. Be sure to contact the clinic necessary in the case of injury, and the nail plate changed color.

Before diagnosis, the doctor will conduct an external inspection of the damaged area and ascertain the cause of the hematoma. If there is a suspected fracture, it may be assigned an x-ray.

Methods of treatment

Remedial measures can be prescribed only by a doctor. To remove bruising under the nail can be used a method of drainage. It consists in that in the center of the clot of the nail plate special is pierced with a sharp instrument.

konsultaciya vracha o lechenii nogtevoj gematomyWhen the blood is removed, at the site of injury is necessary to impose a sterile bandage. It must be moist. This will allow you to cool the injured area and do not give too fast to heal the puncture site. Most often this procedure completes the treatment of hematoma. Recovery occurs quickly. The nail plate is completely restored in about a month.

If the injury was too heavy, resulting in the removal of the nail plate, then sutured. During treatment you will have several times to visit a doctor. As for your stitches, the procedure is performed at 5-7 days after surgery. It may not be necessary if sutures were used samorzadowej material. In severe cases, treatment can end with complications: deformity of the nail plate or its abnormal growth.

If the subungual hematoma is small, then its treatment can be used traditional methods. Immediately after the injury, place of injury need to put ice. The sooner this is done, the less will be the bruise, the faster the pain. If the victim feels a "tugging" pain, to the site of injury may be linked to a cabbage leaf.

When the pain is gone, you can make a hot bath of potassium permanganate. For this purpose a strong solution, heated, and he lowered the injured finger.To keep it in solution at least 20 minutes. A hot bath helps to soften the nail plate and to withdraw clotted blood.


In order to avoid the occurrence of hematomas, it is necessary to observe safety regulations during operations and to be as careful at home. Choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to models that won't pinch fingers.