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How to use iodine from bruises?

Often after an injury on the body appears hematoma, there are many ways to get rid of it. One of them is iodine, from bruises he was very helpful. Can be masked by hematoma or cosmetics or to hide under clothing, but it is not always possible. Hematoma not only looks ugly on the skin but it hurts, so they want to get rid of it.

problema sinyakov u cheloveka

The beneficial properties of iodine

All known 5% alcohol solution, which is sold in the pharmacy and is very cheap. With its help treat bruises and wounds to disinfect them and restore tissue. Ionized molecules that are of iodine, after the application penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating blood flow to the bruised spot.

So as not to cause burns on the body, it is better to apply iodine mesh. The capillaries in this growing and prevent stagnation process. Moreover, iodine is a good antiseptic. Therefore, doctors often advise to use this tool. Iodine grid. you can use pregnant women, because this method does not harm the child's development, because this substance is safe and clean. You can apply iodine and children older than 1 year.

How to use iodine.

polza joda pri sinyakahThe hematoma is a natural reaction of the human body to trauma of blood vessels. For bruises and burst blood vessels under the skin gets a certain amount of blood. Over time, the red spot turns blue. Injury itself does not bring much harm, and the bruise will fade with time, but you can speed up this process, especially if a hematoma formed on my face.

Often bruises appear not only after injuries, sometimes they come in and after the injections. When you need long-term treatment with injections, the muscle tissue does not have time to recover. This process took place quickly, will help iotova mesh. Iodine for bruises was applied to the skin every day for as long as the hematoma does not disappear.

The skin before the procedure must be well clear. The mesh is easy to apply with a cotton swab: it is dipped in a vial with medium and then painted on the skin of the vertical and horizontal lines to make squares about 1 by 1 cm With this method of applying iodine evenly absorbed into the skin. It is necessary to sketch the entire hematoma, slightly going beyond it. The procedure is best done at night: due to volatile properties, which has iodine, in the morning from it without trace.

There is another effective way of getting rid of bruises with iodine. In a container to pour 0.5 liters of Apple cider vinegar and add toit 1 tablespoon with a hill of salt. Capacity is immersed in a pot of hot water to warm the mixture. Then there is added 5 drops of iodine. The resulting solution to moisten the gauze or cloth and apply it to the bruise. The compress can be wrapped with plastic wrap, and on top to wrap up warm with a thick cloth. This wrap lasts for about 20 minutes. It is desirable to carry out the procedure every day.

polza yablochnogo uksusa pri sinyakahYou can mix 5 drops of 5% alcoholic solution of iodine and 2 tablespoons of 6% natural Apple vinegar. In the received solution moisten a cotton swab, apply to the bruise and fix with adhesive plaster. Keep this compress need about 15 minutes and not to remove, even though it will be a little pinch. After the procedure, the solution is washed off with cool water. This method allows you to get rid of bruises very quickly.

Iodine grid it is recommended to apply a bruise on the second day after injury. In the first hours it is necessary the injured place to put the cold, such as ice, placed in a cloth. If you use direct iodine, it is irritating to slow down the process of resorption. If you have to apply iodine to the grid during the day, then an hour after the procedure, the injured place can lubricate the fatty cream, and then the iodine will be absorbed faster into the skin and becomes invisible.


Use of iodine for the treatment of bruises carefully, this method does not suit all people. Especially it is contraindicated for those who suffer from thyroid diseases. It is undesirable to use iodine and people who are prone to allergic reactions to it.

Therefore before treatment it is necessary to ensure that the patient has no contraindications. External use of this substance is equivalent to its ingestion, since it is very well absorbed through human skin into the body. Before applying the iodine it is necessary to conduct a test to check the body's reaction to him.

On the wrist on the inner side is applied a thin strip of iodine, about 30 minutes. If after this time the skin redness, itching or burning sensation, iodine mesh can be safely applied to the bruise.


Bruise after bruise changes color from red to blue, after resorption is gradually transformed into a yellow spot, and then disappears.

If, in addition to the color changes on the skin, there is swelling and the patient feels considerable discomfort, you should immediately contact a medical facility for help to prevent complications.