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As the means at hand to quickly get rid of a bruise

There is hardly a man at least once in my life “decorate” her body with bruises. Therefore, knowledge about how to quickly get rid of a bruise, will surely come in handy in life, because from accidental drops and bumps no one is immune. But if you see it again and parents of young children (especially girls), the knowledge about how to quickly heal a bruise, can be claimed any minute.

problema sinyakov u cheloveka

What is a bruise

Bruise colloquially called a hematoma resulting from injuries to the soft tissues of the body about the solid extraneous object. As a result of injury damage happens at the point of impact blood vessels, but since the external integrity of the skin is not broken, the blood accumulates in the surrounding the site of injury the tissues, changing for a time their natural color. First, he becomes a dark purple, the color later changing to bluish, then yellowish-green and ending with transformation into a brown-yellow tones.

problema sinyaka pod glazomAny part of the human body nature does not protect from bruising - they can appear on the arm, leg, torso. But in such places they at least can hide under clothing. If a bruise appears on his face - often under the eye, although this blue-purple flower “bloom” and on the cheekbone, forehead, bridge of nose and even the tip of the nose have to look for other, sometimes quite sophisticated ways how to get rid of a bruise or at least make it unnoticeable.

Often such “decoration” is the result of mechanical injuries. Maybe it will appear in the result of subcutaneous injection (injection), if during the execution was damaged blood vessel. If caused by these reasons, the hematoma is small, it does not pose a serious health hazard and it could be removed from the body with improvised home remedies.

Worse, if the bruises on the body appear as if from nowhere. In the best case, this may be a consequence of allergic reactions, and at worst - disruption of normal blood flow in the circulatory system, which may indicate the development of the following serious diseases:

tyazhelye bolezni - prichina poyavleniya sinyakov u cheloveka

  • varicose veins;
  • the fragility of blood vessels;
  • leukemia;
  • hemophilia;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • cancer of the blood.

The cause of bruises on the body, especially under the eyes, you can become diseases of the liver, kidneys or heart. If the mother has a small baby, it is manifested under the eyes dark circles most often arethe cause of chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep.

How to deal with bruises

If dark circles under the eyes are a result of chronic fatigue, to get rid of them fast enough, changing the mode of the day, more time relegating it to rest and sleep. The ideal option would be to enter in the daily routine of long walks, preferably before bedtime. This will help make sleep deeper and more relaxed and improve overall health. If after the accepted measures under eye circles don't disappear, you must consult your doctor.

The best way to avoid bruising is to do everything possible to not appear. In many cases, this is possible if immediately after the impact applied to the bruised place a cold compress - it is best to apply ice, pre-wrapped it in a towel so as not to overdo it and not get is a bruise frostbite tissues. If you are ready, no ice, for compress you can use are taken out of the freezer plastic bag with frozen foods, will also come down and taken out of the refrigerator a plastic or glass bottle with beer or water.

Cold compresses are effective in the first hours after the injury.

led dlya predotvrasheniya poyavleniya sinyakaHappens because the natural reaction in contact of cold with warm skin is a narrowing at the point of contact of the blood vessels. As a result of this narrowing decreases the bleeding, decreases swelling and relieves pain.

If the blow was not too strong, then after this compress bruise at the site of injury may not manifest at all. If the injury was severe, then a cold compress will greatly reduce the size of the bruise and make it not so noticeable. So in any case immediately after the injury a cold compress will benefit. Not to say that after some time after the injury, he will be completely useless, but the blood then goes into the soft tissue, so no matter the size or color of a bruise compress is not affected. In this case, it is important to know how to quickly heal a bruise already appearing.

Disappeared manifested a bruise

There are many proven effective over centuries of folk ways on how to heal a bruise. One of the easiest to use - the warming of the bruised places. To start it in about a day after the injury, when the swelling in the site of injury will significantly decrease. This simple procedure gives a good kick to trigger tissue regeneration, so the healing process would proceed much faster.

treatment of bruising">First you need to dry the pan well to heat the clean dry sand or salt, then pour them in a canvas or linen bag and apply it to the bruised spot for 15 minutes. Repeat the heating can be no more than 3 times a day.

Another proven method how to remove a bruise, especially from the face - use concoctions. Powder concoctions diluted with water, observing the proportion per tablespoon of water 2 tablespoons of powder concoctions. The resulting mixture is applied on the skin, carefully making sure stuff does not fall into the eyes. After drying it is necessary to rinse with warm water. To impose concoctions can be no more than 2 times a day.

Effective compress, accelerate the removal of bruises, is a mixture of chopped fresh onions and common salt. To bruise appeared soon passed, need freshly milled onion RUB on a small grater, and then the resulting slurry is thoroughly mixed with a tablespoon of salt. Then the prepared mixture is to wrap 2-3 layers of gauze and applied to the affected area. Can make three times a day, but each time, be sure to compress using fresh pulp.

Effective treatment for bruises can be performed using fresh leaves of plantain. Good enough to stretch a sheet of paper and attach to the hematoma. The juice of plantain - excellent anti-inflammatory and healing agent that is known in our area from the time of Kievan Rus.

Similarly, how to treat bruise plantain leaves, you can treat him and leaves common cabbage. Fresh cabbage leaves need to stretch that began to separate the juice, and then applied (or even better - bandage) to the injury site. These two means are practically equivalent, so the plantain leaves are often used, if the area of the bruise is small, and the cabbage - when the hematoma is bigger.

sol dlya lecheniya sinyakovQuickly remove bruises with a mesh of iodine. This mesh improves the circulation of blood in the injured place, affects damaged tissue anti-inflammatory effect, accelerating the healing of wounds. The mesh can be applied regardless of the time of day, it is still preferable to do it at night, then the iodine is fully absorbed into the skin and the body will not remain even a hint on it's use. The only disadvantage of this method of treatment - there are many places on the body where the mesh yourself not to do, so often they need outside help.

Quickly and effectively to reduce bruise on virtually any area of the body you can use regular potato starch. It needs to be mixed with a small amount of water and applied on the hematoma. Under the influence of starch of any bruising resolve quickly, and evenhuge black eyes disappear.

Among the many old recipes, how to make a bruise, there are originally Slavic - using vodka. The most common among them are infused with parsley vodka. Preparing this tincture is simple: in 250 g. of vodka poured finely chopped parsley. Then the parsley infused vodka moistened bandage is applied to the damaged areas. But this method, like other alcoholic liquors, there is one weak spot - you need at least a day to vodka infused. Therefore, such alcohol compresses better to buy in advance at pharmacies in ready condition.

Pharmaceutical remedies for bruises information

Those who do not trust popular recipes, today in pharmacies can buy a lot of ointments and creams, effectively and quickly eliminates bruising. The most effective among these ointments are drugs based on heparin. Remarkable results show ointments containing concoctions. There are ointments based on vitamin P - routine and, based on indomethacin. The choice of pharmaceuticals is really great, the most popular of these ointments - Heparin ointment,Rescue, Rotovnik, SOS. Apply ointment similar need with an interval of 2-3 hours.

Despite the abundance of ways to quickly get rid of bruises, the body still need some time to affected area of your body back to its natural color. If the bruise is in a visible place, it can bring its owner a lot of unpleasant moments. Below relative comfort to go through this time, you can use masking bruise concealer shade you need. Time getting rid of a hematoma it will not speed up, but at least it will make the bruise is not so visible to others.


Knowing how to get a bruise means at hand, there's no need for every injury to seek help to the doctors. But just in case, if the bruise is small and you are sure that it was the result of injuries and not for other reasons. In that case, if you yourself suddenly appear and then disappear even small bruises, or unexpected bruises on the body remain more than a week without any visible change or even increase in size, then try to get rid of bruises on your own, is that the citizens, absolutely not caring about their health. Adequately thinking people must immediately consult a doctor and undergo a study to determine the exact cause of their appearance.