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Can quickly and how to get the black eye?

Many people wonder how to reduce the black eye? Fatigue, a daily lack of sleep and stress often result in health problems.

sinyak pod glazom u cheloveka

The appearance of darkening under the eyes can be caused by trauma or be a symptom of diseases of internal organs.

Bruising under the eyes can be of the following types:

  • swelling and slight blue discoloration - occurs when the lack of sleep and stress;
  • severe bruising without significant edema can indicate disease of the internal organs or the malfunction of some body systems;
  • severe swelling and lividity (bruising may be reddish or purple) - occurs when trauma.

To get rid of bruises under the eyes can only fix the cause of their appearance. Trauma bruise occurs due to rupture of small blood vessels of the lower eyelid. Its structure is relatively loose, and therefore the blood flows freely under the skin and forms a hematoma.

In other cases, the darkening occurs because of thinning of the eyelid skin and protrusion of the veins. Blood in this place contains enough oxygen, which gives bluish shadows under the eyelids.

The reasons why there is a black eye

There are three main reasons for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

stress - prichina poyavleniya sinyakov pod glazami

  1. Injury. It doesn't have to be a punch. A hematoma occurs when a minor impact, especially if the lower eyelid skin is thin and blood vessels are very fragile. To hematoma can be from a blow to the head or neck, the fall and broken nose.
  2. Stress. Any situation where a person has to be nervous, then reflected on his face. Sudden increases of pressure can weaken blood vessels and nervous feelings often make the skin thin and transparent.
  3. The lack of sleep. From the fact that the eyes do not have enough rest, the skin underneath can swell, forming dark circles.

Other causes of dark circles:

  1. Wrong position during sleep. If a person sleeps face down in the pillow, the blood vessels can perejimati, and the skin doesn't breathe.
  2. Smoking: frequent pastime with a cigarette causes oxygen deficiency in the body that affects the condition of not only the century but of the whole skin in General.
  3. Cosmetics: the skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Improper and heavy cosmetics can cause irritation and prevent the skin to breathe properly. Remember that any makeup you need to wash at night so that the skin rest.
  4. Hormonal changes in the body. If you have anydiseases of the hormonal system during pregnancy or menopause in women, can cause shadows under the eyes. To get rid of, specially they are not necessary, they are after the arrival of a hormonal background in norm.
  5. Long exposure to the sun: the refusal of sunglasses or the use of substandard products causes people to constantly squint that thins and stretches the skin of the eyelid. Also the sun's rays cause the skin of the eyelid pigmentation.
  6. Improper diet: excessive consumption of fast food and salt leads to thinning and destruction of the skin and blood vessels.
  7. Disease: the cause of bruising under the eyes can be colds, allergies, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and inflammatory processes in the sinuses.

nedosypanie - prichina poyavleniya sinyakov pod glazamiBruising can occur at any age, they often occur in infants and young children. The appearance of circles and bruising under the eyes should be a cause for concern parents. If black eyes the child caused by long crying or lack of sleep, it is urgent to consult a doctor for diagnosis.

Bruising can be caused by nicotine or alcohol poisoning, the appearance of iron deficiency anemia, dehydration in colds and intestinal diseases, malnutrition, various infections, parasites, vegetative-vascular dystonia, disorders of the endocrine system and many others.

How to quickly get rid of a black eye

Most often, concerns about appearance cause bruises that appear due to injury. They are characterized by severe edema and formation of hematoma. From injury that severely affected not only the appearance, but also her vision. If not quickly remove the hematoma, it might interfere with the eye and even to deprive of his vision.

To reduce swelling and to avoid a huge bruise will help a cold compress applied to the affected eye for 10 minutes after the injury.

It is best if it is ice, wrapped in a cloth or bag. Using ice packs is unlikely to avoid bruising and swelling completely, but it will greatly reduce its area.

maz To a black eye faster has passed, it is necessary to use a special ointment ("Lifeguard", "Lioton", "Ambulance with bruises"). Such tools help to liquefy and excrete spilled blood, reduce swelling and restore blood vessels.

Usually to bruise disappeared completely, need two weeks (depending on the severity of the injury). Hideit under a thick layer of makeup is quite difficult, it can lead to long healing. To accelerate this process will help to warm compresses. They can be done on the basis of salt. For this purpose it is heated in a pan and placed in a cotton cloth.

Treatment of a bruise can be carried out by using boiled warm eggs. It will not only warm the skin, but also will become a kind of massage. Helps powder concoctions, very effective. Dilute it in boiled warm water until paste-like mass, apply for 20 minutes on the affected area and thus get rid of the bruise.

With a very vast and serious injury you must not only get rid of the blood, swelling, but pain. When a large area of destruction, when even made a bruise above the eye, to remove a hematoma can be surgically. Relieve pain or help the cold in the first minute, or the subsequent warming.

How to get rid of dark circles

maz But often the blue circles on the lower eyelids not caused by injury but stress and health problems. Treatment in this case should be aimed not at getting rid of a bruise, and to the detection of the underlying problem.

When dealing with dark circles under the eyes helps the special cream for the eye area. It saturates skin with necessary vitamins and microelements, nourishes it, protects from adverse environmental factors. To buy such a cream is better in a drugstore or specialty store.

Remove "blue" under the eyes in some cases, you can use regular massage of upper and lower eyelids. Light tapping movements with your fingertips to make the blood circulate faster and not stagnate.

In difficult cases, remove the black eye will help cosmetic procedures:

  1. The lymphatic drainage. In this procedure, there is an increase of microcirculation in the periorbital region. This contributes to the outflow of fluid.
  2. Peeling. Cleansing is beneficial to its absorbency, creams and gels for the eyes are better absorbed.
  3. Mesotherapy.


The appearance of dark circles, you need to pay attention to your schedule: you need to take a daily walk in the fresh air, sleep 8 hours, drink at least 3 liters of fluid per day, right things to eat.