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How to dissolve a hematoma after injury?

How to dissolve a hematoma after injury? It is often a bruise appears in a conspicuous place to hide is difficult. However, there are tools that will help to reduce it for a few days. Moreover, it is impossible to prevent the appearance of bumps, which are often formed at the site of the bruise.

problema gematomy na ruke

First aid for shock

Hematoma is the result of internal bleeding. As a result of injury blood vessels are damaged and blood flows under the skin. To stop this process, you need to take action quickly. You want the vessel is narrowed and ceased to bleed. The place injury it is best to apply ice. Keep it to no more than a quarter of an hour. After that the place of injury should be wrapped with an elastic bandage. It will compress the vessel and blood will not spread further. If the bruise appears, then will be very small.

Pharmacy remedies for resorption of hematomas

troksevazin pri lechenii gematomyIn any pharmacy you can find a large selection of tools that will help in the absorption of bruises. This is usually creams and ointments, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action. They anesthetize the site of injury, accelerating the resorption of blood and repairing damaged capillaries. The most effective of them are the following:

  • “Troxevasin”;
  • “Lioton”;
  • “Badyaga”;
  • “Bruise-off”;
  • “Lifeguard”;
  • “Express bruise”;
  • “Indovazin”;
  • “SOS”.

To accelerate the resorption of hematomas, you need to apply the remedy according to instructions. After a few days the bruising will start to go, its complete disappearance comes at the end of the week. The most effective tool among the above is the gel "Badyaga". It has an absorbing and healing effect. It consists of a freshwater sponge called “options”. It contains a huge number of medicinal organic substances. If you apply the gel immediately after the injury, the bruise will pass in a few days.

Folk remedy for bruises

narodnye sredstva ot gematomYou can try to use traditional recipes, which are no less effectively promote the resorption of hematomas. Their range is quite wide, so you can easily find a suitable.

Bruises can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and salt. You will need to mix 100 ml of vinegar and 3 g of salt. In solution it is necessary to moisten a tissue or cotton ball and apply to the bruise for 30 minutes.

If you use it directly after an injury, it will not only relieve pain but also to prevent the appearance of a bruise.

Hematomawill resolve quickly if you smear it with butter every 30 minutes. It is noticed that the bumps after this procedure, do not occur.

However, the procedure should be performed regularly.

If you have hand soap, it is also possible to use in the fight with bruises. You should make a soapy solution, and then soaked with tissue paper or cotton pad and applied to the injury site. You need to change as it dries.

You can make compresses of soap and eggs. You will need to grate the soap and mix with the yolk. The resulting thick mixture should be applied on a cotton swab and apply to the bruise. Preferably all fix with a patch. Change the compress must every half hour. This tool will save not only cosmetic defect, but also from the pain. After a few days we can forget about the injury.

zveroboj pri lechenii gematomyIf the hematoma does not resolve for a long time, traditional medicine recommends the use of the ointment of hop cones. At the pharmacy it's not for sale, so it should be done independently, but it's easy. For its preparation you will need 200 g of visceral fat and 50 g of dried cones. They need to be crushed almost to dust. Then the raw materials are mixed with fat, and it can be used. They need to be lubricated hematoma, and it is better to make compresses. To keep a product should be refrigerated.

To remove a hematoma on the face will help flax seeds. They need to grind and pour into a linen bag. You should then heat water in a pan and put it in the boiling water. Pouch is applied to the injury until cool. Do this procedure is recommended three times a day. After 2 days the bruise will be gone.

The resorption of the injury helps a compress with a decoction of herbs. Need to mix the following raw materials;

  • 20 g of wormwood;
  • 30 g of St. John's wort;
  • 10 g rosemary;
  • 10 g of hop cones.

Is taken 30 g of the mixture, pour 500 ml boiling water and infused for 3 hours. After this it is necessary to wet in a hot infusion of cotton cloth and apply to the injured place. Keep the compress need to cool down swipe.

To fresh hematoma folk medicine recommends to apply a cabbage leaf, plantain. They first need to mash in her hand, and then use as directed. Will help in this matter and fresh potatoes. The tuber is cut into 2 parts and applied to the injury. Banana peel gives good results. It needs to be applied to the bruise with the back.

Correction of the diet

To hematoma resorbed faster than the use of ointments need to adjust your diet. It is recommended to eat more protein. It is inthe following products:
korrekciya raciona pri gematome

  • milk;
  • salmon;
  • tuna;
  • eggs;
  • fillet of Turkey;
  • chicken;
  • cheese;
  • ground beef;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

You should also drink a medication, which contains vitamins B12, K and C. They contribute to the recovery of the vessels, making them more elastic. If you do not want to resort to pharmaceutical means, it is possible to include in your diet foods that are rich in these vitamins. Of them are the following:

  • meat;
  • dairy products;
  • cereals;
  • green tea;
  • the liver;
  • broccoli;
  • strawberry;
  • pineapple.

If the hematoma is recommended to be added to food turmeric. She expressed anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This product is also contain essential oils, thanks to which you will be able to improve blood circulation and to increase the number of red blood cells. To use turmeric snap, 10 g of material are dissolved in a glass of milk. This drink should drink once a day. You can use turmeric as a spice, adding to various dishes.


If the hematoma for a long period of time passes or in its place there appeared a lump, consult a doctor. Tighten with a campaign should not, because you may need surgery.