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Signs and treatment for bruises on the face after impact

Is it possible to cure bruises on the face after impact? A bruise is painful and an unpleasant sight on his face, and he wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. Of course, from this trouble no one is immune, and the impact can be obtained not only during the fight - how many people have suffered from contact with the door jamb, for example. Very often, for different reasons suffers a child's face.

problema gematomy na lice

When evident hematoma after a stroke, treatment can be performed in different ways. Effective assistance will have ready pharmacy medicines or folk remedies; you can recall various tricks. Of course, the bruise on my face for a few minutes will not disappear (only to disguise it with makeup), but to relieve the pain quickly.

The essence of the hematoma

A hematoma, or simply a bruise on the face, is a local blood accumulation in the soft tissues caused by damage to blood vessels upon impact or hard contact with a solid object. Such education appears due to open or closed injuries are classified as injuries in which occur the rupture of blood vessels and increases the permeability of their walls. As a result of mechanical effects of blood mass is concentrated in a limited cavity of varying size and surrounded by a kind of sheath of connective tissue.

udar pri padenii kak prichina gematomyDepending on the strength and duration of exposure, form of a contacted object, and other factors, the bruises on his face have varying degrees of severity. According to this indicator, hematomas can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Mild: appears after some time and may be localized in any facial area, by mechanical action of a small force occurs slightly point of pain, the blue and the symptoms themselves vanish in 2-3 days.
  2. Average shape: obvious signs appear a few hours and it also causes substantial pain and swelling.
  3. Severe: noticeable after 1-2 hours, severe pain increases and is given all over the head, severe injury requires a medical examination for possible internal injuries.

Types of hematomas

The hematoma may have a different shape, character and clinical signs. It is customary to subdivide them into several categories:

  • by the nature of the hemorrhage: arterial, venous and mixed type;
  • according to the method localization: subcutaneous, intramuscular and podrezala hematoma;
  • the signs: limited, diffuse, pulsating and summany type.

to relieve edema and prevent hematoma">Apart from the fact that the mechanical effect of the face leads to the appearance of hematomas, it can call and other related injuries: bruises, skin damage, ruptures of muscle fibers, damage to the mouth and nasal cavity, a brain concussion, a fracture of the bone or cartilage, etc. the bruise is most often localized in the eyes, on the cheek, near the lips and nose.

In the clinical picture of facial contusions with hematoma are divided into degrees of severity:

  1. Degree 1: bruising and minor skin damage, pain, of small intensity and short-term nature.
  2. Grade 2: possible damage to muscle, severe swelling and edema.
  3. Degree 3: severe damage to skin and muscles, occurs when impacts to the head, leg, and in the fall, the impact with the runway, the accident.
  4. Level 4: paralysis of the damaged area, organ damage (eyes, nose, etc.), fracture.

Causes and symptoms of hematoma

The main cause of the bruise on her face - hurt in the impact which may be caused to another person, received in a fall on any object, when struck against stationary object when moving from falling in the face of a moving subject, etc. in other words, when a dynamic load in the face.

geparinovaya maz ot shishek i gematomSymptoms of hematomas on the face you have pronounced; and the degree of severity depends not only on the severity of the injury, but also from individual to individual: the strength of the walls of blood vessels, their proximity to the surface of the skin, strength and elasticity of the skin, skin defects, etc. the Main symptoms of hematoma: a sharp color change in a limited area (from light red to yellow-green), pain, swelling, impaired function of facial muscles, increased local temperature, the pulsation of the arteries. Development of a hematoma takes place in 3 main stages: swelling and pain immediately after impact; the appearance of blue, violet, or purple color of the skin (a bruise); the gradual healing with color change to yellowish and resorption of edema.

First aid for hematoma

The degree of development of a bruise after a shot largely depends on what measures will be taken in the first minutes after the injury. An effective way to quickly reduce pain and reduce the severity of the impact is a cold compress. The best remedy - ice.

If the place of impact immediately put a piece of ice, you can remove pain, slow the growth of the swelling and discharge of blood from damaged blood vessels.

In the absence of the ability to use ice to make any cold object or a cloth dampenedcold water.

To quickly display the effects of shock will help in the imposition of a poultice of medicinal herbs such as plantain, yarrow, wormwood, tansy, Hypericum. Good results can be ensured by the immediate application of a compress of green tea or onion juice. It is important that the treatment composition should be cold, because a warm compress can speed up and enhance the appearance of a bruise.

Treatment with the appearance of the bumps

med dlya lecheniya gematom v oblasti gub i glazWhen one is injured in the forehead, cheekbones, etc. quite often, the hematoma is accompanied by compaction of the tissue, i.e. the bumps. Thus the mass of blood from damaged blood vessels may concentrate between the muscle fibers and even to envelop the bone, causing significant swelling tight on different facial areas. To cure these lesions, we can recommend the following tools:

  • iodine grid;
  • heparin ointment, ointment Troksevazin;
  • compress the composition on the basis of magnesia.

From folk remedies to get rid of bumps helps cabbage leaves coated with a layer of honey. In this way, we remove not only the seal, but the hematoma.

Hematoma on the lips and around the eyes

One of the most dangerous is the damage to the lips and the eye area. When you hit the lip appears noticeable hematoma, the lips get damaged and bleed. Treatment of hematoma on gubna the site should be carried out in the following order:

obrashenie k oftalmologu pri travme v oblasti glaz

  • initial antiseptic treatment;
  • the application of ice compresses for getting rid of swelling;
  • the applying honey or ointment based on propolis;
  • before going out into the fresh air a hygienic lipstick.

To repair damage in the mouth apply the gel or rinse medicinal decoctions (e.g., of chamomile).

When applying the injury in the eye area, you must contact your ophthalmologist for examination of the extent of the damage. In the treatment of complicated injuries apply anti-inflammatory eye drops and antibiotics to prevent infection. Eye small hematomas can be treated at home. Done the eye patch with a therapeutic compound based on medicinal herbs.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of bruises are more popular folk remedies:
yablochnyj uksus dlya kompressov protiv sinyakov

  1. A mixture of onion, plantain and honey: you need to prepare 6 large leaves of plantain, 1 head onionsonions and 3 tablespoons of honey. The ingredients are blended and mixed, the composition is applied as a compress for 0.5 h, 3 times a day.
  2. Horseradish is ground on a grater in the amount of 100 g is Added 3 leaves of cabbage and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, applied as a compress for 15-20 minutes.
  3. A compress of Apple cider vinegar diluted with water in proportion 1:1.
  4. Superimposed aloe whole leaf or in the form of a slurry.
  5. Beans, ground in a coffee grinder, mixed with water to a pulp.
  6. Mix walnuts with beets: a mixture prepared in paste form.

Treatment for hematoma

Among the many vehicles from bruises on the face can highlight the most common:

  • heparin ointment reduces bruising, remove the hematoma;
  • entanglement: the most famous tool is very effective when applying immediately after impact;
  • Troxevasin gel to strengthen vascular walls and lysis of blood supply in the tissues;
  • Lifeguard: on the basis of natural components;
  • Have Ketonal: analgesic cream; gel Indovazin has a similar effect;
  • Ben gay, Deep relif: balms containing menthol having a cooling action;
  • Girodon, Bruise-off: ointment to help dissolve the hematoma;
  • Lioton gel for the treatment of bruises, reduces swelling and dissolution of hematomas, has disinfectant properties;
  • Nikofleks, Finalgon: ointment with a warming and revitalising effect apply no earlier than 3 days after the injury.


For pain relief when strong shock is applied analgesics: Advil, Pentalgin, solpadein. In addition, for the treatment of hematomas is recommended modern ointments, creams, gels with unique properties: first days without, dolobene, Fastum-gel, bystrumgel'.