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Why in the language may receive a bruise?

Most often, bruises are not a symptom of some disease, and the consequences of various injuries. However, in the language of the bruise may signal not only about the impact or damage, but the presence of a disease.

sinyak na yazyke u cheloveka

In almost all cases the cause of the bruise is in the formation of subcutaneous hemorrhage. The rupture of blood vessels most often occurs at impact, excessive squeezing or pinching, and also may signal a strong fragility and loss of vascular elasticity. In some cases, the rupture of blood vessels occurs in hypertension due to pressure (often blood vessels tear in the sclera of the eye, but in rare cases, a small hematoma may occur on other parts of the body). The frequent appearance of bruises and a large area may indicate bleeding disorders. This is a pretty serious disease, and in the case of severe injury, a person may start bleeding, including internal, which without medical intervention can lead to serious hemorrhage and even death.

ushib yazyka - prichina poyavleniya sinyakaThe rupture of blood vessels can provoke a variety of size and severity of the hematoma. For example, a small brain bleed much worse than a huge bruise on his leg after a fall or blow.

The bruise on the tongue is a very rare phenomenon. This organ is in a cavity of the human body and protected the teeth, gums, and jaws. His vessels strong, and the thickness of the leather allows you to keep them safe. Often a bruise is formed in the lower part of the tongue where the tissue is not well protected. The blood begins to accumulate and form a hematoma, a bit different from that seen on the human body. In the language of the hematoma is a spherical or ellipsoidal structure swelling without a strong flow off the surrounding tissue.

Causes of bruises on the tongue

The bruise on the tongue is quite small but can bring a lot of discomfort. The tongue is the fastest moving muscle in the human body. He makes a lot of movements when you chew and swallow food, people instinctively using the language checks the condition of the teeth, gums, upper palate. Without this authority, it was hardly possible to determine the taste and temperature of food.

Injury language does not happen as often as injuries to other parts of the body, but due to its increased mobility brings not a pleasant feeling.

Most often, the bruise on the tongue in adults and children appears due to mechanical injuries of that organ. It is of five kinds:

  • the trauma of the fall, squeezing or blow to the jaw;
  • biting tongueduring the fall, or eating, drinking liquids, swallowing of saliva, talking, laughing;
  • the trauma of a seizure or sudden cramping;
  • injury as a result of external surgical intervention during surgery on the gums or tooth;
  • the trauma of the puncture of the tongue during the piercing.

travma yazyka vo vremya priema pishiThe appearance of a bruise as the result of prokusyvanie is the most common injury of the language. It can appear in both adults and children, including newborns. The language of kids is so gentle and fragile that it can traumatize even without teeth, and only slightly biting his gums during crying or feeding.

Cause of bruise on the tongue may have a dental nature. Broken tooth or incorrectly placed seal, no temporary filling during treatment of the tooth also can lead to injury of the language. It can be not only bruising, but minor cuts, punctures.

Other causes of bruise on the tongue:

  • high sports, and sexual activity;
  • coarse and solid food with a high content of spices;
  • burn and damage when making liquids and foods with high or very low temperature;
  • various diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • correctly chosen accessories for piercing;
  • in some cases, the appearance of hemorrhages on the tongue can be a symptom of an overdose or become a side effect when taking medications, especially vasodilators;
  • in rare cases, a hematoma on the tongue is a symptom of certain diseases, including hemophilia and hemorrhagic vasculitis.

Symptoms of occurrence of hematoma

travmirovanie yazyka vo vremya lecheniya zubovLooks very difficult to see the hematoma on the tongue, as it is often on the bottom of the tongue and not visible to the victim or yourself or other people.

Upon impact of primary pain syndrome may divert attention from pain. But she quickly returns and regularly reminds himself when chewing, swallowing, drinking and movement of language. In most cases, it is easy aching pain, but the injury can feel a slight pulsation.

To learn more about the affected area using a mirror. Hematoma is a small swelling that color and shape can be compared with a little cherry.

Besides the pain the person feels difficulty when speaking, some sounds may change.

If the bruise is large and the language is further traumatized, in the blood can getinfection.

It is quite dangerous, as from the mouth, germs can get into the stomach and intestines, and also lungs. In such cases, you may experience fever, chills, tongue swells and becomes very painful, can increase the lymph nodes in the jaw area.

Most often, infection of hematoma occurs during prokusyvanie language teeth, the improper or insufficient sterile piercing tongue piercing.

Methods for the treatment of bruise on the tongue

In most cases the bruise on the tongue lasts for several days and treated independently at home, but sometimes may require a visit to the doctor:

  • if the hematoma is very large, lasts more than a week and prevents normal eating and speech;
  • if the bruise occurs in the absence of trauma, as it can indicate some diseases of internal organs or blood vessels;
  • when fever, severe swelling of the tongue and the presence of other signs of intoxication;
  • the frequent occurrence of bruises in the language, or their large number;
  • if after puncture of the language appears pus with a strong, throbbing pain.


First we need to know what a hematoma on the tongue hardly differs somewhat from the bruise in another place. Because the treatments are the same.

To avoid bruising, reduce swelling and pain will help a piece of ice. It is not necessary to apply to the bruise, you can just dissolve like candy. A similar procedure should be to spend every hour during the day after injury.

To bruise quickly resolved, it is necessary to protect the tongue from re-injury. Preferably within a few days not to eat tough and hard food, avoid Smoking, hot and carbonated drinks.

Mucous surface can not be treated with ointments and gels, the known means of bruises have to be replaced by tablets of analgin, ibufen or dolaren.

Rinse the mouth with a salt solution of potassium permanganate or chamomile extract accelerates the resorption of blood clots and tissue healing, and protect from germs.