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Causes of bruises on the chest and their treatment

If you find yourself on the breast a bruise, you've gotta remember where you could hit and when.

problema sinyaka na grudi

The bruise on his chest indicates hematoma of the breast. As a rule, the reason for her appearance becomes the most common injury, which is rare, but can lead to the early development of the tumor in the breast.

The causes of hematomas on the chest

The problem is that when the chest is injured, as well as on other parts of the body, it can damage the blood vessels.

obrashenie k mammologu pri ushibe grudiIn the result, there has been a hemorrhage, the severity of which depends on the nature of the injury, it is the cause of hematoma. If no large vessels were not damaged, the blood stops independently. After some time, she absorbed, and a small part of the blood becoming connective tissue.

Blood in the breast tissue, it is a favorable place for breeding of microorganisms. In this case, you need to do everything possible not to bring in the breast an infection, because then there is a risk of severe sepsis. In this case, on the injured place you can find a small seal that does not affect women's health. It is worth noting that other seals on the chest, bruises and education is a good reason to appeal to mammologist.

The causes of hematomas on the chest:

  • home accident;
  • blows to the chest;
  • the formation of malignant tumors.

rak grudiHematoma of the breast can be caused different causes, but in most cases this is a common household injury. It may be the beats while playing with a baby bump or jerk in public transport, on the wheel of a car, etc.

Do not think that the hematoma will become a cause of cancer, but to some extent it can activate processes in the future at the first opportunity, will trigger the development of this terrible disease. As practice shows, all the women who suffered from breast cancer in the anamnesis indicated the presence of one or more injuries of the mammary glands. In addition, if the tumor is, but it is not yet discovered, the injury of the chest may be the cause of her rapid growth.

Don't worry too much about slight bruising that usually resolves within a few days. Threat can only be huge bruises because of damage to a large number of blood vessels. If the hematoma does not disappear for a long time, be sure to consult a specialist. He will conduct a breast exam and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

A bruise on breast: diagnosis

To detect the hematoma as early as possible and begin her treatment, the woman should regularly self-check their Breasts. This can be done very simply, using the method of polerowania chest, and armpits on a variety of seals and formations.

Such a breast examination is, as a rule, in the period of sexual rest. That is, before the critical days immediately after. Self-examination is divided into several successive stages.

obsledovanie molochnyh zhelezThe first step is to examine myself in the mirror. For this you need to pull her left hand behind his back, and the right to thoroughly test all areas of the left breast. Need to move in a spiral toward the nipple. Then the same manipulation is necessary to hold with my right breast.

If you notice that at least slightly changes the venous pattern, there was a retraction of skin or nipple, or using a palpation found strange growths, then you need to go to the doctor. So it is necessary to do in case of discharge from the nipple - they can be transparent or with a small amount of blood. If there is blood, it is a sign of what could be a malignant tumor.

Less effective examination in case of suspected presence of hematoma is an ultrasound. You can make microwave mammography, which will give a more accurate result. Even if the hematoma is small, it is clearly displayed on the screen, any doctor can see her. In addition, therefore, it is possible to make a differential diagnosis for tumors.

When the doctor will find the right therapy and treatment of a hematoma, it needs to come solely from the testimony of women. It is also very important in this situation to take into account the history, various risk factors, heredity and so on. Special attention should be paid to obtaining in the past injuries of the mammary glands and their number.

Proper treatment of a bruise on the chest

ispolzovanie mazej ot sinyakovIf you found breast bruise, you first need to accurately determine the cause of its occurrence. Thus plays no role if there's pain, size, presence of hematoma, etc.

It is important to understand, there was this bruise yourself, or as a result of mechanical damage of the breast.

Experts say that plays no role, even where it formed a bruise. Onit is always necessary to pay attention. A bruise is nothing like the accumulation of blood clots. When this occurs and swelling of the upper fabric.

If the bruise appeared on his chest, the difficulty in this situation is the fact that Breasts are very tender and sensitive, and if left untreated, it may form pus, to develop breast, and the woman will be at risk and she may begin to develop breast cancer. Of course, this is not a mandatory course of events, but the risk is not worth it.

First need to visit a therapist, and he will give direction to mammologist or endocrinologist.

To the doctor it is desirable to use different creams, which normalize the blood flow in the chest, contribute to the resorption of a hematoma, which will allow the bruise to heal faster.

led dlya umensheniya gematomy na grudiAt the pharmacy you can find a huge number of similar drugs, which cost not too high, they are sold without a prescription.

It is better to choose non-hormonal ointments, which are considered effective and safe as possible. If you use drugs please note the contraindications, because some drugs can't be used for pregnant or if you have blood disorders.

If you find a bruise immediately after his appearance, apply ice or any cold item to the chest. Thus it is possible to carry out light anesthesia and constrict blood vessels, reducing the risk of hematoma and the appearance of swelling. If you have ice, then it must be wrapped in cloth and do not apply permanently to one place because it can be so amorosity the skin and cause complications.

Prevention of bruising on the Breasts

It is much easier to be accurate and regularly to prevent disease than to treat the consequences of the problem. Protect the chest from cold and mechanical trauma. In the cold, wear tight underwear, but it should not pull the mammary glands.


Chest more than other parts of the body prone to injury and much more sensitive that is displayed on the rehabilitation period, which can be very long. And once you found at least a slight breast changes, don't wait, contact the specialist for the survey. If the doctor and find either malignant disease, with timely treatment you can get rid of the severe consequences. If treatment is initiated too late, no one can guarantee complete recovery.