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How to treat Razmyslov fracture of the humerus

How to treat Razmyslov fracture of the humerus? This question worries many patients. Condyle of the humerus is a complex structure, which consists of the medial epicondyle, lateral epicondyle, the head of the condyle.

problema chrezmyshelkovogo pereloma plechevoj kosti

The fracture can be of two types: T-shaped and y-shaped. This fracture - trauma, which relate to intra-articular. It can be both flexor and extensor. Most often formed when falling on a bent elbow, and the more he bent, the more chances to obtain this kind of fracture.

The crack is in a transverse plane above or through the epiphysis of the humerus. In the case where the fracture goes through the epiphyseal line, it acquires the characteristics of epiphysiolysis. When this occurs, the displacement of the pineal gland and expands it along the fracture line.

How will shift, depends on the extent of the fracture, but often it is a slight deviation from the normal position.

In addition, these fractures occur only in children and adolescents under the age of 20 years, further cases are rare.

What are the symptoms you can diagnose creamydinkly fracture

stroenie plechaAfter a fall on the elbow in the region of the joint a tumor, in addition, there is a hematoma, because the blood accumulates around the joint, and in himself. The sharp movement of the character do not occur before the end and with severe pain. Slow motion is also reflected by pain and the elbow is not possible to fully straighten.

As you can see, the symptoms have much in common with the usual sprain, it is because of this people often confuse them. More accurate diagnosis can be made using x-ray, but due to the fact that the displacement of the lower epiphysis can be downright miserable, its just going to be hard to see in the picture.

In addition, it is difficult to see the displacement of the lower epiphysis of the humerus in children, because her normal state can be tilted 10 to 20 degrees to the longitudinal diaphysis of the shoulder.

Although the angle at which there is a deviation in all children, but it is in any case can not exceed 25 degrees, and if the picture is so, this is a clear sign of fracture. For a more precise answer x-rays are taken in the lateral position with patient hands, and healthy, and further compare them.

Why is it important to determine the angle of displacement? The fact that the bone can mend, and in the resulting position, but then there is a partial loss of function, that is, the elbow will not fully bend and unbend, and the patient willthe constant feeling of discomfort.

How is the treatment

rentgen pri chrezmyshelkovom perelome plechevoj kostiVictim make anesthesia after he's finished, begin the manipulation. The surgeon must reduce the fracture, to do this, he presses one hand extensor of the lower shoulder of the Department, and the second starts to push the lower epiphysis of the shoulder in the opposite direction of flexion. In this patient's forearm must be extended. After the reduction is finished, the hand be sure to straighten the shoulder joint gypsum for 10 days. Then the plaster is removed and begin physical therapy with special exercises.

Treatment Razmyslov fracture

He treated similarly admiralmemo. How is modern treatment of Razmyslov fracture with displacement? This treatment deals exclusively with the surgeon and the patient must the entire period should be hospitalized.

This is required to determine the extent of fracture and what treatment is most suitable. The hospital takes preventive measures to eliminate complications that may arise, as well as postoperative rehabilitation to restore functionality of the limb. The entire period of treatment takes no more than two weeks.

In addition, such fractures are divided into two classes:

  • open fracture - this means that you need to perform a number of medical actions for tissue repair, as well as for disinfection and elimination of infection that could get into the wound;
  • a closed fracture does not require extra surgeries and treated faster.

Fractures are divided into classes depending on their nature:

shema raspolozheniya svyazok plecha

  • A class - a fracture of the outer division of the shoulder, occurred outside of the joint;
  • In class - partial intra-articular fracture;
  • With the class fully fracture occurred in the joint.

What are the risk factors? The factors that contribute to fracture include:

  • natrenirovannosti joint and muscles;
  • careless, sudden movement;
  • children's age, as joints and bones are still fragile;
  • old age;
  • inadequate intake of calcium and other minerals and vitamins.

Advanced diagnostics

In addition to the standard methods of diagnosis x-rays and examination, current treatment involves a number of tests to identify all possible causes and comorbidities.

These include:

  • examination of the heart and removing his cardiogram;
  • surrender of General analysis of urine;
  • the examsblood;
  • coagulation;
  • biochemical indicators.

How is surgical treatment

When razmyslovich fractures with displacement, especially in fractures of the external condyle, using the method of metallosintez, that is the humerus attaches U-shaped metal plate, which screws pulls all the bones in their required places.

operaciya pri chrezmyshelkovym perelome plechevoj kostiThis method allows very quickly to stabilize the fracture and provides almost complete mobility at the beginning of treatment. Thanks to this method the joint heal on their own within 21 days, there is no atrophy of the muscles and ligaments, and the risk of suppurative processes is significantly reduced.

If the fracture is open, in addition to surgical intervention is still assigned to the antibiotic complex in the first week after surgery.

In addition, you may need to use in the first 2-3 days anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve swelling and sucking of blood from the joint and periarticular region.

As you can see, when the first symptoms do not panic as this is most often a normal injury or a sprain, especially if you have more than 20 years. But still worth to go to the hospital if the pain persists during the day. After a few shots of the x-ray you will get a precise diagnosis, and if the fracture of the humerus podtverdite, the doctor will prescribed treatment.

If the crack is small, as the deviation, then you just restore the position of the joint and put the plaster if the damage is more serious, then surgery will make it possible to complete the movement of the hand the next day.


In addition, if you have an open fracture, it can not be tightened, as the infection in the wound can cause severe complications, including rotting of the tissues.