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The symptoms and treatment of fracture of the beam in a typical place

Fracture of the distal radius metaepiphysis called “broken beam in a typical place. This pathology is formed by the fall of man in the brush. If the arm is positioned with the palm down, the offset goes to the back of the hand, such damage is called “Collis fracture”. When Smith's fracture displacement of the distal fragment moves in the direction of the palm. Often can be found Collis fracture. In adulthood, the fracture line runs a little above the articular slit the wrist joint. In children, the fracture happens in the growth zone, this fracture is called epiphysiolysis. The fracture of a beam in a typical place is more common in women than in men. In men, this type of damage occurs, for example, during driving, when wrong turns the clockwork mechanism when the engine is started.

problema pereloma kisti

The reasons for radius fractures

Classified this fracture in medicine two types: extensor and flexor. There is often extensor than flexor. This type of damage is called “extension Collis fracture”. This type of fracture occurs due to fall on extended wrist joint hand, such an injury may occur as a result of violent actions in the area of the hands. The displacement of bone fragments in this case according to the standard scheme: the Central fragment is displaced in a Palmar direction, and the peripheral fragment, in the back and radial side. Between these atomtime formed angle, open towards the rear.

Flexion fracture occurs due to fall on the brush, which is bent inside. Sometimes this is due to the direct mechanism of action. Under the action of mechanism of injury and muscle contraction peripheral Outlook shifted into the inner side of the palm and the radial joint, Central otlook in the back. The resulting angle is directed in the Palmar direction. The main symptoms include pain and limitation of motion of the wrist joint.

padenie - prichina pereloma luchevoj kostiVery often, these injuries occur in the winter time when the roads are slippery. Fractures of the radial bone in a typical place to meet is after the fall when man fell, extends his arms forward, trying to protect themselves from injury.

Moreover, the radial bone is not very strong components of the brush, so she is weaker in the area of the wrist joint. This is the place most often, a fracture occurs because in the fall the weight of the body shifted to hands. Often, fractures in this regionoccur in athletes, especially those who are engaged in ski disciplines related to the sport of ice skating, as well as cyclists and motorcyclists. In some cases the fracture in the beam occurs at the moment a light accident, when struck from behind people instinctively straightens his hands before him. Such injuries are not uncommon in the elderly, this is due to even greater thinning the already weak wrist joint.

The main symptoms

The symptoms are not expressed. Basically it is swelling at the fracture site. Deformed limb stylobate. May lead to extensive hematoma. Thus, the symptoms of this injury include:

  1. Pain in the joint which increases with movement of the brush.
  2. The inability to move my wrist.
  3. Swelling at the site of injury.
  4. Hematoma.
  5. Swelling in the area of shoulder joint.

Diagnostic methods

vidy pereloma luchaSometimes the fracture is impossible to determine immediately, x-rayed. In addition, it turns out, does a fracture with injury to the ulna or is it just a sprain. The basis for diagnostic studies at the turn of the beam in a typical place is:

  1. X-ray, which is used in two projections. This method is often used, it gives the most reliable information in fractures with displacement and without it.
  2. CT. This method is used in case if the fracture occurred inside the joint. Use of CT and after the operation to confirm that the bone fusion was successful.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Method is used if the fractures are complex or have multiple.

First aid

If first aid is rendered correctly, then further treatment will be successful.

The first thing to do at the turn of the beam in a typical place is to call in a medical team and begin emergency care.

If the fracture is closed, it is necessary to immobilize the arm. For this fit the solid objects that you want to capture at the fracture site. The tire is imposed from the middle of the shoulder to the beginning of the fingers.

pervaya pomosh pri perelome luchaBend the arm of the patient at a right angle and hang it on the scarf, which is tied to the neck. To a person is not bothered by severe pain, you can get a shot of dipyrone. If this is not possible, attach to the sore place of ice, wrapped in a towel.

If the fracture is open, it is necessary to act slightly differently. Originally it is necessary to stop the bleeding. For this washthe wound and apply disinfectant. Then put on a clean bandage. If the wound oozes blood due to damage to the vein, the bleeding is stopped by a tourniquet on the area of the forearm. You can then splint it and fix it with bandage. Perhaps the use of ice. To hospitalize such a patient needs as quickly as possible.

Methods of treatment of fracture of the beam

Treatment depending on severity is divided into two types - conservative and operative. Conservative treatment involves the imposition on the injured arm fixing bandage, this is often a standard plaster immobilization bandage. In recent years began to take a more lightweight material made of polymer. This treatment is used for simple fractures that do not require surgery.

After application of the plaster bandage person must inform the doctor if the bandage squeezes his hand or another brings discomfort. 3-4 days swelling on the hand decreases and is often repeated x-rays to identify whether there had been inadvertent displacement of bone. Surgical treatment is carried out in the following cases:

  1. If the fracture is unstable and prone to displacement.
  2. When multiple fractures involving atomtime bones.


In the surgical treatment method of repositioning when the bone fragments are matched. Reduction is performed in an open and a closed method. A closed reduction involves the reduction of bone without any incisions. This method can be attributed to conservative treatment. The surgeon with a few strokes sets the bone in place. This method of treatment requires special training because of the need to fully restore the anatomy of the hand. On this depends the success of treatment.

Open reduction is used when another way to repair the fracture is not obtained. During surgery an incision is made skin at the fracture site. Open access to the bones and open the way to mobilize all the fragments, eliminating the offset and fix the bone with a special device. This method is called a fusion. Methods of osteosynthesis:

  1. The use of spokes.
  2. The use of plates.


Also use distraction drugs - often with multiple shrapnel injuries. During the operation there is a special control over all manipulation of the image intensifier (electron-optical Converter). It is necessary to reduce the risk of incomplete repositioning of bone fragments.

It is important to know that if he had a fracture of the radial bone in a typical place with offset or without him, it is urgent to seek help at a health facility. The delay threatens the abnormal fusion beamand the occurrence of serious complications.