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Why after a broken leg is swollen?

Fractures of the lower extremities are fairly common, and inevitably there is swelling at the site of injury. Why after a broken leg is swollen? This happens for many reasons: when such injury, disturbed blood flow can damage the blood vessels, ligaments and muscles. In addition, any fractures are usually accompanied by injury of soft tissues, and if the fracture is displaced, then it may be a cause of torn ligaments or muscles. While the swelling often extends to the whole of the injured limb.

problema pereloma nogi u cheloveka

Usually, the swelling occurs in places of fractures of the lower extremities, but in the upper part of the body the tumor - the phenomenon is more rare. Swelling may occur under the imposed gypsum during the first 2-3 days, but it happens that a similar phenomenon occurs after the bones are healed, the plaster is removed and the leg begins to recover.

When the swelling is small, then it goes away. But if the injury is of the joints was serious, happened displacement of bones with damage to ligaments and muscles, swelling of feet after fracture may not subside for a very long time, and have to exert a lot of effort to the injured limb took its original form.

Causes of swelling of feet after fracture

What you need to do to swelling after a fracture? Or puffiness are inevitable in any injury to the bones of the lower limbs?

silnyj otek pri perelome nogiIt turns out that the reasons for swelling a lot. If the person does not develop the leg while it is still in a cast, the lymph circulates worse in the damaged joints, muscles atrophy, causing blood circulation in the plastered limb. Ducts, which moves lymph, can be injured. In addition, the tumor may occur at the site of injury due to the fact that gypsum or other retentive bandage was applied incorrectly.

Methods of treatment swelling aims to improve blood circulation and normalize the flow of lymph in the bones. This will facilitate the outflow of fluid from the patient location. In addition, swelling in areas of injury is very painful. Therefore, it is necessary to relieve pain by using special ointments or gels.

Swelling traditional ways

Traumatologists suggest only on the first day to apply to injured areas cold, but from the second day you can use a special warming ointment. It may be an ordinary Ichthyol or other ointment recommended by your doctor. On the swollen places they are applied twice a day, before applying you need to carefully read the instructions.

snyatie oteka mazuMassage or whirlpool should doonly the doctors. The patient can independently carry out such procedures, when it will be taught by a specialist. And massage the area of the fracture is in any case impossible: it contributes to the formation of blisters in the fusion of bones. But to massage the muscles that they soon recovered, must.

To remove the tumor will help physiotherapy. Areas of the feet where it was damage heated with the special UV lamp. This can be done at home. Usually one session should not exceed 10 minutes.

In addition, a very effective procedure with the use of electric - muscle stimulation and swelling with electricity; also appointed by procedures such as electrophoresis and phonophoresis.

Folk remedies for getting rid of swelling after broken leg

As a rule, the application of the above measures to relieve swelling of the legs does not always help quickly. So here comes the people's medicine.

It is generally recommended to be rubbed into the places of edema some essential oils. Well reduce swelling and relieve pain the oil of fir or cedar. They can be mixed with usual plant in a ratio of 1:10 and RUB it into the place where there is swelling, until completely absorbed into the skin. Pure essential oils do not RUB, as they may cause skin burns. Therefore they are mixed with vegetable oil (olive is better suited).

massazh nogi dlya snyatiya otekaYou can do warm baths with the addition of these essential oils: edema limb is immersed in this water for 15-20 minutes. Such procedure is better to do before bedtime, and essential oils to alternate through the day.

Contribute to the elimination of edema ordinary cabbage leaves. They need to be washed, a little stretch and apply to the affected area, the top you can just make any kind of clean cloth.

In addition, fir oil mixed with honey 2-3 drops essential oil/50 g of honey), put on a cotton cloth and apply to the place of swelling. The top should be cellophane and wrap a warm cloth.

Raw potatoes can also be used to remove tumors in areas of fractures.

It must grind in a blender, squeeze the juice better, and the potato applied to the affected area. On top of impose cellophane and warm fabric. This compress can be kept up all night.

Helps to eliminate puffiness mixture of medicinal incense, flour, rye and root Larkspur. All these ingredients are ground to a powder, mixed with 1-2 egg chicken protein. The resulting slurry is applied to the injured place. You can also close the top with cellophane and a warm cloth, to keep all night. But this procedure should be carried out through the day.

At the damaged siteit is recommended to apply a pellet of blue clay and keep up to half an hour. This procedure can be repeated several times a day.

list kapusty dlya snyatiya otekaTo reduce edema promote any a hot compress with the use of medicinal plants. Prepare infusions or decoctions of chamomile flowers, Arnica, calendula and sage infused. The received solutions in the form of compresses are superimposed to the sore spot on the ¼ hour. These herbs can be applied all at once, or each individually.

Do not forget, any folk remedies without consulting with your doctor can not be used, even if the affected area is too painful.

Is it possible to avoid the occurrence of leg edema after a fracture

Swelling in the legs can be avoided if you just follow the doctor's recommendations. When the injured joint of the leg fixed with plaster, it is necessary when walking not to build on it and move around using crutches. While resting the leg should not be lifted too high - just enough to put her on something soft. Without a doctor's permission gypsum is not removed. This must be the test image of the fracture to ensure that bones at the site of injury normally fused. Doctors recommend after the plaster is removed, the first few days to fix the fracture site with the help of elastic bandage.

Even if x-ray shows that the bones healed normally, and gypsum is removed, step on the foot is still some time. The surgeon will tell you when it will be possible to do without crutches. You need to engage in a special physical therapy, however, hard to load the leg after the fracture is impossible for a long time. A set of exercises will show the instructor. To relieve pain you should use ointments or gels that are prescribed by a doctor. Usually in the process of treatment of a fracture of a special diet is prescribed, the amount of fluid intake should also be controlled.


Prevention of edema after fractures

Unfortunately, must disappoint readers: there are no preventive measures that could prevent the development of edema immediately after the fracture or fusion of the bones.

Edema is a physiological process that begins in the injured soft tissues of the lower extremities, and to avoid its occurrence in fractures of any complexity impossible. You can only try faster to take it off. To achieve positive dynamics need to comply with all recommendations of the doctor, not to self-medicate, to protect joints from repeated fractures during the rehabilitation period, eat foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D,temporarily limit their fluid intake.