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Proper first aid for fracture of collarbone

The collar bone is very fragile and easily affected bone, as it is close under the skin. In this connection, when the clavicle fracture first aid must be qualified and urgent, because such injuries are a great danger. Small sharp pieces, which are often formed in these fractures can compromise the integrity of the mesh of blood vessels and nerves, which subsequently will lead to a serious complications up to loss of sensitivity and motor function of the hands.

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It is therefore important to know the minimum information about the type of fractures and urgent care provided at each type of damage.

What is first aid

Emergency assistance in case of fracture of the clavicle is to hold the total number of events to provide skilled medical care.

You must perform the following steps:

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  1. Immobilization of the victim, which will help to reduce the pain by recording and creation of immobility of the injured extremity, thus avoiding damage to the vascular system and nerve endings.
  2. To give the limb a certain position that ensures relaxation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and will not give actively move the bone fragments. Align humerus to the body and easy hold. This position is considered a classic and will reduce the pain and avoid serious internal lesions.
  3. To provide pain relief medication to reduce physical pain in the victim. Available nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can be found in the home medicine Cabinet are “Analgin”, “Ketones”, “Spazmalgon”, “Paracetamol”, “Ibufen”.
  4. To fix a broken limb with bandage or dressings, that emergency can be made of improvised means, for example, scarves or strong rope, after placing in the area of the armpit affected soft cushion.
  5. In the presence of open fractures or wounds need to handle them one of the bactericidal agents, such as iodine or hydrogen peroxide. Simple and effective disinfection has powder streptotsida: just sprinkle it on the open area of the wound.

Under any circumstances do not try without a professional assistance to reduce displaced fragments of bone protruding from the skin. After taking all the necessary measures emergency first aid to the victim transporterowych in specializedmedical facility. Such transportation is carried out only when the patient is in the sitting position.

The symptoms of fracture of the clavicle

poblednenie kozhi pri perelome kluchicyFractures of the clavicle, depending on their clinical picture and symptoms in medicine are divided into several types:

  • with displacement and without displacement;
  • open and closed fractures of the clavicle.

Open fractures of the clavicle, there are separate: this is because such trauma is not easy to get.

With an open fracture should occur accurate, direct blow to the clavicle. These clavicle fractures are likely to occur with participation of the victim in an accident or as a result of falling from height at the elbow or shoulder.

Of course, the presence of an open fracture involves an immediate call to the medical staff.

Not to notice the displacement of clavicle fracture is very difficult.

In the case of displacement of the clavicular bone is markedly disproportionate to the position of the arm relative to the joints, so to detect and give first aid in such cases, you can immediately.

Symptoms of clavicle fracture with displacement:

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  • sharp pain in the injured shoulder;
  • limited mobility of the hands;
  • the appearance of swelling;
  • cyanotic or pale tint of the skin in damaged area;
  • the presence of external or internal bleeding;
  • asymmetric deformation of the contours of the shoulder;
  • inactivity of the hands and/or fingers;
  • numbness of the brush;
  • "sagging" of the blade.

If you have recently injured or hurt and you are concerned about these symptoms, immediately ask for help, otherwise the consequences could be dire.

First aid for fracture of the clavicle without displacement

The main task of first aid to the victim after all the "reanimation" urgent action is competent to transport him to a medical facility with exactly made a bandage, which will ensure minimum movement to broken limbs.

The best option is to bandage Desault. She performed elastic or common bandage. For starters, the bandage is fixed in the chest, and then with armpits the intact side is the circumference of the injured shoulder. Second step: from a chest bandage to translate to the damaged shoulder using the same arm and throw.

povyazka dezo pri perelome kluchicySimply put, the desault bandage is designed to bandage the injured arm to the chest sobelow the shoulder was pulled back, and the arm or forearm it was possible to put a small pillow.

The advantage of bandage Desault above the rest is that it supports arm and lock it against the body which ensures the immobility of the arms.

However, with the pros and their clinical efficacy, this dressing has its drawbacks.

Bandage Desault, unlike others, does not support the shoulders in their breeding in hand. This medical bandage is very difficult to perform, and without reusable performance to fix the clavicle is quite easy. Another very important aspect: the implementation of this bandage implies assistance, which is a very important factor when the victim is alone. For a person with injury of the upper limbs, this problem is actually unsolvable.

Treatment of clavicle fracture with displacement

A clavicle fracture with displacement requires immobilization, which allows to immobilize the damaged bone segments and to prevent possible unpleasant complications. When fracture of a clavicle with displacement can be successfully used in the dressing of the Delbo.


It is performed by the following algorithm: from the cotton pre-wrap gauze, made of two rings. The holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of the shoulder. Prepared ring, worn on the hands, rise to the level of the armpits. Further, these rings on the back are connected with a rubber tube, knotted with tension. The result - a damaged bone fragments, which were formed as a result of injury, immobilized.

Eight-shaped soft patch is another good method.

Such a bandage is performed using simple or elastic bandage so that the end of the bandage held between the blades and the coil of the bandage you can trace shoulder at the front surface of the right shoulder joint in the armpit. Further, on the back obliquely and upward on the right shoulder, and thus repeated several times this manipulation. Fix one, knotting the ends of the bandage on the back. Tightly, the bandage is to a certain extent can provide traction and to keep unwanted displacement of the fragments of the damaged bone in the clavicle.


If within 3 or more hours after you apply the bandage to the victim's not getting worse, numb hands, is not developed or does not increase the already existing edema, or no other scary signs or symptoms, the bandage is applied correctly. Otherwise it can be slightly weaken. For best results and speedy recovery of the listedearlier types of bandages preference to those that can be purchased already prepared.