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How much time the patient heals the fracture

How many fused fracture? This question is of interest to many patients. Even the most competent specialist will give the answer to the question, how much time fused fracture. It depends on many factors and each case.

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The older a person is, the longer to heal injuries. With age, bones become brittle from lack of calcium in the body and therefore easily broken.

How much time fused fracture

Small bones heal pretty quickly. Fracture of phalanx of finger fused about three weeks, fracture of tibia and fibula leg - multiple months.

Very serious fractures are fractures of the neck shoulder or hip, which requires surgery and further rehabilitation. In these cases the surgery must be done, otherwise the bone would not heal and the patient will remain confined to bed.

shema urovnej perelomov shejki bedraStatistics show that 10-20% of elderly patients die within the first year after the hip fracture. The most difficult and dangerous of all fractures is a fracture of the spine.

Most people break arms and legs and, less frequently, the nose, jaw, ribs, collarbone, very rarely the pelvis and the scapula.

Rupture of ligaments and muscles slows down the healing process. The more fractures, the more difficult they are (high, or open fractures with displacement), the more time it will need for treatment.

The presence of acute or chronic disease is not strong immune system slow down the process of accretion of bone.

It is important and the fracture site. Broken arm, fixed in a stationary state, fused for half to two months. Foot, even when using crutches, fused twice as long, because it feels certain loads.

After application of the plaster bandage it is necessary to ensure complete immobility where the fracture occurred. This is to prevent irregular fusion and displacement of bone fragments. Immobilization, that is, the complete immobility of the broken bone, must be followed until complete fusion of the bones. If the bones had fused together incorrectly, travmirovanija limb ache, surgical treatment.

How to speed up the process of coalescence of bones

The process of accretion of fractures can be accelerated by increasing the consumption of cheese, milk, yogurt, which contain the bones of necessary calcium.

Be sure to take vitamin D as it promotes the absorption of calcium.

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  1. Vitamin D is able to produce inthe human body under the influence of sunlight. A lot of it in the yolk of chicken eggs.
  2. Vitamin C contained in citrus fruits, currants, sweet pepper, helps the formation of collagen. And eating aspic gelatin provide the body required for bone regeneration.
  3. To increase immunity and accelerate recovery processes need to take a decoction of rose hips.
  4. Beneficial use products containing silicon - turnip, artichoke, cauliflower.
  5. Good effect gives reception inside the following composition: shell hard boiled three eggs dry, remove the inner foil, crushed into powder and add the juice of one lemon. Store in the refrigerator and start taking a teaspoon twice a day after crushed egg shell dissolved in lemon juice.
  6. The speed of healing of fractures is enhanced by ingestion of a mixture of Shilajit and rose oil.
  7. Traditional healers recommend eating seaweed (kelp), as it is an excellent source of mineral salts.

Fractures essential and a course of physiotherapy. To maintain muscle tone and increasing blood circulation you must massage the skin with light tapping and stroking movements. Excess weight interferes with the rapid regeneration of tissues.

Assistance fractures

The speed of healing of fractures depends on the timely and properly rendered first aid, as well as the responsibility of the person in the execution of doctor's recommendations.

In open fractures it is important not to introduce infection into the wound. Assistance is immobilization of the injured extremity with the medical bus, or used the means at hand - boards, plywood. During transportation of patients with fracture of the spine and pelvis is necessary to use a rigid stretcher.

vitamin D dlya usvoeniya kalciya v organizmeThe bone begins to heal immediately after a fracture. There are two kinds of accretion - primary and secondary. At primary, when the bone connection reliable, the need for the formation of callus is eliminated, and the process proceeds smoothly and with good blood supply. The secondary accretion there is a need to build a strong corn due to the active mobility of the bone elements.

How long bones grow? This process takes place according to the following scheme: first from blood clots at the ends of the broken bone are formed of fiber that helps the formation of bone tissue. After a few days of specific cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts, forms a granular bridge linkingthe ends of the bones. Then formed a callus, very fragile in its structure.

To avoid damage, it is recommended that an immovability of the damaged bones during the period of accretion. Over time a callus is converted to hard bone. Ossification is the final process that connects broken bone and it is considered to be healed.

In the final stage of bone healing triggered the so-called wolf's law, bone is again strong, able to withstand the various loads.

Traumatologists recognize that even after qualified treatment of fractures the rate of complications reaches 7%. Multisplintered complex and fractures are difficult to treat, and their number in recent years greatly increased.


What complications occur after fractures? You may crush syndrome if the soft tissue of the arms or legs for a long time exposed to compression. May suppurate, the wound in open fractures, occur osteomyelitis, false joint, can incorrectly grow together fragments and even change the length of the limb. In the diagnosis of complications helps x-ray examination. It shows how well the fracture heals.

Currently the trend is towards an increase in the number of all types of fractures (according to the International Association of osteoporosis), as well as to a prolongation of the healing fractures in connection with deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. since the majority of injured persons of working age, it is becoming a social problem.