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What an ointment for sprains and muscle most effective?

From injuries not insured by any one person, whether an athlete or Amateur. Help ointment from stretching ligaments and muscles. Save different types of creams and gels. They will numb and relieve swelling. You need to apply them comprehensively, because the action disperses in different areas.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok

The most common types of injuries - sprains. They are accompanied by pain and swelling. Damaged blood vessels and capillaries, produces tissue hypoxia. Disturbed blood flow, swelling appears. Most importantly at this moment - to relieve inflammation and numb.

Group of drugs used for injuries of the extremities

Ointment from stretching ligaments and muscles improves blood flow and is able to establish the process of tissue regeneration. All funds for the treatment of such ailments, the doctors were divided into 2 groups:

  1. Cooling.
  2. Giving the muscles warm.

Due to stretching of muscles and ligaments must be cooled first. The funds have an analgesic effect, since these ointments contain analgesics, menthol, esters, antithrombotic substances. It is better to use them to relieve inflammation in the acute period immediately after injury. But in the future they able to provide significant assistance. Until the end of the skin they are not rubbing, but just cause and wait until absorbed. Intense is a gel.

vneshnij vid konechnosti pri rastyazhenii svyazokWarm special means of give through their member of poisons. These substances increase vascular permeability. Heat transfer in tissues is improved, but the immediate application after the trauma impossible. They need to be rubbed into the rehabilitation period.

If you have a sprained foot, the doctor will recommend to apply a warming agent only 3-5 days after the injury. Athletes use this ointment to prevent injury because they have to endure considerable physical exertion in preparation for the race and at the time of their conduct. It relieves pain after exercise. Substances in these funds, help the process of penetration of the drug in the capillaries. They contain:

  • the extract of red pepper;
  • mustard;
  • snake venom;
  • bee poison.

Do not be lazy to use warming creams to smear their elbow or the skin under the knee. If there is redness or irritation, it is necessary to abandon their use.

Many people use pain-relieving ointments. For various injuries they act differently. Even in the majority of patients by the same means cause mixed reactions. Therefore, doctors prescribe from the whole range of drugsseveral types of ointments. Varieties of drugs are many, but the self is not engaged. Some ointments can cause allergies.


razryv plechevyh svyazokIf stretching is not and you just want to protect yourself from it, do not abuse the use of the cream, which reduces inflammation. When there is nothing to numb and disinfect, apply this ointment to anything. The use of such drugs does more than slow the regeneration of muscle.

Immediately wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you lubricate the sore spot. Try to see to it that funds were given to the children. Keep them inaccessible to children place, cool and dark.

In the case when there is a suspected tendon rupture, should immediately consult a doctor. To apply any external means is not necessary, it is better to drink analgesic medication. Only the doctor the survey and, possibly, surgical intervention will provide the necessary assistance. After that it will be a long process of rehabilitation. Then the cream will help or other external agent.

Damage to the muscles of the hands

It is no less frequent injuries than foot injuries. Such injuries are characteristic not only for athletes. Bringing heavy bags from the market, after some time you can feel the pain. This may even straining muscle fibers.

Causes of sprains of the hands:

  1. The fall in adverse weather conditions.
  2. A shot in the arm.
  3. Lifting something too heavy.
  4. Warm-up on a poorly warmed up muscles.
  5. "Replay" the hands of musicians, accompanied by pain syndromes and sprains.

gorchica pri rastyazhenii svyazok i myshcThe symptoms are characterized by quite vivid manifestations:

  • acute pain;
  • the inability to fully move the arm;
  • slightly, but constantly aching sensations in the hands that occurs when minor injuries.

If severe pain is felt when you even just touch the hand, do not pull an address to the traumatologist. The limb may be red and much swollen. These are symptoms of a rupture of muscles or tendons, which are accompanied by pain for a very long time up to a month.

Self-treatment is not necessary to deal, because only a specialist can determine the nature of the disease and prescribe a number of drugs, to give the necessary advice. At home you will keep the hand at rest. Refrain from activities of daily living in the home. Immediately after injury put into the hands of the ice or something cold. After half an hour of the compress made of ice, which is applied through a towel or napkin, make a pressure bandage. Don't drag her hand. Suitablean elastic bandage. Keep the limb freely in the raised position.

Because cooling is necessary in such cases, not always 3 a day apply a hot tool. Do not neglect the anti-inflammatory and analgesic externally and internally in the form of intramuscular injections. For the treatment enough weeks. Serious injuries require different procedures within one month.

Injuries of the lower extremities

nanesenie mazi na nogi pri rastyazhenii svyazok i myshcWith vigorous running or jumping can cause damage to the foot, having a muscle injury or painful destruction of the tendons. Not so rose or fell, slipped, and trauma are provided. Even the not-too-sharp movement can cause damage. His main symptom is severe pain. In leg feel discomfort, she's unable to move, gradually there is a tumor that can develop in a large hematoma.

In the early hours when stretching you should not use irritating and warming agent. Leg feel worse. Inflammation and pain can be removed with creams or gels that act is directed. They will help to improve blood circulation and relieve swelling.

Well help you products based on plant extracts. As in the case of stretching of the hands, it is necessary to apply heat treatments at 4-5 day of treatment. They will improve blood flow and will have a resolving effect on the hematoma.

obrashenie k vrachu pri rastyazhenii svyazok i myshcThe leg should be kept at rest and not to move around the house unnecessarily. During treatment it is possible not to resort to a large number of pharmaceutical drugs.

Warm the limb and in other ways. For example, to make a salt bottle or put in a bag, some sand, heat and applied to the affected area. Help iodine mesh. Gauze soaked in cold milk, can greatly alleviate the condition. Tool prepared independently. Required:

  1. Soap.
  2. Egg yolk.
  3. Water.

Grate the soap, only need 1 spoon, pour into it 2 tablespoons of the liquid and put the yolk. Mix and place the product on the gauze or a bandage. It is important to keep the drug in the patch. This will relieve the pain and accelerate the healing process.

What is better for athletes?

Most of the special creams has the properties to numb and to create a sense of comfort in the muscle after application. These characteristics are endowed with products containing salicylic, propionic, benzene-acetic acid. They act on the muscles and tendons in the same way.

In the compositions, which are usedthe athletes externally, there are active components, among which are:

  • the poison of bees, which eliminates harmful bacteria and removes inflammation, reduces swelling and strain;
  • the venom of snakes, with identical bee products actions;
  • pepper and mustard, increases the blood flow;
  • mint and menthol, cooling the tissue, and thus pain;
  • camphor is an analgesic and an antiseptic component.


In a series of funds for the rehabilitation of athletes with diseases of the limbs and musculoskeletal system find great use warming creams. They are designed to cause a rush of blood to the muscles that receive the most intensive load. An important factor is the ability to remove swelling. They are formed when damaged small blood vessels and tissue.

It is not always necessary to anesthetize the joints and muscles. Often you just need to increase the blood flow to establish natural processes in the muscles and tendons. This will lead to intensive regeneration of tissues and will remove irritation.

If an athlete is injured, and not one that will not damage the analgesics and intense pain medication based on plant extracts and anti-rheumatic agents.

Often athletes appear chronic ailments of the extremities. They are caused by constant stress. In this case, to apply the funds from swelling and damage will always have. If they alternate, can achieve good effect.

On the use of all drugs under tension, which are on sale without recipes, you should consult with a specialist.


Only a doctor can tell about the necessity of the use of certain creams to facilitate training and prevent injury.