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What should be the first aid for sprain

Only a proper first aid for sprains prevents severe injury, especially if it was provided in a timely manner. The actions of the person assisting should depend on the type of injury, so it is important to know the main symptoms of sprains, fractures and dislocations.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok

Assistance with stretching or rupture

When stretching the mobility of the person is severely limited, most of the bundles to run, but there are full gaps, especially under heavy braking and sudden movements. Not always the symptoms immediately, the swelling may become noticeable only after a couple of hours, compounding the situation is that during this time the victim could cause more harm to the body, making movement.

vneshnij vid konechnosti pri rastyazhenii svyazokThere are three main degrees of sprains:

  • first, when torn some fibers, people do not feel severe pain, you may continue to fully move the limb;
  • the second, which is characterized by a partial tear, significant pain, swelling, bruising, hindered mobility;
  • the third, in which the ligament is torn, the pain is very strong, the man is extremely difficult to move the damaged limb, there is a lot of bruising.

The basic rule of helping is the fixation of the limb, which will prevent the movement. The position of the body part, in which there was tension, to be comfortable. Need to impose a pressure bandage with elastic bandage or other improvised means.

In severe injuries of the joint can begin to move atypical, in this case, the required bus, which can be made of boards, plywood, any hard material of suitable size. It is best that the tires were imposed from two sides from damage, then the joint is almost will not move. As a rule, people experiencing fairly severe pain in injuries of ligaments and muscles. To relieve pain, you can apply something cold, such as ice or a wet cloth.

Upon detection of bruises need to have the injured limb above the body, then the risk of swelling will be reduced significantly.

nalozhenie holoda na bolnoe mesto kak pervaya pomosh pri rastyazheniiRupture of the ligament is more severe trauma, which is also very common. In older people, it occurs due to poor stability and low tissue elasticity, and young - during sports, girlsoften stretch the foot on high heels. If the ligament is torn completely, you also need a fixing. In this case, the tire is superimposed on the larger area of the limb, as the damaged joint and surrounding area should be fixed.

Note that swelling, disconnection and appears quite often, so it is very important to remove your shoes when the foot injury. If the time to administer first aid to the patient's condition improved significantly, the risk of severe consequences is much lower. It is very important not to move the injured body part during the splint, so as not to worsen the situation.

Assist in the stretching of the foot

This kind of injuries more common than others, so as to get it quite easy. It is very important as soon as possible to fix the stop so that the joint is not moving. You need to make something cool, then the pain will quickly go away. If you see that the ligament is severely damaged, then there is a risk of rupture, so need bus. At small strains is quite simple fixation with elastic bandage.

It is very important to splint the foot, to prevent complications and to reduce pain. To do this, carefully remove the shoes, treating wounds, apply a clean bandage, and then fix the area above and below the injury. Apply a splint to one person is not very easy, especially with no experience, so it's best to call for help. Better not to put the tire on the bare leg, and lay a towel or soft cloth. You can not tighten the splint too much, or violated the blood flow to the limbs. With a ligament rupture should immediately seek medical help.

obrashenie k vrachu travmatologuIt is necessary to remember some basic rules of assistance:

  • the rest of the injured, especially the injured extremity;
  • an immovability of the damaged ligaments;
  • the position of the limb in which it is above the trunk, to prevent swelling;
  • the use of ice or wet towels for pain relief (keep no longer than 20 minutes, then do a half-hour break);
  • the lack of stress on the ligament;
  • the use of special ointments and tablets in the early days.

After first aid, and consultation with a specialist should not load the joint for a few days, otherwise there is a risk of re-injury. You can't make sudden movements, turns of the damaged limb. Should avoid massage and high temperatures, it is impossible to visit the Spa, take a hot bath, RUB the injured limb. It is important to remember that alcohol can enhance the swelling, which often occurs with such injuries, so use of alcohol should be abandonedat least for a few days.

If the injury is serious, the doctor will prescribe treatment which may include surgical intervention in such cases is to load the limb will not be for a long time.

Vocal cords

golosovye svyazkiThese ligaments can also be injured, and first aid plays an equally important role in this case. The most important rule is to ensure peace, the complete lack of stress. You can't try to talk, as this ligament will tighten very much. Sometimes the voice of man does not change, but he has a feeling that the throat is something there, in this case, you must act exactly.

A person with damaged vocal cords is not recommended in dusty areas or cold. If it's winter time, it is better to stay at home, you can wear the scarf to his throat was warm. You need to avoid drinking cold drinks and food, from water gas, sour, salty and spicy. You can drink warm tea with honey, but it should not be too hot, it can also hurt.

It is very important the first time after injury not to overload the throat, to try to protect themselves from viral diseases, cold and other dangerous factors that are able to repeatedly cause problems with the ligaments. Often after a few days of normal functioning is almost completely restored.

First aid for sprains

okazanie pervoj medicinskoj pomoshi pri vyvihahA dislocation is a displacement of the joint, which usually occurs in the elbow, shoulder, hip parts, jaw, or finger. This damage can be seen with the naked eye, as the joint looks very unnatural, soon there is swelling.

When injuries occur the rupture of blood vessels, but bleeding can only be seen after a few days. In dislocation of the jaw joints people can not close his mouth. To determine the possible injury and severe pain, which is felt even in the absence of motion.

The first thing you need to fix the limb using the bus, which can be the body itself, if damaged arm or leg, if the other damaged. When injury of the jaw, apply dressing to the lower jaw was maintained. Better something to cover my mouth while transporting to hospital or while waiting for the doctor it might have something to get. As the pain is quite strong, as soon as possible apply ice or something cold to the injured region.


It is very important to take the victim to the hospital or call an ambulanceimmediately after the injury until the swelling has not led to complications. In any case it is impossible to reduce a dislocation, it is very difficult to do without experience and knowledge of human anatomy. If you do something wrong, it can hurt the surrounding blood vessels and tissues, which will significantly worsen the patient's condition.