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How does a sprain of the inguinal ligament and how to treat it?

Stretching inguinal ligament - extremely unpleasant thing. The main causes a strain in the groin that occurs after a workout. The athlete or person who plays sports, can increase dramatically so you don't accidentally rotate your foot or fall.

boli pri rastyazhenii pahovyh svyazokAs a result, in the groin and injured muscles and tendons. How to treat such a nasty disease?

Types of sprains

The goal of treatment stretching of the groin is the reconstruction of ligaments. They must once again become elastic, and the walls of the inguinal canal holistic. The types of groin strains are different, as are methods for their treatment:

pahovaya gryzha

  1. Incomplete stretching and tearing of ligaments in the groin. Typically doctors recommend rest. Sometimes treatment is accompanied by physiotherapy and special physical exercises under the supervision of a trauma surgeon.
  2. A sprain of the inguinal ligament, which is damaged most of the fibers. In this case it is required the intervention of the surgeon who will restore the integrity of the ligaments.
  3. Inguinal hernia. Is considered the most dangerous, because often accompanied by the infringement. Its occurrence can be prevented if the time after the pain to go to the clinic.

Onset of the disease

To determine whether the athlete pulled ligaments in the groin, just enough. Usually, the picture of the disease as follows:

  • people feels crunch in the thigh;
  • there is swelling and cramps;
  • groin muscle hurts and swells;
  • in the groin there is a bruise.

hrust v oblasti bedra - simptom rastyazheniya pahovyh svyazok

A person first feels pain in the groin. A day in the place where the stretched muscle, there is a bump. The blood vessels of the groin rupture. You get a bruise. It is only the external signs of stretching. There are and internal. Doctors say that when you stretch the groin muscles and the rupture of blood vessels processes that occur in cells, are destructive in nature. The thing is, that when the vessels lose their integrity, then there is swelling. The stretching is accompanied by a weakening of the muscles of the groin. Therefore, it is seizures - a consequence of the fact that muscle strength is weakened. Additionally, the disease limits a person's movements. It becomes difficult to walk and bend over. Tension, as we are assured trauma requires immediate treatment. Otherwise people will completely lose the ability to move around.

A sprain in the groin is accompanied by a strange sound, like a crunch. People may not immediately notice the initial symptoms of the disease.Sometimes a bruise at the place of the stretching occurs not immediately, but after a few days. Not always, appears and shot. Sometimes in its place is formed the depression.

Doctors klassificeret Crick for the three degrees.

  1. First degree. Stretching slightly. People can move, stretch has no complications.
  2. Second degree. Pain in the groin area for a long time does not pass, groin hurts, there is swelling. In the groin there are bruises, bruises, bumps, bad people on the move.
  3. Third degree. Very difficult to walk and bend over, pain at movement in the groin is very strong. Entire groin is covered with bruises. In the third degree arise muscle spasms.

The physical education and fitness have to forget

Mainly from the sprain in the groin are more likely to suffer professional athletes. The main risk of this disease occurs in gymnasts, which requires flexibility and stretching. Those who do fitness at the Amateur level, is also not immune from such troubles. Doctors claim that ordinary household conditions to this injury is quite difficult.

To treat the sprain in the groin alone is unacceptable, as unacceptable immediately after injury, exercise or sports. Disease is fraught with complications. A sprain of the inguinal ligament is the main catalyst for the development of inguinal hernia. Hernia is usually easy enough to identify. In the groin when this occurs blubber neoplasm. Treat hernia only through surgery.

prekrashenie zanyatij sportom pri rastyazhenii pahovyh svyazok

Treatment of sprains is the complex of therapeutic measures. In the first place stretch man covered with a splint or splints. Thus, the physicians prevent further emergence and growth of the inguinal hernia. Then the trauma patient are used for various ointments, which allow:

  • to remove the pain symptoms;
  • to eliminate the swelling of sprains;
  • to remove bruises, bruises, bruises and bumps;
  • partially restore motor function.

Then, for the treatment ultrasound is used. Usually experienced doctors advise patients suffering from sprains, to pass the examination. Its purpose is to identify if the patient is damage in the bones, joints, tendons and muscles. If during the study will reveal that the patient still has the disease, then need help is the surgeon. However, surgical intervention is the last resort. Typically the muscles in your groin recover with conservative methods.

Most importantly - peace

The main factor required formuscle recovery after a sprain in the groin, it is at rest. That is why the damaged section fixed with tires. Sometimes to impose its self is difficult enough, you should see a doctor.Immediately after receiving the injury on a stretched muscle is better to apply ice or a compress of ice and cold water. This will remove the pain. In the second stage even before going to the doctor you should use ointments, grindings or balms. Their functions - anti-inflammatory and soothing. If the pain is unbearable, then will help analgesics. But occasionally they can be a doctor. If the patient's condition gets worse, hospitalization cannot be avoided.


The main mistake of those who are trying to help the victim, application of ice or the compress directly on the place of stretching the groin muscles. Doctors strongly against such treatment. On the affected area must first be applied to the fabric and then directly compress. The patient should remain at rest. Sometimes doctors recommend to move after sprains to use crutches. They are able to partially protect the ligament from anxiety.

Therapeutic exercise is mandatory

lechebnaya fizkultura pri rastyazhenii pahovyh svyazokWhen you sprain in the groin is always recommended physiotherapy. It is performed only under the supervision of a trauma surgeon. It needs to consult the patient what kinds of exercises and how much should be run.

A popular method of muscle recovery - massage. Before consultation of a specialist is required. The fact that different types of massage of its contraindications. Should be applied, and medicines against inflammation. Thanks to them muscles recover faster. Among the drugs the doctors recommend the following creams and gels:

  • Fastum gel;
  • teraflex;
  • voltaren;
  • Ben gay.

It is worth remembering that if the stretching was damaged fibers and tendon, it will have to go under the surgeon's knife.

The most effective method of recovery of the muscles after stretching in the groin area - this ultrasound and laser. However, doctors recommend not always. This method has its contraindications.

Term rehabilitation after stretching is different. It depends on the complexity of the injury. During rehabilitation the patient needs to increase the load on the muscle gradually. The duration of physical therapy must not exceed twenty to thirty minutes. Also the patient should pay attention to food. The diet should change. The number of dishes with carbohydrates should be increased.


There are folk recipestreatment of a sprain in the groin area. Traditional healers are advised to use turmeric powder. It is mixed with water to form a mixture the consistency of sour cream. Then, the resulting "slurry" RUB the sore spots. However, this tool is able to remove only the pain symptoms, not cure the disease itself.