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How to cure sprains of the ankle

What is a sprain ankle treatment of this disease - these issues often arise in patients. Motion possible with the joints, which are many, and they are located throughout the body. To ensure that the joints perform only the desired motion and to reduce injuries, they are reinforced by ligaments. This means that in adverse effects on the joint, for example, when people sprain their ankle, all or most of the load falls on the ligaments causing them to stretch, and the joint remains intact.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok golenostopa

Based on the fact that the small joints are less susceptible to such influences, suffer more often than large joints in the knees, shoulder, pelvis, wrist, elbow.

But most of all vulnerable to injury of the ankle joint. Every person at least once in the year of his injures, and children and adolescents because of their greater mobility can get injured much more often.

As there is a sprain of the ankle joint

The ankle is often exposed to tension due to its location and anatomical structure which provides the desired functionality of the joint. It consists of three bones: large and fibula and the talus. These bones are attached to each other by three groups of ligaments.

struktura golenostopnogo sustavaThe first group includes the ligaments between the tibia and combine them. The second group includes the external and internal layer of the deltoid ligament. The third group includes two groups of ligaments: talofibular and calcaneal-fibular.

They are located throughout the length of the ankle from the outside. From this it is clear that the third group of ligaments often suffer from sprains.

Sprain ankle due to the fact that the joint and ligaments, accounts for all the mass of the human body, along with that should provide maximum mobility up and down and in circles. During squats, walking and running involve different groups of ligaments. But the connections also act as blockers, which avoid injury to limit the joint on any level. Consequently, the sprained ankle is called by the force at which the joint makes the movement more than it allows the ligament.

The most common and popular example - podvorot feet inside. It occurs worldwide and can occur with normal walking and sports. In athletes, there is another mechanism of damage.

Skaters, skiers, skaters get the rotation of the foot, there is a sharp turnover of the joint in any direction. This injury occurs when sudden braking. There are a number of factors which increase the opportunity to receive such injury:

lishnij ves - prichina rastyazheniya svyazok golenostopa

  1. A great excess weight.
  2. High motor activity, caused by sports or work.
  3. When carrying heavy objects.
  4. In congenital or acquired developmental disorders of the foot (flat feet, club foot).
  5. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, wrong size, or in women the most common cause is the high heel.
  6. Inflammatory or arthritic changes. This is the most serious cause, as after these diseases there is a change in the configuration of the joint. During this period it is very unstable, and a sprain of the ankle can be caused by any careless movement.

These are main reasons which may result in injury of the ankle joint.

Symptoms when you sprain ankle

When you sprain ankle symptoms immediately after the injury. The main signs of injury to the ankle:

  1. Pain in the joint or in the ankle on the outer side.
  2. Tissue at the site of injury become swollen, and swelling can be both minor and 2-3 fold increase in the volume of the foot in the joint.
  3. At the time of damage a rupture of soft tissues, hematoma formed.
  4. This place is much fever.
  5. Walking becomes difficult and painful.

rastyazhenie svyazok pri opasnyh vidah sportaThe interesting thing is that the sprain doesn't happen and can't simply be because of their composition. They are composed of elastic and collagen fibers that give it elasticity and strength. On this basis, the conjunction cannot increase in length for a long period of time, and what we call a sprain is actually a tear that can be complete and incomplete.

Depending on the symptoms and how badly damaged the ligaments, all injuries are divided into three degrees:

  1. 1 degree. While ligaments remain intact except for a few fibers. In case of pain for a few minutes or hours may be a slight limp.
  2. 2 the degree. Happens tear one or more ligaments. This person is experiencing severe pain, which can last several days, there is lameness and swelling.
  3. 3 degree. There is a rupture of ligaments across, this most often occurs duringfractures or output of the joint. Thus there is a sharp pain, severe swelling, hematoma, in the joint cavity accumulates blood. This person can not move independently.

The presence of these signs may indicate not only the presence of a sprain of the ankle joint, but in many other diseases. For more precise diagnosis it is necessary to contact the medical institution where you will conduct the examination, take an x-ray and provide the necessary assistance.

How to treat ligament

neudachno podobrannaya obuv - prichina rastyazheniya svyazok golenostopaIf the presence of the symptoms of sprain of the ankle joint confirmed the diagnosis, should immediately begin treatment.

The treatment process is divided into stages:

  • elimination of the pain;
  • eliminating swelling;
  • elimination of bruising and blood from the joint;
  • the restoration of all motor function of the ankle joint.

The first thing you need to do to the damaged joint - immobilize the leg and, as any damage can be fracture, which should show an x-ray. If the pain is not very strong, in this case the fracture may not be, but on foot you need to put a cast on, or wrap the leg tight with bandages, after placing a plate or any flat solid object.

After that, the joint applying any cold item, this makes it possible to prevent the formation of edema and hematoma, but the cold items only need the first 15 hours, you go to the warming ointments.

If the pain is severe, it is possible to drink painkillers. You want to smear the leg anti-inflammatory ointments. Thanks to all these actions in the damaged area will be a relaxation of the muscles, the joint will be in its place, improve blood circulation and restore will be much faster.

Rehabilitation and prevention

lechebnaya fizkultura posle rastyazheniya svyazok golenostopaAfter the treatment gave the result and the pain and the need to undertake further rehabilitation preventive measures.

Rehabilitation after sprains of the ankle passes through the following methods:

  • the effect of sound waves;
  • warming treatments;
  • massage and mud baths;
  • light exercises to warm up the joint.

The recovery period is 2-3 weeks and allows you to fully recover, especially as the ligament heals itself and needs no medical intervention, so to cure herwill be difficult.

Prevention is quite simple, but will help eliminate more than half of the possible cases of sprains in the ankle joint. As prevention it is necessary to eliminate the main causes of injury to the ankle ligaments:

  • during sports only use the right shoes;
  • if possible, do not wear high heels;
  • avoid walking on uneven surfaces;
  • to get rid of excess weight;
  • daily to stretch and train the muscles.


When symptoms of sprain and strong pain, the patient required the assistance of a doctor - traumatologist.