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Is it dangerous sprain wrist?

Sprain wrist - one of the most common injuries, especially among those who lead a sedentary life.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok kisti ruki

Most often such injuries are athletes, children and adolescents. Can sometimes be tension when turning the joint, exceeding the permissible amplitude.

What is a sprain?

A ligament is dense and very elastic formation, consisting of connective tissue. Their function is to connect a moving image of the bones forming the joint. A sprain is actually always involves a gap.

padenie - prichina rastyazheniya svyazokMild stretching break occurs on a microscopic level, when moderate injuries are torn separate fibers. And in the most severe cases there is a complete rupture of the ligament.

Such injury, however, does not mean that mobility will be limited forever. Connective tissue ligaments has an enormous capacity to regenerate, and a bunch can grow together even after very serious injuries.

In some cases, usually there is damage to the ligaments of the hands? The most typical cases that lead to injury are:

  1. Raising large weights, strength exercises.
  2. The fall, in which the focus is the hand.
  3. Various sports exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings.

The symptoms of sprain of the brush

The symptoms of sprain of the brush depends primarily on the severity of the injury. About the sprain will say the following signs:

obrashenie s rastyazheniem svyazok k vrachu

  1. Pain that increases when you try to turn the brush. Usually the pain comes on immediately. If the pain came a few hours later, it's more talking about the stretching of the muscle fibers.
  2. Increased pain with pressure on the wrist in the ligaments.
  3. Sharp pain when you try to rely on the injured arm.
  4. Swelling of the injured joint. And swelling increases gradually, sometimes it can reach quite impressive sizes.
  5. The bruise on her arm. She appears only in some cases. It does not arise immediately, usually the next day, just below the damaged area.
  6. Redness and increased skin temperature on the injured area.
  7. The difficulty of joint mobility with mild injury. With a full rupture of the ligament of the joint, on the contrary, becomes more fluid and unstable.

If you have any of these symptoms, should as soon as possible to apply to the Department of traumatology.

title="an x-ray of the brush when you sprain" alt="Roentgen of brushes for sprains">Very often the same fractures in the joint accompanied by stretching of the ligaments. In this case, the symptoms are very similar, and reliably determine the type of damage is only possible with an x-ray examination. Nevertheless, there are indications that allow to assume, what injuries occurred: a sprain or a fracture with a sprain. Here are some of them:

  1. The sensation of pain when pressure is applied precisely on the bone at the site of injury.
  2. Severe pain even at rest.
  3. The change in the sensitivity of the skin below the injury site.
  4. Fingers damaged hands cannot move.
  5. Strain at fracture with displacement. But sometimes this indicates a dislocation. It is therefore necessary to distinguish these injuries from dislocations.

Diagnosis of ligament injuries of the hand

The surgeon carefully examines the hand to assess the degree of tissue damage. If necessary, you can assign the following types of surveys:

uzi kisti pri rastyazhenii svyazok

  1. The method of x-ray diagnostics. This study enables to examine the damaged area and determine what had happened: a sprain or a fracture.
  2. MRI of the injured wrist. Tomography gives layer-by-layer picture of the damaged fabrics at various angles. Unlike x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging safe, so this method is more suitable for examination of children.
  3. An ultrasound examination. It is quite informative and safe method. Its main advantage is very low cost compared to MRI. Apply ultrasound scanning often enough to assess the status of the ligamentous apparatus of the brush before and after treatment.
  4. Arthroscopy, or an injection under the skin optical instrument. Is used in particularly difficult cases. This method is very well established in the diagnosis of torn ligaments.

How to treat ligament damage brush?

The treatment for this type of damage can be divided into two stages. The first is to provide emergency assistance immediately after the injury, and the second is the actual treatment of the effects of this injury.

massazh kisti pri rastyazhenii svyazokSo, how is the first aid to the victim? First of all, for the injured hands as soon as possible to ensure a state of complete relaxation. With this purpose, the affected person conveniently to sit or lay. The hand should remain stationary. On her bandage from the bandage. If bandage is not available, use any available material. Whenthere are signs of unnatural of joint mobility of the hand, it is desirable to splint it. When you sprain brush the damaged joint can be quite swell, so in the first hours after injury to him desirable to ice.

Moreover, every 3-4 hours ice packs it is advisable to do a twenty-minute break. In addition, to avoid the buildup of swelling, it is recommended to give the hand in elevated position. If painful feelings are expressed strongly, first aid can include receiving over-the-counter painkillers (e.g. paracetamol, aspirin).

Further treatment of the victim is usually performed in a hospital, if trauma is severe. In the case of sprains mild to treat the victim as an outpatient. Treating mild damage to the ligaments of the brush usually lasts no more than two weeks. But when serious ligament injuries (complete rupture) treatment may be delayed. And in this case, often resort to surgical intervention and use of the fixation bandage.

maz pri rastyazheniyah svyazokA major role in effective treatment have and some drugs. Anti-inflammatory gels and ointments recommended to prescribe immediately. They greatly facilitate the patient's condition, relieve swelling around the affected joint, relieve pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs may also be prescribed for internal use, particularly for chronic tension. Often the victim is assigned and physiotherapy.

In the most difficult cases, when the rupture of the ligament occurs for a long period of instability of the joint by hand, it is necessary to perform a surgical procedure. The operation to overlay a bunch of stitches (or its consolidation with another ligament) helps to fully restore function of the injured joint.

It should be noted that in children the restoration of the damaged ligaments is easier than in adults.

Recovery after injury

Great importance to restore the full functioning of a damaged hand has a special therapeutic gymnastics. To start the exercises only when all the swelling subsides and the pain. Such exercises will help to return the former joint range of motion, which is very important. Otherwise the ligament is formed of inelastic fabric, and the corners of the joint for a long time will be difficult.


In addition there is a high risk of re-stretching. However, when you exercise the joints do not overdo it, everything is good in moderation. Do not just try to do the exercises,that cause pain. You need to put them to the moment when the pain subsides.