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What is the sprain of the elbow joint?

Sprain of the elbow - not the most common household injury. Such tissue damage is a constant risk for people involved in sports or have a tendency to extreme Hobbies. Injury to the joint is possible when exceeding the limit load on the elbow or sudden movement, which caused the rotation of the joint in an unnatural position. Very dangerous, for example, a fall on the exposed straight arm.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok loktevogo sustava

Ligaments are flexible collagen fibers that serve to connect bones. The term "sprain" is not quite accurate, as almost always in such a traumatic impact occurs, the gap that is accompanied by bleeding. The severity of damage is determined by the number of broken fibers.

Depending on how much the injured joint, there are three degrees of sprains:

  1. First degree: there are microreserve a certain number of fibers. This condition is characterized by mild pain during movement and pressure. It quickly cured.
  2. Second degree: tear of greater number of collagen fibers. There is swelling, pain (moderate, but distinctly felt), the reduction of disability of the joint.
  3. Third degree: ligament is completely torn. Trauma is accompanied by extremely severe pain. The joint is unstable.

Sprain of the elbow can be acute and chronic. The acute form is the result of a sudden impact to the elbow (punch, rotate, lifting weights). Causes of chronic stretch - regular overload faced by this part of the hand.

Even the most severe of such injuries is quite treatable, as the cords are perfectly regenerated and can adhere even in the case of a complete rupture. But it is very important to diagnose the problem correctly, on time and consistently to begin treatment. Untimely or careless assisted can lead to complications, which manifests itself either in instability of the elbow joint, or its functional failure. Dangerous neglect of diagnosis. This kind of injury is often accompanied by other serious damage. There is a possibility of sprains, fractures or nerve damage. Their symptoms can be similar to stretching.

stepeni rastyazheniya svyazokIn order to determine the nature of the damage, it is necessary to conduct a survey using radiography, ultrasound and MRI. But there are certain symptoms characteristic offractures that are not seen in the strains and are not associated with ligament rupture:

  1. Serious deformation in the region of injury (observed at the dislocation or the fracture with large displacement).
  2. Crisp sound, audible at the time of injury.
  3. The inability to move the fingers of the damaged hand.
  4. Sharp pain when pressing on the bone near the site of the alleged sprain or fracture (but not at the junction of the ligament with the bone).
  5. The lack of sensitivity of the skin below the injury site.
  6. Constantly harassing the patient aching pain that is felt even at rest.

Symptoms of sprains

bol i otek pri rastyazhenii loktevogo sustavaThe injury is diagnosed as a sprain of ligaments in the elbow joint, if there is the following characteristic of this condition signs:

  1. Feeling pain in the damaged joint, which increases sharply when turning in the direction of motion, which led to tension.
  2. Pain when exposed to the area of the ligaments.
  3. Swelling of the joint.
  4. The appearance of hematomas.
  5. The increased temperature of the skin at the site of injury or slightly below.
  6. Excessive or limited mobility of the elbow joint.
  7. The sound of the cotton, heard at the time of injury.

Some of these symptoms can occur immediately, but after a considerable time. For example, swelling of the elbow increases gradually and reaches a considerable size. A hematoma is quite often visible only on the day following the injury. Due to the fact that an early stage of development of the symptoms of sprains are uninformative, trauma second or third degree require medical advice.

First aid for sprains of the elbow joint

Provided correct and timely first aid prevents the development of excessive disease condition, preventing worsening problems and ensures that further treatment is successful and without complications.

ohlazhdenie oblasti pri rastyazheniiIf, after the accident there was a suspicion that the damage of the elbow may be accompanied by a sprain, you must take the following actions:

  1. To fix the damaged joint in a state of complete immobility.
  2. Apply ice to the area of stretching or cooling the injured place another possible way.
  3. To provide to the victim medical examination for staging or confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment.

To fix the damaged joint using an elastic bandage. But in his absence it is necessary to use the available henchmenfunds. Not you should wrap the injured area too tightly. After you apply the bandage you need to follow in order to not overly pale or bluish tinge.

If the elbow is applied to ice, it is necessary to use a fabric strip between the compress and the skin to prevent frostbite. Cold applied not more than 20 minutes every 3 hours.

You should not RUB the affected spot or to massage. The thermal effect within the first hours after injury is not recommended even in case of damage in the first degree.


Treatment when ligament injury is a necessary measure to avoid complications

  1. A sprain of the first degree.

To start proper treatment stretching is possible only by determining the degree of severity of the injury. If the impact on the elbow was minor and damage is minimal, it is possible to treat the victim at home.

lechebnaya fizkultura dlya lecheniya svyazokIt is necessary to continue those measures which were taken when providing first aid. Apply cold need for two days, following diagrams: 20 minutes with a break for 4 hours. Providing the necessary immobility of the joint, the elbow is recommended to keep a little upbeat. After 48 hours of cold compresses stop.

  1. Sprain second degree.

In the case of more serious damage to the elbow joint is applied to the tire. This should be done in such a way as not to impede blood circulation in the affected area. After two days cold packs it is necessary to stop and continue the treatment with warming treatments and anti-inflammatory ointments. If the injury causes severe pain, the treatment used analgesics (“Ibuprofen”, “Diclofenac”).

Treatment of sprains must include recovery of joint mobility. It's massage, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

Exercises should be performed considering the recommendation of the doctor. The load in training is increased carefully and gradually. Excessive activity and haste can exacerbate the initial problem (dislocation).

After rehabilitation, it is recommended to conduct a survey of the restored joint to prevent complications.


  1. A sprain of the third degree.

In the complete rupture of the ligaments is necessary to treat the victim in the hospital. In this scenario surgery.

Rehabilitation after operations are of particular importance.The restoration of the joint can last up to six months.

Prevention of such injuries can be muscle strengthening and systematic concern about the General physical condition of the body.