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What is the sprain of the shoulder joint?

Sprain shoulder joint injury quite common. And it happens not only in athletes but also in people who relation to sports do not have. To properly diagnose, you need to fully evaluate the clinical manifestations of injury and its radiological picture.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok plecha

Most often, sprains occur due to the sharp rise of gravity which can occur microscopic tendon rupture. This injury to the naked eye is very difficult.

Causes stretching of the shoulder ligaments

The mechanism of injury of this nature is the following:

  • if the person rotates the arm in the outer side, or made a jerk of movement;
  • if the shoulder is struck from the front, which resulted in his displacement;
  • stretching can occur due to fall on shoulder or on the arm in the outstretched position;
  • when sudden stretching of the upper limbs.

padenie - prichina rastyazheniya svyazok plechevogo sustavaAll of the above cases can provoke not only a sprain of the shoulder, but also his dislocation. While more severe injuries may rupture and fracture.

Therefore, any injury you need to seek help from a doctor. Because sometimes it happens that the damage to the eye and not noticeable, but pain, nothing bothers man.

And in fact, ligaments, tendons or bones were severely damaged, and when it begins to happen healing, then, in addition to discomfort, the victim may obtain a violation of the functionality of the shoulder and even limb.

Symptoms stretching shoulder ligaments

Very important to be able to distinguish signs of stretching, because they can mask the dislocation of the shoulder joint. The fact that the capsule of the joint is elastic enough, but they are surrounded by a small amount of ligaments. That is, the protection capsule is almost absent, which upon impact, the joint is easily damaged.

To diagnose a sprain, a patient's guide to x-ray, and already by its results to judge the severity of the injury.

But you can try to determine the tension on its own, because it has the following symptoms:

rentgen plechevogo sustava dlya diagnostiki rastyazheniya

  • on the shoulder there is a swelling indistinct form;
  • there is pain, which in the future is aching in nature, but on palpation or attempted to make a motion with the shoulder she will begin to grow;
  • minor injuries on the skin produce redness, whilebumps - bruises;
  • in some cases, the victim can rise the body temperature;
  • the people are not free to move in the shoulder joint.

All these factors indicate the existing damage, so medical help is needed.

Treatment of sprains shoulder

Ligament - connective structure by which the connection of the bones. In the shoulder ligaments have a low elasticity, making them fairly easy to stretch and even break. You should know that the diagnosis of "sprain" implies not only changing the size and shape of the soft tissue, but a partial tear of the fibers. However, this problem does not require surgical intervention.

Such cases involved orthopedic trauma. It gives direction to the passage of x-rays. This survey gives you the opportunity to rule out a dislocation or fracture. Next, the patient sent for ultrasound examination of the rotator cuff to determine or exclude rupture of the ligaments. Treat a casualty doctor begins only when the result of the research will identified the number and extent of discontinuities, the presence of soft tissue inflammatory process. And only after a thorough analysis we start treatment. It includes several activities.

stroenie plechevogo sustavaInitially, the patient is cauterized, based on diclofenac or ibuprofen. These components, except relieve the pain, eliminate swelling of the soft tissues, if available. But it is worth to say that the effect is temporary, and accordingly, need and other events. Any painkillers do not apply more than 1 month. The patient will take drugs that help restore the ligaments and muscle tissues.

Often prescribe glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroprotectors. These drugs can be in the form of tablets or injections. Regarding the latter method, it is divided into intramuscular and intra-articular input, and the second method is considered more effective. This is because when the artificial joint fluid falls directly on the diseased joint, it is more conducive to the early regeneration of damaged tissues.

In addition, the treatment implies a correction of the diet of the patient. This is necessary to ensure that the body received all the necessary minerals and vitamins that will help to more successful regenerative process. During this period, special attention should be given to products with antioxidants A, E and C. Perhaps, for athletes, this time the heavy, but no rest from physicalload can not do. The muscles need to be relaxed for max, so exercises or movements that cause discomfort, including pain, should be excluded.

konsultaciya vracha pri rastyazhenii svyazokYou cannot go against the signals your body, and if he's hurt, then the movement should stop. The only thing allowed is swimming. And then, at the discretion of the attending physician, because not all strains such activities can be allowed.

The process of full restoration of the ligaments of the shoulder takes at least 1 month. So it should be ready. Besides, you should understand the point that each person in case of injury can be individual. Therefore, the specialist can assign your course of rehabilitation, which will differ from others. This leads to a ban on the self, because even as an athlete, to determine the strength of a shoulder injury is extremely difficult.

Practical recommendations

So, received a shoulder injury you must perform the following instructions:

  1. In any case, you can't strain your shoulder, so the rest must.
  2. To ease the pain and reduce the bruising to the affected area is applied a cold compress. But to keep it must be no more than 20 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of freezing injury of soft tissues.
  3. Treat yourself drugs is prohibited. All medicines are assigned only after consultation with the attending physician, because the same form of medication (tablets or ointment) may have a different effect.
  4. After injury to the ligaments of the shoulder allowed the imposition of a fixation dressing. But it should be remembered that in a few days it must be removed and begin the specific exercises, as they contribute to the development of the joint.


All rehabilitation exercises begin with the moment approval is received orthopedist-traumatologist. He selects the type and intensity of training. In any case it is impossible to lift a heavy load, or not yet fully healed ligaments again may be torn.

It is also worth noting that if at the time of exercise the person feels any discomfort in the shoulder area, he must not only cease to perform activities, but also to consult a specialist.

If necessary, the patient will still have to go in for surgery. This applies to those cases where there have been serious ligament rupture, otherwise there is a risk of deformation of the shoulder.


If the person with full responsibility will relate to the recommendations of your doctor, then after a month will be ableto move your arm and return to normal life.