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The symptoms and treatment of sprains of the hip joint

If there is a sprain of the hip joint, its symptoms are similar to those that appear when you strain. Such a common injury in most cases get the athletes involved in constant power loads. In medicine, the concept of a sprain refers to soft tissue damage, which is not broken to their anatomical integrity.

problema rastyazheniya svyazok tazobedrennogo sustava

A sprain can occur when excessive strain on the ligaments of the hip joint, which exceeded the limit of tissue elasticity. A strong excess of this limit, as a rule, provokes the rupture of the ligaments.

What are the symptoms of this injury

For sprains of the hip joint observed strong pain in the injured area. The same thing happens when you sprain the hip. In addition, the joint becomes more sensitive, and when pressing on the damaged area feels the pain, which over time may increase.

Ligaments are plexus is too tight and strong fibers, which is a large number of blood vessels and outgrowth of nerve fibers.

stroenie tazaAs a result of stretching occurs damage. Because of this, the person feels severe pain. After rupture of the capillaries there is swelling or bruising.

Further movement of the joint is limited. Initially, the patient can perform movements of the foot due to excruciating pain and then swelling of the joint itself. However, this phenomenon is necessary for human organism for gradual recovery.

One of the most unpleasant situations that can occur when the sprain is a tear or rupture of the ligaments. In the area of thighs this problem happens infrequently. The hip joint is less mobile in contrast to the elbow, so the risk of such a situation in this case slightly lower.

To summarize, the following symptoms stretching of the joint ligaments:

  • swelling and redness in the joint area;
  • painful sensations even in a resting state;
  • pain during movement or when drastic action.

shema rastyazheniya svyazok tazobedrennogo sustavaWhen a person had strong ligaments, it can result in a deformation of the hip joint. In this syndrome pain may spread in the thigh with a further radiating to the knee and lower leg. In some cases, the patient complains to the doctor for stiffnessof the hip joint.

Sprains suffered in most cases, acute pain. In addition, the joint can change its shape. In the case of a dislocation the patient may need reduction of the articular ends of the bones.

Diagnostics pathology and first aid

For proper diagnosis and treatment you should carefully inspect the injuries, to assess its tenderness or presence of a hematoma. In General, to see the whole clinical picture, the patient is required to straighten the affected leg in the area of hip and knee joints.

First degree, as well as the second one can be cured easily. When a patient has a minor sprain. As for the third degree, when it occurs torn ligaments and muscles. In addition, the treatment and the rehabilitation period in this case will be much longer.

perevyazka bintom tazobedrennogo sustava pri rastyazheniiIn case of injuries in the area of the hip joint is necessary to take all possible measures to protect the joint from unpleasant consequences. For the removal of existing edema and inflammation can be applied something cold, and the joint gently wrap with elastic bandage. The main thing that people didn't make any movements. If there is acute pain, you can take a remedy for pain or to anoint the affected area with ointment. In the future, all the main treatment aimed at eliminating pain and future recovery, by the doctor.

To establish an accurate diagnosis the patient should be transported to the hospital for medical examination. The results of the x-ray the doctor can assess the extent of damage and record the hip joint correctly. If there was a complete rupture of the ligament affected in the near future will have surgery.

Therapeutic interventions

When the injured person has received a sprain or a sprain of TBS, the doctor prescribes medicines, consisting in the group of non-steroidal means of relieving inflammation. These include: Ibuprofen, Diclofenac and others. These funds are not designed for long therapeutic course. In addition to medical treatment you can use regular ice, which should be applied to the affected area. It can help to reduce pain.

Treatment for damage to the integrity of the periarticular structures is as follows:

konsultaciya vracha pri rastyazhenii svyazok tazobedrennogo sustava

  • the lack of movement of TBS;
  • usemeans of anesthesia;
  • rehabilitation course.

In any case, to treat the hip joint should only be based on the extent of the damage.

During treatment, you need to provide complete rest the hip joint, must be excluded all weight training. Ice can be applied only for a short period of time, otherwise you can harm external tissues. On the first day of a compress made of ice you need to make no more than 10 minutes with a break of 30 minutes. It helps to reduce swelling.

In the future, the place of stretching you need to provide heat, which is achieved relaxing effect. Due to the heat treatment aktiviziruyutsya circulation and healing occurs. The hip joint should be freed from any load. In exceptional cases it is fixed, using a splint or elastic bandage. Moreover, the bandage should not be too tight, otherwise it will lead to poor circulation.

Physiotherapy also possess excellent medicinal effect. Today in medicine make good use of phonophoresis, electrophoresis, laser therapy. Some of them are even suitable for the treatment of the child. The most important thing is to follow all recommendations of the attending physician and to prevent any possible load on the joint itself. Besides, the victim should exclude all movements that are performed through the pain.

Prevention stretching

lechebnaya fizkultura dlya lecheniya svyazokTo prevent the stretching of the ligaments of the hip joint or hip enough to observe all precautions. There are certain factors that can trigger this problem. These include:

  • excessive muscle tension;
  • imbalance in muscle function;
  • the lack of physical form;
  • fatigue.

For prevention, and prevention of sprains TBS need to do workout and thus to warm up the muscles. This leads to the fact that ligaments become relaxed and protected from stretching. Every time before performing any exercise you need to do pre-workout. Regular stretching over time, lengthens muscle fibers. Besides, strength training helps to maintain muscle condition in the right form. Before performing physical activity people should discuss with a personal instructor. In case of injuries need to ensure that the ligaments calm to full recovery.

As prevention measures, which help to prevent the appearance of this stretch, you need to constantly monitor their own weight, because excess pounds are an additional burden on TBS. Forsports training athlete should wear comfortable shoes. In addition, exercises that strengthen muscular structure, must be performed in the complex.

If for any reason the sprain TBS has occurred, the victim should give first aid and then transported to a hospital.


After initial examination, the doctor will be able to assess the existing extent of damage and to choose the necessary treatment. Most importantly, the patient complied with all medical advice, and then the hip joint will be back in form in a short time.