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How it is expressed and treated for a sprained wrist?

Among all injuries of the upper extremities sprain of the wrist in the emergency departments recorded more often. It should be noted that this pathology does not depend on the type of activity and physical activity of the affected person. To obtain such an injury to the joint and its ligaments must be applied such force that far exceeds their elasticity.

poluchenie rastyazheniya svyazok zapyastya

The danger of such injuries is not only possible rupture of ligaments and the presence of a fairly strong pain. The most unpleasant are the effects, which first manifest as instability of the wrist joint, and subsequently cause the formation of deforming osteoarthritis of the wrist.

The causes of sprains

If we consider the possible reasons that contribute to this disease, the first stress injury arising from sudden impact or fall. Most often such a trauma occurs in autumn and winter the presence of ice. The poor development of the muscle bundles may cause the same injury in novice athletes. During sports improper exercise or overload of the muscular system of the arms when the weight loads can cause the carpal tunnel.

How does the wrist injury

kosti zapyastyaClinical manifestations of carpal joint injuries depend on the severity of the resulting damage. Depending on the characteristics of the clinical picture experts distinguish 3 severity of this pathology:

  1. The first, commonly referred to as mild, characterized by a histological picture of microtrauma of the tendon tissue. Therefore, inherent in her clinical picture is not accompanied by severe pain, and the mobility of the hand retains almost full, and swelling of the tissues is absent. Discomfort often appear when you try to bend or straighten the arm at the joint.
  2. The second or moderate injuries-carpal joint is already torn. The clinical picture is manifested in the form of pronounced swelling and bruising. Joint mobility is limited. Pain pronounced and bothers the patient not only in physical activity, but also when the joint is at rest.
  3. Third degree the most severe. It is characterized by the almost complete rupture of the ligament tendon, which leads to disruption of the integrity of the entire joint. This injury manifests as massive swelling with bruises covering a large area not just the damaged joint, but hands.The symptom of pain is pronounced. Hand in the joint motionless.

The surgeon warned that severe and acute pain is not typical for simple sprains of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of any joint and not just in the wrist. It is typical of more severe injury and is a signal about the need to visit traumatologic points.

obsledovanie travmy u vrachaBut the above symptoms may be accompanied by injury of any joint, however, damage to certain ligaments of the wrist is characterized by its unique clinical picture. Consider in more detail:

  1. In the fall most often stretched navicular ligament. Unprotected from the impact of man rests on the inner plane of a brush that rotates it relative to the radius. This injury manifests itself as severe pain, increasing swelling of the joint and surrounding tissues in the outer region of the base. In more severe sprains swelling covers the whole joint. Later can occur and hematomas. The movement in the joint difficult because of the constant pain. The diagnosis is confirmed radiographically.
  2. The second characteristic of a fall injury is the stretching of the triangular ligament. This occurs when the hand upon impact, the plane is in an erect position. In this case, there may occur slight tears in the ligaments, which clinically will manifest as pain and reduction in mobility of the hands in this joint. The diagnosis is confirmed by severe localized pain, which is evident on palpation of the pisiform bone of the wrist. With more severe injury the pain may spread to the area of the forearm. It should be noted that tissue edema and hematoma in this injury is not typical. However, the rehabilitation period is more prolonged.
  3. The above are the most common dislocation of this joint. Rarely revealed traumatic injuries that result in stretching of the ligaments of the articular disc. Subsequently, they can contribute to instability of all the carpal joints. This pathology occurs when the combined injury chronic or prolonged high loads the radiocarpal joint. It is characterized by periodic painful symptoms that can later lead to long-term disability.
  4. When stretching the distal portion of the joint at the junction of the bones of the forearm and wrist palpation to detect the elastic mobility of the ulna and radius. This will be the basis for diagnosis.

How to give first aid

alt="First aid for sprained wrist">Upon receipt of an injury of the ligaments of the carpal joint, in order not to aggravate the injury and to facilitate the treatment required the victim to provide first aid. The method is simple and accessible even to the uninitiated in medicine man. Let us examine the main points of first aid for this injury:

  1. The damaged joint is drawn with an elastic bandage or other fabric, for example, a scarf. Then the hand is suspended. This will help relieve pain effect.
  2. If the result of trauma to the carpal joint cannot immobilize with a bandage and it remains movable, used tire or two sticks. Them strapped to the injured hand into the joint.
  3. To reduce swelling and dull the pain, will help a cold compress.
  4. Under intense pain, especially characteristic of the stretching with tearing of ligaments, it is possible to take analgesic drugs. Upon delivery to the hospital necessary to warn about it the attending physician.
  5. When first aid is rendered, it needs to be immediately taken to the casualty Department for treatment.

Therapy stretching of the wrist

 ambulatornoe lechenie pri rastyazhenii svyazok zapyastyaUsually a sprain of the wrist joint of mild to moderate severity does not require a permanent location in a specialized hospital. In this case the patient is necessary medical care and sent home with follow-up in the clinic. The average outpatient of these patients will be treated within 2 weeks. Local treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory ointments. They will help to remove the swelling and relieve the pain. For these purposes, it is recommended to use of indometacin ointment or drugs with diclofenac.

All severe sprains of this joint are to be hospitalized. Most often such injuries require surgical intervention aimed at restoring the damaged ligaments. In addition, the joint is fixed to the rigid bandage. For these purposes, most often used gypsuming. You must know that the more serious the damage, the longer the rehabilitation period. So, if you have torn ligaments that require surgical treatment, the recovery period may last several months.

Chronic stretching of the muscular apparatus of the hand to improve the recovery process functions recommend be included in the treatment course of anti-inflammatory drugs. If they do not have the desired effect, glucocorticoid therapy Supplementdrugs.


The recovery period is also recommended to add to to drug treatment the physiotherapy. Usually used for this UHF or electrophoresis. When pain and swelling in the joints decreased, for restoration of mobility prescribe physiotherapy and massage.