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Why do I get the torn ligament in the foot?

Torn ligament in the leg is the most common cause of limitation of physical activity. It can occur with severe trauma of the limbs, strain and even an awkward movement. The gap often leads to excess weight.

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Factors affecting the development gap, and their clinical manifestation

Partial damage can occur as a result of a fall or an awkward kick. In the complete rupture of the ligament is observed stepping it out of its socket, which causes the adoption of a wrong position.

Such injuries often occur during sports competitions. They often occur because of uncomfortable shoes or running on uneven surfaces. Sometimes this happens due to the weak tendons of the person. To provoke gap can strong trauma to the foot or ankle in the past. This damage entails the weakening of the ligaments and creates a risk of permanent injury.

The main symptoms of rupture:

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  • sharp, acute pain - this is because the ligaments is a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels;
  • swelling - manifests itself after injury may develop through time;
  • severe pain when pressing on the injured limb.

A sprain is characterized by various symptoms, which depend on the complexity of the situation. Symptoms divide them into two types:

  1. Stretching the first degree. This includes damage to a few fibers of the ligaments or a small area of the foot. This state is characterized by the presence of moderate pain and swelling.
  2. Stretching the second degree. This includes more serious injuries. Pain syndrome is pronounced, the pain is severe. At any movement the person feels worse. It is possible the development of a hematoma of the leg. There were bruises, there is subcutaneous hemorrhage.

Bridging the gap cords

If you suspect damage you must take immediate action. For this purpose various means, including tires and crutches. The damaged place must be fixed by means of brace or bandage. The most positive effect tubular bandage. After the injury should be to cool the injured limb. This will avoid swelling and severe pain syndrome. This will help cold compress on the basis of ice water.

polza lda pri razryve svyazokThe cold constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling. It is advisable to keep the leg elevated, this puts under her pillow or cushion. Two days lateryou need to pay attention to progressive disease or not. If the person feels OK and the regression is not observed, you can begin to massage and physical therapy. Excellent effect of thermal treatments with the application of paraffin and ozokerite.

Heat can accelerate the process of resorption of edema and to increase blood flow to the affected area. This will facilitate quick recovery.

Treatment involves compliance with bed rest at least during the week. This will help avoid re-injury. To abandon physical activity is not necessary, but they should be modest. Useful training in the pool. Swimming helps to relieve load from the damaged limbs and allows you to strengthen the muscle corset. In water it is desirable to add the brine, this drug will speed up the healing process.

If within several days, signs of torn ligaments do not decrease, but rather increase, you need to seek help from a doctor. Hence, the chosen treatment was ineffective and requires amendment. Perhaps we are talking about a more serious injury with dislocation or fracture. For accurate diagnosis it is recommended to conduct x-ray examination. With a strong break to resort to surgery. Methods of treatment selected by the doctor depending on the patient's condition.


Folk methods of dealing with torn ligaments

Alternative medicine has left a huge number of recipes that use herbs and fees. Such treatment could not harm humans.

Recipe No. 1. The easiest way to accelerate the healing gap - the use of water or vodka compress. It is desirable that it was cold. After two days there has been a significant improvement. To make a compress simply. It is necessary to moisten a bandage or gauze in vodka and apply on the damaged area. For maximum efficiency, from the top everything is covered with polythene and warm cloth. It contributes to warming and accelerate the healing process. To walk with a compress is required for 8 hours. Similarly, is a milk compress.

Recipe №2. To cope with the problem will enable gadgets on the basis of the onions and salt. For cooking you need to take a tablespoon of each ingredient and mix together. Then place the product on gauze and apply to the damaged areas.


Recipe No. 3. Lovely action have garlic, vodka and vinegar. The ingredients are mixed together and infused in a dark place for 14 days. Periodically, the infusion needs to be shaken. After a specified time, allfiltered with 20 drops of eucalyptus. You need to be treated until complete disappearance of negative symptoms.