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Proper rehabilitation after ligament rupture of the knee joint

Proper recovery after any illness should, and rehabilitation after ligament rupture of the knee joint plays not very important role, because only through correct methods people can return to normal life.

boli v kolennom sustave pri razryve svyazok

Recovery methods after rupture of the ligaments of the knee joint

People who in this way has damaged the knee, rehabilitation is necessary, and it does not depend on how strong was the break and what treatment has been previously applied. If the recovery period will be correct, the function of the joint and the quality of human life will remain the same, i.e., will not differ from time-to-injury.

If the sprain of the knee was partial, in this case, as a rule, performed only by conservative methods, and the recovery takes about eight weeks. But in the complete rupture of ligaments when is made mandatory and even surgery, the rehabilitation period takes about 6 months. A lot depends on the type of damaged ligaments, as was surgical intervention, the patient's age, level of physical activity.

vrashatelnye dvizheniya golenostopnym sustavomUsually in this case, the rehabilitation includes several stages. So, in the first two weeks after ligament rupture, or surgical intervention need to carry out some procedures. At this time, the joint is fixed brace (plaster Longuet). When there is a feeling of acute pain, the patient should resort to an isometric exercise in which tense the quadriceps muscles during a bent knee is flexion and extension, and ankle joint need to carry out a rotational movement.

After you should try to lift the leg (the sock should be directed at yourself) and hold it in this position for a few seconds. During such exercises it is important to lie on a hard surface, and every movement you need to work up to 10 times. However, if a person feels pain, you should not ignore this, you need to immediately stop the occupation.

This type of therapy is gentle, but it is necessary for a speedy recovery. These exercises are important in order to relieve post-traumatic inflammation, pain, improve blood circulation. As quickly as possible to restore knee after a breakup, you can use magnetic therapy or laser treatment. These methods are used on the second day after stretching in the knee. In a week you can refer to the electrophoresis or UHF.

treatment of torn ligaments of the knee" alt="Drug treatment of ligament rupture of the knee joint">you need to use more and homemade ways. So, it is necessary to conduct heat treatment using paraffin baths and blue lamps.

At the third and fourth weeks, if all goes well, rigid fixation is replaced by a semi-rigid. The patient thus is able to partially rely on the injured leg, and if there is a slight degree of gap, completely. When you recover in this period it is necessary to use physical therapy only in the case that it is necessary, that is, the presence of swelling and pain.

Professionals at this time advise to use electromyostimulation. Here are the main actions aimed at forced reductions in femoral muscles. Excellent impact on the process of rehabilitation massage affected limb. It can be done by hand or using special apparatus.

If the patient have any swelling, massage should be of the suction type. You need to start from the foot and finish with the lower back. After some time specialist massage increases the intensity, and he begins to work directly with the muscles.

Therapeutic exercises after injury to the knee joint

sgibanie kolennogo sustavaIt is important to know that therapeutic exercises can be both passive and active. During the first sessions the patient should lie down and relax, and the specialist thus independently performs the required movement in the damaged joint. There should also engage in active flexion and extension of the knee (this should be done in the supine position and sitting). After that, the person needs sitting on a chair to resort to the pendulum swinging legs. Excellent impact and walking on the spot, the only time you need to raise high the thigh. Such studies should be carried out without haste, sudden movements can only harm the patient.

Experts recommend during the recovery period to train on specially developed training equipment (Machinoimport). You can be treated with a certain position: in order to do this, you should put the knee in flexion (extension) to the sensation of pain. So you should try to spend no less than 20 minutes.

However, such exercises to do by yourself, this process must be monitored by the attending physician, i.e. nurse. If during these exercises it was noticed that the swelling had not decreased, but increased, and there was still pain, then the load should be reduced, but still better to see a specialist.

At the fifth and eighth weeks, all you need medicalclasses to direct, to restore the motion in full, and should overcome the malnutrition of the muscles. It is important to all exercises done with a special weighting, it is necessary to sit, lie down or stand. Sometimes welcome the passive design, which is applied by a masseur. Good result also shows gymnastics, which is carried out on the water.

vostanovitelnoe uprazhnenieDuring 9-12 weeks, the brace is no longer used. When people will resort to any kind of load, he will need to apply the elastic bandage, then there is a special knee. We should not forget at this time about physical therapy. It should, as previously, be performed daily. You can use exercise bike or other cardio, and the Stairmaster. But from running and jumping for a while we'll have to refuse.

In the subsequent period, i.e., at 13 and 16 weeks, you should continue to engage in physical exercise, classes should be as long-lasting, there are important exercises such as balancing and squats.

After the allotted time is already permitted to run, especially for sports people that no activity can not imagine my life. You can ride a bike or jump with skipping ropes. Such a dynamic load will help to say goodbye to former discomfort and unpleasant symptoms.

Additional points

During the rehabilitation specialist can prescribe the appropriate medication, which are cartilage protectors, and they are based glucosamine and chondroitin.

Due to their influence and the regular intake process, which destroys cartilage, slow down, and pain will be docked. There is a drug that is able to replace synovial fluid. It is also very actively used after ruptured knee ligaments. This drug is injected by a doctor into the joint cavity so that no rubbing occurs of the joints and the cartilage is protected from wear.

To the healing process happened much faster, was appointed a special medical tape. This drug has a positive effect on blood circulation and helps in restoration of metabolism.


Thus, after stretching the knee of a patient waiting for a hard and long work. You just need to not be lazy, do everything regularly and then the recovery period will be significantly reduced. But if during any week the condition worsened, you should immediately contact a doctor. Possible, the patient should reduce the load or to render medical treatment.