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How to do massage for hip dysplasia

Massage for hip dysplasia is one of the key procedures. Dysplasia (congenital hip dislocation) in children occurs in the case of underdevelopment of the hip joint.

problema displazii tazobedrennyh sustavov

What is needed massage?

The disease can develop if the examination of babies in the first weeks of life were inadequate or absent altogether. When dysplasia is diagnosed and treated, the development of the child passes without deviation.

displaziya tazobedrennogo sustavaDysplasia is a congenital pathology (detected immediately after birth and requires prompt treatment. One method is massage for hip dysplasia. It should be noted that in addition to massage uses manual therapy techniques, surgical treatment, such as open reduction of dislocation and surgical treatment in severe cases. Also used special equipment such as stirrups Pavlik, cockatoo bandage, wide swaddling, etc.

To restore movement in the hip joint in full, complex treatment include massage. It promotes proper physical development and fairly rapid recovery, but keep in mind that the massage has maximum impact only in combination with other therapeutic agents. Using this procedure, you can achieve physical activity and strengthen the muscles of the baby. Massage for hip dysplasia in infants can learn by yourself, but it's better to entrust its execution to a specialist. Parents can study therapeutic massage, and, for example, a tonic that can be useful not only to the kid with dysplasia, but also a healthy baby. It is recommended to do massage in the evening right before bed.

It is especially important to hold the main course until reaching 3 months. At this age, the procedure will bring the greatest benefit.

Features and techniques of massage for hip dysplasia in newborns

faktory riska displazii tazobedrennyh sustavovThere are several methods of performing baby massage. You can do it strokes. The baby is lying on his back. Specialist begins light soothing motion, stroking the child from the shoulders to the hip. The therapist can change the intensity of these strokes during the procedure. The most intense motion experts in the area of the hip joint. To randomlynot to damage the lymph nodes, inner thighs massaging is not recommended. In the process, a technician can cover the entire hip joint or just the front. The pats are in a straight line, in the direction from the ankle to the thigh.

Another option is baby massage, performed by rubbing. In this case, produce a reinforced touch in the area of ligaments, muscles and tendons. So how are the ligaments and muscles quite deeply, it is necessary to do a spiral and circular rubbing with fingertips. This massage is done, moving from top to bottom. The movement should be very smooth, soft, slow, it is important to touch and pressure on the body was quite light. For infants therapeutic massage should be performed in a sparing mode. Attention naturally focusing on the area of the hip joint.

polza massazha pri displazii tazobedrennyh sustavovAnother method is felting. The specialist embraces the thigh of the baby's hands and gently moves it from one hand to another. Manipulation of the queue is carried out first with one and then with the other leg. The massage is performed with the help of Pat and lift. Specialist grabs the kid at the knees and raises the child, while gently placing both feet into the side of the head. Pat should smoothly and gently, without causing the baby discomfort.

Another element therapeutic massage - sawing. It consists in simulating the motion of the saw. Manipulations are performed with light alternating movements in the direction from the spine to the periphery.

During the massage you can take a hip to the side. To do this spreads the baby's legs, and then gently bends them at the knee joint and attaches to the side. Manipulation is carried out in turn, first with one, then with the other leg.

One of the renowned and common exercises is the "Bicycle". It consists in the imitation of Cycling.

Also, the massage element can be the steps or walking. To simulate the walking legs of the babies in turn and bend simultaneously.

Massage for hip dysplasia is one of the tools included in the complex medical procedures. It has a positive effect and helps to strengthen muscles, reduce a dislocation, to restore motor activity. Massage is important for good physical development of the child.


Therapeutic massage in this disease in infants must be prescribed by a pediatrician or an orthopedist. And to do it needs only trained professional such as massage therapist that has a certificate and specializiruetsya on thisviolation. This will give the opportunity to avoid further problems with hip joints.

Recommendations for therapeutic massage:

  • child to massage put on solid, with smooth surface, the best option is a changing table;
  • on the selected surface lay a special cloth that absorbs moisture, because the movements performed during the massage, can trigger urination;
  • the massage is performed 1 time per day in the morning or before the daily feeding rate from 10 to 15 sessions;
  • it is necessary to carry out the therapeutic massage courses, usually 2-3 courses, following a break of about 1.5 months.

It is important to know!

konsultaciya vracha pri displazii tazobedrennyh sustavovIt is important to note that massage is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • strongly expressed, or without reduction of the hernia;
  • exudative diathesis.
  • high temperature;
  • low weight infants;
  • the disease is accompanied by purulent secretions on the skin;
  • acute diseases of bones, muscles and lymph nodes with inflammation;
  • congenital heart disease;
  • epileptic seizures.

Therapeutic massage for hip dysplasia is an important and one of the mandatory procedures. The doctor should prescribe it in the first few weeks of life babies because the sooner appropriate treatment, the more favorable the prognosis. Massage is recommended in the morning or in the afternoon before feeding. Start and finish area with light effleurages. All movement is in the direction from the periphery to the center.


Parents should be sure to remember that massage has a positive effect only in combination with other therapeutic agents.