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How to recognize when a knee injury injury and to assist

One of the most common knee injuries injury. Especially among people who regularly engage in sports exercises. It often happens in children. One awkward movement can lead to damage to this region of the lower limb.

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Many people do not place as much importance on injury knees, considering that this is a fairly innocuous injury. And it is in vain. This injury subsequently can affect very serious complications, up to problems with joints. Therefore, it is recommended to timely conduct the appropriate treatment.

Why is knee injury and what are its symptoms

In most cases, damage to the knee occurs in the fall. This is especially true in icy conditions or when exercising in gyms. But not necessarily this happens, when the person himself falls. Trauma is possible in the compression of the legs, and the falling of any severity. For example, in a traffic accident. That is not the ailment that develops itself. Necessarily a mechanical effect.

In children, knee injury is often due to their physical activity. Possible injury when falling or when hitting any object. In the winter often injury when skating. Even ordinary run in gym class can result in the sore.

Bruise refers to soft tissue injuries, against the background of what developed pain and swelling of the injured area. If affected joints, their function is impaired. This condition is sometimes accompanied by rupture of ligaments, which arises due to the strong deviation of the ankle.

A knee injury can be of several types:

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  • no dislocation;
  • with dislocation;
  • no fracture;
  • there is a fracture of intra-articular bone.

In addition, this injury is subdivided into complete injury and incomplete. That is, when the first affected all the structures of the joints, and at the second only ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons.

Symptoms of knee injury:

  • sharp pain in the area of damage (sometimes she kind of just tolerate it);
  • swelling of the knee joint;
  • change the color of the skin in connection with hemorrhage at the site of injury;
  • difficulty of movement of the injured area, regardless of the cause of injury;
  • a serious injury can cause loss of consciousness due to severe pain.

If symptoms do not improve within a long time, you should immediately consult a doctor who can diagnose and prescribe treatment. This will allow you to avoid serious complications.

What can bethe consequences of the injury

A small abrasion or bruise is the most harmless that can occur after an injury. Minor defect, affecting the appearance, will soon pass. But it also happens that the injury will leave behind much more dangerous consequences. It usually happens in that case if the treatment of knee injury were not conducted in a timely manner or was provided unprofessional.

Very often found among the consequences of inflammation of the meniscus. If time does not pay attention to it and not to eliminate the disease, it enters into the chronic stage. And it threatens the degeneration of the meniscus or cystic degeneration.

holodnyj kompress pri ushibeThe consequences of injury of the patella applies a sprain or a complete rupture. This occurs with a significant blow to the knee. If the ligaments have torn, the knee loses its ability to move. And if they are stretched, the knee can move, but with great difficulty.

In the absence of proper treatment or very serious injury to the knee joint may partially lose its functions, that is, its movement is not quite complete. May develop osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Can occur such a state that will lead the patient to disability.

If treatment was provided in a timely manner and correctly, and the patient complied with all medical advice, the consequences may not be.

The child has almost no fear of injury. However, their activity is large. With the knee injury they may not pay attention to the damage. And parents do not attach much importance to such wounds. And it is in vain, because in the future it can turn into a considerable problem, especially for the joints.

What treatment is carried out with the knee injury

In any case of injury important right to administer first aid. So have others, the question arises if the injury to the knee, what to do and how to help the victim.

The first thing you need to ensure the greatest protection of the damaged knee joint, you should eliminate any load on the damaged area. It is possible to apply something cold to the injured area. This will help to cause vasospasm and to remove internal bleeding.

Administering first aid, it is important to stop the development of hemarthrosis because of the hematoma compress the nerves, causing severe pain.

ketanov pri ushibe kolenaIf the injury happened on the street, the victim must sit on the bench and immediately call the health team. The affected leg should be lifted, to prevent the blood flow to the affected area.

The doctor, seeing the patient, will decide how to treat a knee injury fromvictim. First made pain relief. For this purpose, various drugs anti-inflammatory action - Aspirin, Diclofenac, Ketanov. You can apply ointment on bruises.

To resolve swelling, your doctor may recommend a lumbar puncture or aspiration of blood accumulated in the joint. If it did, then the therapy area overlaps the retaining bandage. This will restrict movement and will not allow to damage the joint even more and will produce a warming effect, which is so necessary.

The patient is assigned to a different physiotherapy. All physical activity is prohibited. To accelerate healing of the diseased joint are applied chondroprotectors. Treatment of children is not different from treating adults.

The patient should understand that self-medication will only worsen the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor.

Injury treatment folk remedies

To treat a knee injury with the help of popular recipes. But better to do it after the consultation with the doctor, despite the fact that this medicine gives nature itself.

You can prepare an ointment-based resin secreted by coniferous trees. To add the lard and tar of birch. All three components are taken in equal amounts, mixed thoroughly. Day are stored in a warm place. After this ointment can be used - putting the weight on the cloth, apply to the sore spot.

kamfornyj poroshok pri ushibe kolenaAnother folk recipe ointment. The basis of black soap. It is ground by rubbing on a grater. Add to it the powder of camphor and ammonia. This mixture is poured oil intended for pouring into the oil lamp. The whole mixture was thoroughly mixed. All ready to eat.

Not only ointments can help to alleviate the condition of the patient joint. You can use compress. He is especially good against children. The child frequently meets something, so this recipe always comes to the rescue. Vegetable oil in the amount of tablespoon mix with the same amount of vinegar and boiled water. Mix well. Moisten a piece of clean cloth in this solution and applied to the affected knee joint. On top of impose cellophane package and wrap all of this warm scarf. The child will be perfectly healthy after 5 of these packs.

Traditional practitioners offer many of their recipes, even more exotic. For example, rubbed into the site of injury of the fat of a Viper. The therapeutic effect of such non-standard healing is noticeable almost immediately.

We must not forget that the treatment of folk remedies can be made only after approval of their actions with your doctor.

How to recover from a knee injury

src="/injury/images/128-5.jpg" title="conifer Resin for the treatment of knee injury" alt="conifer Resin for the treatment of knee injury">For how much time you can return to normal for the affected way of life after injury depends on the damage and the effectiveness of the treatment. Plays a role and how quickly the victim went to the hospital.

By the insignificance of the injury and prompt medical treatment the recovery period will not exceed 3 weeks. But if the victim later sought medical help, and the injury was very serious, then rehabilitation may be required and more than one year. Moreover, it is possible and not to wait for the full recovery of the joint.

As rehabilitation measures are offered:

  • magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, muscle stimulation by electricity, laser;
  • therapeutic exercises vs muscle inactivity;
  • massage, chiropractic;
  • the Spa treatment.


The patient must understand that to achieve the results he personally will have to work very hard. Effect on 70% depends precisely on what efforts he will make. As steps to recovery offers therapeutic exercise. The stress on the joints begins with small exercises and then gradually increasing.