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What kind of ointment for bruises and bruises for children best?

Today in pharmacies provided a range of drugs, including such as creams, gels and ointment for bruises and bruises for children. But how to choose the most appropriate?

problema sinyakov u detej

The basic rules of choice of drug against bruises, contusions and abrasions

  1. When buying a product in the pharmacy, keep in mind the age of the child. That can be used for bruises for a teenager can be dangerous for a small person.
  2. Before using the drug, it is necessary to test for tolerability of the drug and its components. It's enough to take some substance and spread, not to the site of damage, and just on a small area of the surface as possible a thin layer. One and a half to two hours should be plastered to inspect the place. If the skin is not red, did not produce any spots and baby has not changed in behavior, that is, he did not fever, did not appear itching, he is not itching at the site of application of the drug, it suggests that your child has no allergic reaction to the drug, and it can be used safely.

led pri ushibahBefore the damaged area of skin, i.e. the site of abrasions, sprains, smear gel or cream, you need to hurt to make something cool. Better if it is ice. Thus with the cold will subside the swelling appeared. If still damaged skin and there is not just a bruise and a more serious soft tissue damage, in this case ice, of course, necessary, but you need your baby to immediately deliver the inspection to the traumatologist. Sometimes in place with a superficial wound in the body gets infections. In this case, some ointments can not do. The injured part or wound on the skin surface needs to be processed and sanitized. This must be done in order to protect yourself and your son or daughter from trouble in the future. Especially should seriously injury the child. However, to smear the injured place is not worth it. The skin surface should be slightly prosohnut and needs the blood to stop.

Popular drugs from bruises and bruises for children

This ointments for the very young, who are always on the package the words "0+". If such a designation on the tube of ointment, cream or gel is, it means that in your hands is a medicine for the little ones.

This product is safe, even if the child will lick his or her hand smeared places, and take rubbing their eyes.

troksevazin pri ushibahSo, the best drugs atinjuries to children are considered the Caffeine, Bruise-OFF, Rescue balm, Dolobene, Finalgon, Liaton, concoctions and, of course, heparin ointment.

Troxevasin gel is composed of a specially designed therapeutic substance troxerutin, which operates in a strengthening way on the blood vessels and is a powerful of all existing types of antioxidant. The most effective drug would only when it was applied to the injury site within 15 minutes. Otherwise, the swelling from the injury will disappear much later. The main thing in the damaged area was not an injury with an open wound. The wound on the drug to cause is not worth it, it will only bring harm.

Miracle drug - Bruise-OFF. Its composition is a substance derived from medicinal leeches. It is the extract of hirudin, which acts on the injury, almost the same as heparin, only actively absorbed by the tissue that helps liquefy blood clots in the place of the injury. Bruise-OFF the process of healing and disappearance of bruising accelerates several times. It also has another very important ingredient of pentoxifylline. It induces the unique bonding process of damaged platelets. That is, its properties contribute to the disappearance of the clots appeared and simultaneously moisturize the skin at the point of impact, allowing you to get rid of all kinds of cracking of the dermis during the healing period of the damaged area. Bruise-OFF can be used even infants.

sinyak-OFF pri ushibahHowever, some doctors still recommend the drug after six months of age. The main condition is to apply the drug to the damaged body up to five times a day. The effect will appear on the third day.

Heparin ointment. Promotes rapid healing due to the absorption of damaged cells undamaged. In an ointment composition includes the active ingredient benzocaine and nicotinic acid. Due to their impact is reduced pain sensation and dilate blood vessels. A week of bruising, injury and abrasions will not be over. Recommended for children starting from 7 years.

Traumeel S. It's a homeopathic remedy, by which an inflammatory process in the tissues, swelling and pain will disappear on the third day. Main thing - RUB it up to five times a day in the skin of the affected area. Besides Traumeel s has no contraindications, does not cause allergic reactions and is recommended as a healing tool to children, adults and even pregnant and lactating women.

A well-known drug That promotes rapid healing, resorption of hematomas and is used for children up to 6 years. Thanks to its composition DMSO the pain decreases, the liquefaction of blood clots, andpresent in the drug dexpanthenol accelerates the recovery process. Applied to the affected area not less than 4 times a day.


You can also anoint the damaged area in children Finalgon, which includes nicoboxil and nonivamide - substances that expand blood vessels, accelerate tissue repair and act as both an anesthetic.

At the pharmacy you will be offered plenty of ointments and gels, the main thing - to choose the best option that will not harm the health of your child.