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What cream is most effective on bruises?

No one is insured from injuries and bruises. It is therefore very important to have in the first aid ointment on bruises. Everyone is well familiar with the situation when in a hurry we are injured foot on a stool or bed, slip on a wet tile or ice. The problem is that not everyone knows how to act in such a situation and what first aid should be rendered. If the injury is mild, there may help of any ointment of bruising (it will have a resolving, anti-edema action), but if the injury is serious, do not wait - you must seek medical attention to avoid serious consequences), and before the ambulance to provide first aid to the injured person.

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First aid for severe injury

In the case of sprains, for example, on the leg, you need to bandage the affected area. In all types of injury will be effective compresses with cold (a hot water bottle with ice or a plastic bottle with cold water should be wrapped in a towel to prevent cold burns). Cooling compress affects the blood vessels and prevents bleeding under the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue. This way you can minimize the effects of shock.

For several days, you must continue to make cool compresses. Then, to improve blood circulation and accelerate the recovery process should apply a hot compress.
Having received a strong blow, it is necessary to go to fracture clinic where will make the and will conduct a medical examination. The doctor will decide whether to send the injured to the surgeon.

Signs of soft tissue injuries

sinyak pri ushibeThe injury could get any regardless of age and gender. Injury occurs when the soft tissue damage. The main symptoms are:

  1. Tenderness in the affected area.
  2. The skin becomes bluish tint.
  3. Swelling.

Men and women have different perceptions of such situations. For men, injuries, bruises, or bruises are not a cause for serious disappointments, and for women this becomes a big nuisance. Especially look unsightly bruises on the face after an accidental injury.

Today is not a problem of eliminating pain in the affected place and the unpleasant appearance of a bruise, as there are a variety of remedies for quick healing, relieve swelling, rapid recovery after ligament sprains and dislocations. Can be used as medicines, and traditional methods. It's good to use them in complex.

Types of ointments and their tasks

Ointment from injuries is a combination of drugs that include analgesics and non-steroidalanti-inflammatory agents. They perform the following functions:

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  • remove excess liquid;
  • relieve pain;
  • eliminate the discomfort;
  • restore blood circulation and movement of lymph;
  • eliminate the symptoms of the injury;
  • help relieve inflammation in joints, muscles;
  • promote joint mobility and faster restores motor activity, for example, when a sprained foot.

Ointments from bruises have an absorbing effect, help to eliminate swelling and swelling, and promote rapid recovery of damaged soft tissues. Ointment for resorption of hematomas can be not only purchased drug. It can be made at home.

For this you need to mix any fat (lard, butter or oil) with an alcohol (e.g., tincture of red pepper). To this mixture was added camphor, and effective prescription. To quickly passed contusion or a bruise, you need a system you can use any of the funds.

Types of ointments on the principle of action:

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  1. Cooling (“Olfen”, “Menovazin”, “Lidocaine”, “Kapilar”, “scars”, for menthol). In their composition contains menthol and camphor, bee or snake venom, red pepper, mustard. They are cool, have a resolving action, eliminate puffiness and swelling, increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve pain.
  2. Warm-up (“Fastum gel”, “All”, “We”, “Miauton”, “Bystrumgel'”, “has experienced an unexpected side effect”, “artro-Aktiv”). These tools produce irritating effect to accelerate blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain. They can smear just a few days after the injury.
  3. Resolving (“Caffeine”, “Lioton”, “Austin”). The composition contains a blood thinner, promotes rapid resorption of hematomas and bruises.
  4. Painkillers (“Ketonal”, “Diclofenac”, “Ibuprofen”, “Indometacin”, “Nise”, “Deep Relief”). Reduce inflammation, reduce pain.
  5. Anti-inflammatory, “Ortofen”, “Voltaren”, “Nurofen”, “Dolobene”, “Dexpanthenol”, the heparin ointment, “Flaxen”).

Types of drugs and their mechanism of action

All proceeds from sprains, dislocations, as well as those used with scratches, bruises and contusions, according to its consistency and form are divided into ointments, salves, creams, gels, sprays. Before the use of any tools to test the drug onallergic reaction.

The most popular types of ointments:

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  1. Heparin ointment. It includes a substance such as heparin, which is used in the treatment of abrasions, sprains and bruises. Can be used for sprains as a complementary therapy. Morning helps to eliminate shadows under the eyes and has anti-inflammatory effect. Heparin helps to ensure that the recovery process is faster. This ointment is effective but it cannot be used immediately after injury, as it is fraught with magnification of the size of the hematoma.
  2. Vishnevsky Ointment. Among all drugs is a universal tool that is used in the treatment of many ailments. For the treatment of skin damage with scratches and bruises is enough to anoint this means the location of the injury and the healing process will go faster. In the composition of ointment contains tar, xeroform and castor oil that disinfect and reduce inflammation.
  3. Traumeel. Homeopathic ointment. Used for injuries, bruises, sprains. Anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, restorative action. Helps to stop bleeding from the nose by rubbing nose.
  4. “Rescuer”. Used for bruises, injuries of muscles and joints, for the treatment of sprains, helps to regenerate damaged skin, acts on the bruises and hematoma, helping them to dissolve. Contains only natural ingredients.
  5. The gel or ointment on the basis of badyagi. Used in the treatment of traumas, sprains, bruises, hematomas. Includes extracts of horse chestnut, chamomile, essential oils of Arnica, peppermint, tea tree and juniper.
  6. Pain ointment - the “Ketonal”, balsam Dikul“,"”, “Deep relief”. Substances in their composition contribute not only pain, but also cool.
  7. Ointment with extract of leeches - “Girodano”, “Bruise-Off”, “Herodotos”. The first two drugs are used at the beginning of treatment, then apply the last ointment which has a warming effect.
  8. Ointment on the basis of national resources (use of burdock root, buckthorn).
  9. “Troxevasin”. The active ingredient is troxerutin - strengthens the blood vessels. Promotes rapid resorption of hematomas and recovery after injury. Helps with rosacea. Analogues are “Lioton”, “Veneration”.
  10. “Ibuprofen”, “Diclofenac” - anesthetize, relieve swelling, eliminate inflammation.
  11. “Naiz” - analgesic, resolving effect.
  12. “We” - improves blood flow.
  13. “Fastum gel”, “Capsicum” - anti-inflammatory, healingaction.
  14. “Vyapin”, “Lidocaine” - relieve swelling, eliminate the pain.


There are many liniments damage muscles, joints, skin. These funds are the most popular and effective. For the children of the safe is the ointment “Rescuer”.

Even if the person is not athletic, small injuries are always present in his life. There's always a risk of damaging the soft tissues, muscles or joints.

The first tool that will ease the pain, speed up recovery and help to avoid unpleasant consequences, is the ointment from bruises and bruises.


Choosing any medication, you need to start from its purpose, composition, and method of operation.