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First aid for injuries of the finger

Help in injuries of the finger needs to be quick, as only in this case it is possible to avoid complications. All we ever in your life met with this unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, everyone should know exactly what to do in such a situation.

problema ushiba palca

It is important to distinguish between simple injury from the fracture. If the finger was broken, it swells, appears a very strong pain, abnormal activity or excessive limitation of movement of the finger. There may also be deformity of the finger. In this case whether to take any action not necessary: it will only aggravate the situation.

First aid for thumb injury

If for one reason or another finger was damaged in the first place it should be applied to any cold object or ice. An ideal variant - to stick his hand in the freezer or expose it under cold running water. Pre-thumb need to wrap several layers of gauze. The cold will help relieve pain and halt the swelling.

polza joda pri ushibe palcaThere is one exception: if the victim suffers from diabetes, use cold compresses is forbidden.

After that, cooling the injured area should be treated with iodine. This is a mandatory event, which prevents the finger from the penetration of pathogens into the wound. Pre-the place of injury should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.

Only after that should you use iodine. You can draw an iodine grid on the entire hand. This will help minimize the edema. Iodine grid usually draw when damaged thumb. This injury is most likely to bring the most discomfort.

Quite often there is a strong nail injury and bleeding. In this case, it should impose a pressure bandage. This will help not to irritate the nerve endings.

Sometimes the blow can be so strong that the rejection of the nail plate. In this case, the injured after treatment the plate must be fixed with a bandage and be sure to ask for help to the professionals.

The damaged finger is necessary to provide rest. When the injury is advisable to hold a finger in the raised position. During sleep, preferably on a cushion or pillow under the injured finger.

How to treat such an injury?

shema nalozheniya povyazki na palec pri ushibe

It should be understood that the treatment of injury of the finger is quite a long therapeutic procedure. During this period, it is very important not to disturb the injured limb.If the pain is very strong, to endure the discomfort not necessary. You should immediately schedule a consultation to the doctor-the traumatologist.

Specialist may prescribe pain medications. Often in such situations is issued analgin. No less efficiency has Ketanov.

For very severe pain may be prescribed painkillers inside. To accept such funds should be 2-3 times a day. Popular Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen. Often after a severe injury to the finger, the patient has a small shock. In this case, the specialist can be assigned to a sedative.

After pain syndrome ceases to bring discomfort, begins the long period of rehabilitation, during which it is necessary to use special creams and ointments. Very popular heparin ointment, Bystrumgel', Diclofenac. Such medicines should be applied at the place of injury no less than 4 times per day. In case of serious injuries gel or ointment can be applied in larger quantities and more often. The thing is that the swelling makes it difficult the penetration of active ingredients means inside the skin. This slows down the healing process.


In mild injury the rehabilitation period rarely lasts more than 2 weeks. Fully pain syndrome is only a couple of months.

Treatment of folk remedies

First aid for injuries of the fingers can be conducted not only medical preparations, but also folk remedies.

Traditional recipes have long established themselves from the best side in the fight against many serious illnesses and severe conditions.

celebnaya smes iz kory duba i cvetkov margaritki pri ushibah palca

  1. Linen patch. At home can easily make a very effective flax patch. A small piece of linen cloth you need to pound into powder. Then 1 teaspoon of the resulting powder should be mixed with 4 spoons of vegetable oil. The finished mixture should be applied to the site of the bruise and wrap with cling film. After 60 minutes, a bandage should be removed, and the sore spot washed with warm water.
  2. Healing broth. Cure the damaged finger, you can use the decoction of Arnica flowers. A decoction is prepared very easily and quickly. 1 scoop plant should pour 250 ml of boiling water. Thereafter, the resulting consistency should be put in a dark place for 2 hours. Ready infusion should strain and take internally three times a day 1 teaspoon before meals.
  3. To prevent the appearance of bruise will help tincture of mush. Such a tool will be most effective if used immediatelyafter receiving the injury. 2 tablespoons chopped herbs concoctions must add 4 tablespoons of boiling water. The resulting mass should be applied on the damaged finger.
  4. First aid for very severe injuries can be the most effective tincture of the flowers of wild rosemary. 1 scoop plant pour 1 Cup of boiling water and let that liquid sit in a dark place for about 1-2 hours. The resulting consistency should wipe the damaged area twice a day.
  5. If someone has lying around the house the fat of the Viper, he is also with injury of the finger. This means you just have to RUB into the sore spots several times a day. Within 3-5 days from injury will not be over.
  6. To cope with the above problem maybe a poultice from raw potatoes. 1 fairly large potatoes should peel off, wash and RUB on a small grater. The resulting slurry should be applied to a sore finger, bandage it. The bandage should be changed at least 1-2 times a day. If desired, raw potatoes can be replaced with a slurry of onion.
  7. 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil should be mix with the same amount of vinegar and boiled water. In the obtained liquid is necessary to moisten a cotton cloth and apply it to the injury site. On top of all it is necessary to fix a warm scarf. On the first day experts recommend to cool this liquid, and in other days - a bit of heat.
  8. The healing mixture of oak bark and flowers are daisies. 1 tablespoon of oak bark should be mixed with the same quantity of flowers of daisies. The mixture should pour 250 ml of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. In the finished cure it is necessary to moisten a piece of clean cotton cloth and apply it in 2 layers to the affected finger.
  9. Few people know, but dealing with injuries can help cabbage. Well washed cabbage leaves should be applied to the affected area and secure with bandage. Keep this compress should not less than 30 minutes. After a few hours, can be applied to injury new leaf of cabbage.
  10. 1 spoon of natural honey should be mixed with 1 spoon of aloe Vera pulp. This remedy relieves tissue inflammation and strong pain.


Before using any, even the most effective and popular means of finger injury you should consult with a specialist. It is very important that a home remedy was tested and did not cause allergic reactions or any other complications.