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The symptoms and treatment of injury thigh

Bruised hip is a serious injury, leading to extensive hemorrhages in the muscle tissue and into the subcutaneous tissue, which in some cases requires surgical intervention. This type of injury most often happens in athletes and in older people. The answers to the questions: what symptoms indicate injury of hip, what are the characteristics of treatment - can be viewed in more detail.

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Causes and main symptoms of thigh injury

Common causes of injury should be considered thigh injury during:

  • sports;
  • Of the accident;
  • when struck with a heavy object;
  • when falling from a height;
  • in the workplace.

It should be noted that this type of injury is a constant companion of professional athletes: players, players, pyatibortsev, riders and others. Elderly people due to certain characteristics of the age are prone to falling, which often get bruised hip.

dtp - odna iz chastyh prichin ushiba bedraSymptoms of severe contusion of the thigh the following:

  • pain that increases when pressing on the injured place or during movement;
  • bleeding is reddish, subsequently, because of the process of disintegration of hemoglobin, resulting in a bluish and a yellowish-green color;
  • pronounced swelling of the thigh, descends under the action of gravity below the injured place;
  • disruption of the normal functioning of the knee joint;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • the increase in regional lymph nodes.

When severe injury occurs damage small and large blood vessels running through the thigh, causing the blood fills the subcutaneous tissue or intermuscular space, forming a deep hematoma.

Internal bleeding may last up to several hours.

In this regard, first aid for hip injury should be directed at stopping bleeding any way. To do this you must follow a few rules:

  1. To provide to the victim rest.
  2. To give a bruised foot elevated position.
  3. Tight bandage the sore place with an elastic bandage.
  4. To apply cold to the injured spot.

For pain symptoms, you can give the victim any analgesic. After executing priority actions, with the hip injury should the patient to deliver to the nearest trauma for a thorough examination of the foot specialist.

Diagnosis and conservative treatment of thigh injury

injury of the thigh">the Traumatologist or the surgeon upon inspection of the admitted patient and clarifying the circumstances of the injury assesses the state of his damaged legs. If you suspect a fracture of the hip the patient is x-rayed in two projections.

Magnetic resonance imaging is assigned, if necessary, accurate visualization of the soft tissues of the injured thigh and the determination of consequences of injury is the avulsion of muscle, hematoma, detachment of the subcutaneous fat, etc. the Important point of the survey a heavy injury of the hip when there is extensive swelling of the affected part, is an exception case of hypertension syndrome in which there is cramping of the affected muscles in the skeletal and fascial lodges.

Based on the diagnosis the patient is assigned an effective treatment. It can be:

  • conservative;
  • surgical.

For minor injuries of the hip treatment is performed in a clinic. On the sore spot, a compression bandage and the shell. The first time the patient prohibits any load on the injured leg. For pain and swelling is made novocaine blockade. Good result gives electrophoresis using potassium iodide and novocaine.

After about 7 days with a favorable course of treatment doctor prescribes lymphatic drainage massage of the injured thigh and enveloping warm bath. Physical exercises will be useful only on the 12th day of treatment.

diagnostika ushiba bedra pri pomoshi mrtWhen received a hip bruise moderate or severe degree, with damage to muscle tissues, the treatment performed in a hospital under constant medical supervision. It consists in carrying out the following manipulations:

  • in the repeated production of novocaine blockade by Vishnevsky's method;
  • in the imposition on the affected leg special balsamic dressing;
  • the immobilization of the injured leg for about 2 weeks with the tires Baler;

After removing the tire, if the muscles on the patient's thigh are healing well, the doctor allows the patient to perform certain movements of the knee and hip joint. During this period, appointed by a warm bath, promotes faster healing of injury. You can start a slight movement on the ward with crutches, giving the dosed physical load on the injured leg.

Complications and surgical treatment of injury of the thigh

Surgical treatment of injury of the hip may be required in severe cases or when properly conducted treatment, leading to serious complications.

With extensive hematoma obtained during injury of the thigh, operativeintervention. During the surgery, the hematoma is opened, removed blood clots and muscle detritus. Set rubber tube for drainage of the cavity. Further treatment with antibiotics and symptomatic drugs at the discretion of the physician.

When carried out wrong treatment, for example, with the early appointment of a rough massage, or warm baths, with untimely exercise on the affected leg can occur ossificans myositis. It means the formation of areas of agostiniane, because of this, the muscles lose their elasticity. In some cases, myositis causes pain and restricted movement of the knee or hip joint. Then the doctor performs a surgical excision of these areas.


One of the most frequent complications of the injury of thigh is considered a case of hypertension syndrome, in which due to infringement of muscle to their couches can arise their necrosis. The specialist performs a surgical procedure in which the incision of the fascia.

Conclusion on the subject

Thus bruised hip is a serious injury. To achieve a quick recovery and get after injury any complications, you need to be able to recognize injury of hip, right to give first aid and timely deliver the victim to a good specialist to trauma.