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When the woman has bruised the breast what to do in this situation?

The woman received a bruise of the breast what to do to her in this case? First aid helps to prevent serious complications and relieve the condition of the victim. Injury of the breast can be obtained with different conditions, even by their own negligence. To cause the female breast is quite simple.

problema ushiba molochnoj zhelezy

Causes and symptoms of injury

The damage often are domestic in nature. Fall, accidental bumps, playing with children and other causes can lead to severe injury. Under the impact of traumatic factor violated the integrity of blood vessels. As a result of this process - the hemorrhage in the tissue. If the injury is minor, the bleeding will stop. Breast women are able to resist the blows, but the severe impact of the possible development of traumatic shock. Especially if the damaged area around the nipple. The main symptoms of damage:

  • formation of hematoma;
  • fat necrosis;
  • swelling;
  • soreness at the site of injury;
  • discharge from the nipple.

padeniya - prichina ushiba molochnoj zhelezyHematomas can be subcutaneous and deep. They are accompanied by a large accumulation of blood in the soft tissues of the mammary glands. Over time, the hematomas resolve on their own. However, another possible development, with the formation of fat necrosis.

When the damage of small blood vessels in the area of adipose tissue loses its blood supply.If the injury is accompanied by an open wound, there is a risk of contamination of infection. In this case, it may cause suppuration and abscess. Trauma to the breast may trigger the development of cancer. Therefore, any damage to the breast should include a visit to mammologist. This will avoid the possible consequences.

First aid for injury

After receiving chest injuries require immediate fixation. For this perfect the pressure bandage, she immobiliaire the mammary gland. 40 minutes later after fixing to the affected area is applied cold. Suitable even for ice cubes. Such exposure is able to reduce pain and constrict the blood vessels. This will help to alleviate the condition of women and to stop bleeding.

The hospital is retromammary novocaine blockade. To do it on their own will not succeed, it needs competent people. The blockade is performed in two stages. The first thing you need to determine three points, which will be introduced a solution of novocaine. This is usually the upper, lower and lateral part of the chest. At these points, using a special needle is introduced in 50 ml of medication. Novocaine takes strongirritation in pathological nidus and obezbolit.

kubiki lda pri ushibe molochnoj zhelezyThe procedure is not pleasant, but it helps relieve pain and alleviate the condition of the patient.

A blockade to be done with great caution. When conducting a blockade you should avoid contact with the area of inflammation.

If the patient's body resists, the procedure must terminate. When bruising the conduct of the blockade is not required. In this case, resort to other methods, including to medication.

Methods of redressing injury

To facilitate prescribed physiotherapy. Widely used ultrasonic heating. The procedure allows you to activate protective functions of the body. This leads to faster treatment and recovery. The procedure is completely painless, does not cause discomfort. In addition to physical therapy and used medication. It is based on the use of the drug “Caffeine”. This medicine successfully fights with bruises and hematomas. The product is applied to the affected area with light massage movements. The dosage and duration of use prescribed by your doctor. One ointment for rubbing a little, the treatment should be complex. This applies to Klabax”. It will help to reduce pain and restore damaged breast tissue.

In severe cases, resort to the help of antibiotics. Most often they are used in trauma with an open wound. To avoid risk of infection use a “Baktroban”. Antibiotics can destroy the intestinal flora. In this regard, to apply them together with the drugs to offset the loss of useful components. Among them include “Linex”, “Bifiform” and “hilak Forte”. With the development of purulent abscess, hold the puncture and drainage of the lesion.


Remove hematoma in extreme cases, with significant bleeding in the breast tissue or retromammary fat.

Blood is removed with the help of puncture. If the injury site formed a huge hematoma, resort to sectoral resection. This type of surgery is not directed deletion of the sector (part) of the breast. The method of treatment depends entirely on the condition of the patient and severity of the injury.