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Bruised nail on the hand: what to do?

When there is an injury of nail on hand, what to do and how to provide first aid, know not all. Nevertheless, it is considered a serious injury that can get anyone anywhere. Usually a strong bruise of a large nail or any other finger can be obtained with strong impact, when you fall on it something heavy and due to other factors.

problema ushiba nogtya na ruke

Consider what to do if injury thumb, what is the treatment in this case.

Symptoms and first aid

Trauma of the nail will be characterized by such symptoms:

  1. The formation of extravasation, due to which the nail is bluish or even black. This is due to the darkening of the nail plate due to bruises on the skin.
  2. For two days the nail turns yellow, it indicates the process of cell death.

Until the bruising pain still remain: first, it's constant and nagging, and then a sharp from the contact between solid objects with the plate. The finger is swollen, the skin takes on a reddish hue.

shema nogtyaUsually injuries of this kind can be accompanied by fracture of the phalanx. With the finger injury will initially need to establish the presence or lack of violation of the integrity of the bone, during which the swollen soft tissues, and when movement occurs a severe pain.

Damage to the nails on the hands is accompanied by the irritation of various nerve endings and, as a rule, severe soreness, because of such discomfort you need to immediately try to neutralize. This is taking the following measures:

  1. To the damaged area need to apply cold: snow, ice, or metal product.
  2. The nail plate need to be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or iodine.
  3. Seek medical help.

If the hematoma is large enough, skin and nail around it become black. There is a possibility that the nail plate will be peeled. To prevent that in the following manner: the finger to be treated with iodine, wrap a band-aid, to go to the medical center. The doctor will be able to make a small hole in the nail, through which the blood flows. This procedure should not be done independently, since there is great risk of blood infection and the subsequent rejection of the nail.

As first aid, which will prevent the appearance of blue in the face nail is to do the following.

polza geparinovoj mazi pri ushibe nogtya

  1. Once the injury itself has occurred, it is necessary to raise the limb, with the nail whichthere is a problem at a certain height. It will not allow a new portion of blood flow to the damaged areas.
  2. When severe pain, you need to take painkillers, for example paracetamol. By taking such measures, it is possible to easily prevent the increase in bruising and blue discoloration of the nail plate.

There are a number of medical procedures which also help in dealing with a bruised fingernail. Treatment must be mandatory, because the skin may receive a collection of pus. If such measures are not taken, it is likely that will start the process of rejection of the nail and regrowth in its place a new, uneven, which is not aesthetically pleasing. A recovery time is necessary to ensure peace for the damaged finger. Due to such conditions, the hematoma will disappear faster, and the nail will look better and healthier

After damage in the form of injury it is impossible to treat the nail without the use of drugs. Often such injuries doctors can prescribe such drugs:

polza aspirina pri ushibe nogtya

  1. Medications that treat pain. It can be aspirin, analgin. Also apply compresses of water and dimexide.
  2. Homeopathic remedies. Among them the most popular is the ointment "Arnica". She is of the anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates swelling and stimulates blood circulation.
  3. Heparin ointment, which is used as a means of reducing the intensity of pain. It also removes the swelling, activates the recovery process.

Course of administration of medicines and use of medicines determined by a doctor and strictly individually depending on the injury. When choosing a drug should be used during the entire recovery period of the nail. Complex effect will help make the treatment more effective.

The popular treatment

There are times when the use of drugs is not allowed.

In this regard, to treat the injured nail needs with the help of folk remedies. This can be such methods.

soda dlya lecheniya ushiba nogtya

  1. Dry plantain leaves and dry leaves, yarrow, mixed in equal proportions, then they added a small amount of boiling water. The mixture was infused for two hours. Next, the slurry is distributed on a sterile gauze bag, placed on the injured nail. This compress is applied 2-3 times a day.
  2. From clean water to powder concoctions is a slurry, which is coated with the nail plate. You need to bide time until the compositiondries and only then wash it out decoction of chamomile.
  3. In a glass of boiled water you need to mix 10 g of soda and 10 g of salt. Trays of this mixture need to be applied in the morning and the evening. After each bath it is important to lubricate the nail with hydrogen peroxide or iodine.
  4. 30 g of soap black to grind, and then mix it with same quantity of oil of camphor wood and ammonia. In the mixture pour 50 ml of oil for the lamps of the Church and a glass of turpentine. This ointment to lubricate the affected nail.
  5. A glass of vinegar, a glass of wine and one teaspoon of salt mix. In this mixture soak a gauze bandage and apply to the damaged nail.

Additional recommendations

povyshenie temperatury - sledstvie ushiba nogtyaIt often happens that after such injuries as the nail is deteriorating. Such an injury can cause a lot of trouble in the form of elevated body temperature, redness and swelling of the finger. If after three weeks, the pain only intensified, and from the finger the liquid is released, it is important to immediately seek medical help. Bruised nail on the finger could result in serious complications. There is the possibility of losing a finger. To determine whether there are fractures or cracks on the finger, it is important to do x-rays.

After treatment of the nail, it grows for a long time (several months). In the place of a removed nail can appear in approximately one year. At this time, it is important to ensure all the conditions that contribute to the growth of the nail. If this injury happened on the toe nail, the shoes should be airy. Walking without shoes is excluded. If the trouble happened at the thumb, then the land should be carried out wearing gloves. When working with chemicals it is important to provide all facilities to prevent the ingress of substances on the finger, especially on the nail.

As a reminder of the injury the nail can be modified regrown nail plate, apparent sensitivity previously damaged fingers, slim the nail surface. If the victim is not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of the nail, you can seek the help of a manicurist.


Proper treatment of the affected nail implies that all the doctor's advice. Only in this case, the nail plate will be smooth and will find the correct form you will not need all the time to hide. You should pay attention to the fact that if first aid was rendered in time and correctly, unpleasant consequences can be avoided, and we should remember that injury is curable disease. Mainly to exclude the ingress of bacteria under the surfaceof the nail.