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Treatment and complications of shoulder injury

Sometimes a blow or fall it is very easy to shoulder injury. This may be a violation of the integrity of the skin, injured tissue near the shoulder joint. So the treatment for each case of shoulder injury has its own characteristics.

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The symptoms of injury of the shoulder joint

In medical practice have noted the following symptoms of shoulder injury:

  • aching pain in region of shoulder joint at rest and sharp with motion;
  • hematomas on the skin and swelling in area of injury, which in some cases may spread in the elbow region;
  • with a small movement the patient feels pain not only on the surface of the skin and muscles, but also joints.

Injury of the shoulder joint should be distinguished from fractures of the clavicle, glenohumeral ligaments, or articular fractures. To avoid such damage, do x-rays of the shoulder joint from several perspectives.

For a more accurate diagnosis will need an MRI or other diagnostics computer that will help you to see the precise localization of the injury.

Urgent first aid for shoulder injuries

stroenie plechaTo prevent further damage to the tissues of the shoulder joint or to avoid possible displacements of bone in fractures, first aid should be as follows:

  1. To remove swelling or to prevent swelling on the affected part of the shoulder joint and apply a hot water bottle with water or ice. If your home medicine Cabinet is a emulsion from injuries, their use will accelerate the recovery of damaged tissues and reduce pain.
  2. Support static position of the limb. For this you need to bandage the hand, pre-bending it at the elbow 90 degrees. For this you can use any means at hand: shawls and scarves.
  3. To relieve pain and used painkillers or analgesics cetanol. These tools can be applied in the form of injections and tablets.

For further treatment the patient was taken to a medical facility to determine the diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How to treat injuries of the shoulder joint?

After collecting the required information (history) about the disease and the conduct of diagnostic procedures, the doctor prescribes treatment, which can be done at home. For this the patient needs to adhere to all instructions of the doctor.

Within two weeks the damaged shoulder joint should be at rest. At home, it is easy to do. To fix immobility of the shoulder joint with a scarf, scarf or vintovoi bandage.

of shoulder injury">At the request of the patient can be purchased in the pharmacy specifically designed for this type of injury orthopedic bandage Desault. In all cases the upper limb is attached to the torso at a 90-degree angle.

To reduce the pain in the first week after the injury apply cold compresses. On the affected skin shoulder bandage soaked in cold water. The only drawback of the pack is frequent change. The bandage under the influence of body temperature loses its effectiveness. For this procedure can be compresses with ice or hot water bottles with cold water. Applied for 30 minutes every 5 hours.

When pain intensity is used analgesic drugs. Under the supervision of a doctor injected novocaine into the shoulder joint.

To reduce swelling, in addition to local funds, use of anti-inflammatory drugs: tselebreks, Movalis and Nise. The treatment course is 7 days.

If a strong injury, when the joint enters the blood, it is pumped out with a special syringe.

For local treatment at home using creams and treatment gels (voltaren and fibroid). Damaged skin is treated with alcohol tinctures (retinol).

fiksaciya plecha pri ushibeAs additional funds used complex medical procedures fizkabinet: electrophoresis with potassium iodide and UHF. On the affected part of the shoulder is applied paraffin.

After two weeks of treatment, rehabilitation, medical use special film that can be purchased at the pharmacy. The essence of this rehabilitation is that the negative charges of these films relieve swelling and bruising, and restore capillary circulation of the skin and regenerate it.

After drug treatment gradually increase the load on the shoulder structure, doing simple flexion exercises. This helps to prevent contractures (painful nachinaniya joints) and facilitates the return of function of the leg. To strengthen the effect of restoration therapeutic massage, which in poslerevoljutsionnyj period carried out at least twice a week. A course of therapeutic massage course - 20 procedures.

Complications of the injury

Even with a slight injury of the shoulder joint should seek medical advice to avoid possible complications.

The accumulation of blood clots in the joint (hemarthrosis). In anatomical structure of the shoulder joint capsule consists of capillary vessels, which during a severe injury can rupture. In this case the blood gets into the joint cavity. The joint is thus increased, and the victim feels severe pain. Such symptomatology is present in the first 24 hoursafter injury. At this time you need to spend a puncture of the joint and to remove excess liquid.

medikamentoznoe lechenie ushiba plechaTraumatic bursitis as a complication occurs when inflammation of periarticular bags. During injury of the synovial fluid, which contains the bags, can become inflamed. There are aching pain in the shoulder area.

The consequence of traumatic bursitis may be synovitis. Inflammatory changes of the joint cavity are striking not only bone tissue, but villi of the synovial membrane. Symptoms similar to hemarthrosis. Only when the pumping fluid is not blood, but liquid amber.

Almost all severe injuries of the shoulder joint there is a loss of skin and muscle. Thus massed, the blood is not absorbed and forms a seal. Such education is obtained as a result of delayed medical care and self-treatment of injury in the home. Wrongly in this case, apply warm compresses or lotions of salt. The resulting capsules hematomas are impregnated with salts of calcium and are not absorbed.

Substandard treatment or rehabilitation procedure can lead to complications of injury of the shoulder joint in post-traumatic osteoarthritis. This condition develops over a long period after the injury and may lead to disability.

When injuries of the shoulder joint can be damaged tendons. This occurs as a result of inflammatory processes that often become chronic.

Treatment of injury of the shoulder joint should be conducted under the supervision of a physician in an outpatient setting.


In mild cases, the injury can be cured within two weeks. In complex cases, the process of treatment and rehabilitation can be calculated for months. The consequences of such injuries can disturb a patient for many years. In order that the treatment was effective and did not become a chronic incurable form, you need to strictly follow your doctor's instructions.