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How to determine back injury and treat it?

Back injury can lead to serious complications. Usually the damage entails a loss of superficial tissue. In some cases it may affect the spine, kidneys, lungs and ribs. To provoke back injury capable of injuring large power factor. Injury is possible anywhere. It is important to know what to do in this case and how the provision of first aid.

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The causes of injury of the spine

The main factor causing the damage, heavy impact. A person need to fall back on or get struck by an object or blast wave. To get badly bruised in the accident or getting into a car accident. The impact with the water can lead to trauma of the cervical vertebra. In the fall of the “flat” person gets “injured diver”, which is the most common cause.

There are several injuries pertaining to specific areas of the spine. The degree of trauma depends on the applied force. Severe infestation can lead to damage to the spinal cord and internal organs. Among the most dangerous include whiplash.

poterya soznaniya - prichina travmirovaniya pozvonochnikaThe main causes of injuries:

  • fight;
  • getting damage in a car accident;
  • blow on the water surface when diving;
  • jump from a great height;
  • wrong distribution of physical load on the spine in sports;
  • blow on the back with a heavy object;
  • loss of consciousness with falling to the back;
  • injury in the home.

Signs of this injury

The main symptom is strong pain. Its severity depends on the location of the lesion and its severity. Often there is disturbance of sensation and the inability to move. The severity of symptoms depends on the damaged part of the back.

Cervical. The damage is severe, the injury is characterized by instability - all this requires immediate expert intervention. For this type of damage is characterized by the violation of the mobility of the hands and feet, does not exclude the development of paralysis. Breathing changes, it is possible to stop. Main place of localization of pain in the neck and head. Small pupils, muscle reflexes are disturbed, the skin is dry, she is confused.

stroenie pozvonochnikaThoracic. Symptoms of injury are: loss of coordination, change of sensation in the affected location and acute pain syndrome. Presentshortness of breath, pain when breathing, disorders of sexual type.

Lumbar. After damage is observed a pronounced movement disorder. The feet become less sensitive, the tendon reflexes are absent.

The sacrum and coccyx. Damage of this nature is accompanied by swelling and formation of hematoma. Legs move, but limited. Strong pain present in the affected area. Defecation and urination of a person bugged a lot of pain.

Diagnosis of injuries

For correct diagnosis it is necessary to resort to specific methods of diagnosis. The first thing the victim interview. It is important to know the conditions under which he was injured, what symptoms he was concerned, the order in which they occurred. Then proceed to the examination of the patient. Pay attention to the position of the back, possible deformation and motor activity of the limbs. This is done by palpation. It allows you to determine the strained back muscles and pain in the place defeat.
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  1. An important method of study neurological. Its main aim is to test the sensitivity, performance of reflexes and motor activity in the affected parts of the body.
  2. The x-rays. The possibility of obtaining of a picture in two projections allows to carefully examine the site of injury. The method aims to identify deformations, fractures or other damage.
  3. If in the fall, the person feels severe pain and cannot move his limbs, and resort to lumbar puncture. It allows to eliminate possible bleeding and other negative changes.
  4. CT. The layered images show the real picture. Thanks to them we can see any changes received after injury lower back.
  5. MRI. The method is aimed at studying the injury and getting the smallest details possible changes in the spine.

Elimination of bruises

The basis for effective treatment is the quality of the rendered first aid. To hold it even at home, the main thing - not to lose time. There are basic events that are used when severe back injury. The first thing you need to immobilize the person. This will avoid displacement of the vertebrae and other serious violations. The victim cannot move, flip and perform any other actions.The only thing that is allowed to move the person on the stretcher. This is done as carefully as possible. It is impossible to lay the patient on the affected area, it must lie on your stomach face down. If the stretcher is solid, valid locationthe victim on the back. Further treatment is in hospital.

When cervical injury is superimposed on the neck splint or a special collar.


This allows to immobilize the affected area to avoid serious trauma. When breathing, resort to artificial respiration. If a person is concerned about severe pain and swelling of tissues, pain relievers used and apply cold. The number of allowed drugs include Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Sedalgin and Pentalgin. Valid the dosage prescribed by the physician depending on the patient's condition. Further treatment matches the severity of the injuries. In rare cases, surgical intervention. The recovery period involves wearing a special corset and a massage.