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How to treat a sprain?

This injury, like a sprain, very often recorded in the emergency rooms. Its causes can be a failed jump, drop a heavy object on the foot.

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How to immediately diagnose the injury? What action to take? These issues will be discussed next.

What are the symptoms of the injury?

Diagnosis at the initial stage after injury is very important, as symptoms of injury are very similar to dislocation or fracture, so it is important to make an accurate diagnosis:

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  1. Swelling. Observed the formation of a large swelling in the shortest time. If you do not go directly for qualified help, it may persist for several days.
  2. Strong and sharp pain. It occurs immediately after the injury.
  3. Bruise or bruise. They appear in the minutes.
  4. The injury really stings. There's a simple explanation: to the affected area begin to enter the blood.
  5. In the first hours the patient can not stand on the injured foot.
  6. If injured proceed aseptic inflammatory processes, can develop bone and connective tissue.
  7. If the patient has a bruised heel, he clearly feels the weight in her, numbness, stiffness in movement.

Do not neglect a visit to the doctor, as the injury can also be dangerous to human health. Feet have many ligaments and tendons that connect it with the tibia. What injury causes disruption of the foot and reduces the elasticity of the tissues. Virtually all the injuries associated processes: irritation of the nerve fibers in the fingers injuries - damage to the nail plate. All of these ancillary processes can occur within a few days.

Marked cases of severe injury, when the dystrophic pathology of the bones. Then assigned to the long course of treatment and rehabilitation. There are several types of injury of the foot:

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  1. Bruised toes. This species occurs most frequently. It is fixed in schoolchildren after exercising or after contact with a blunt and heavy object. Once there is severe pain. Under the nail plate or on the finger quickly a hematoma. Do not forget that the finger injuries are often accompanied by fractures. Should the injured of the toes to contact the doctor, as untreated cracks or fractures in the future entail arthritis.
  2. Contusion of the soft tissues of the foot. This refers to skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue withblood vessels and nerve endings. As soon as there is tissue injury of the foot, on the injured place appear to be a hematoma, a large bruise, which can get in the joints nearby. In patients with injury of the foot are numbness of the limbs, heaviness, stiffness.
  3. Contusion of the bones of the foot. Occurs when participating in active sports or fall from height. In this case, injured a bone in his foot, but it is not a violation. You will be able to distinguish injury from the fracture with injury motor activity of the limbs gradually disappears, within a few minutes.
  4. Bruised metatarsal bone. This diagnosis is extremely rare, most often the bones susceptible to fractures.
  5. Injuries in the child. Given that children do not sit still, they get injury of the lower extremity very often. Most often that is fixed by the contusion of the soft tissue and muscles of the foot. The child having severe swelling, pain, stiffness of movement, limb swells and dramatically changes its shape.
  6. A strong bruise of a foot. This type is very similar to the symptoms for foot fracture. Sharp and severe pain, the patient immediately can not stand on the leg, a hematoma of large size and may increase by another 2 days.

The first aid - the key to a quick recovery

You must perform the following steps:

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  1. Once you've got a sprain, it is necessary to provide the injured extremity at rest. If you are on the street, then sit on the bench.
  2. To prevent the occurrence of large swelling and bruising should immediately apply to the injured place ice or a cold bottle of water for 20 minutes. This procedure must be done within 5 hours with a short interval. But remember: if a person diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it is contraindicated procedure with ice.
  3. Treat the damaged area with hydrogen peroxide, iodine.
  4. In the form of a local anesthetic can be applied ointment with the presence of diclofenac. The child can help relieve pain Panadol, Nurofen.
  5. If all signs point to the presence of injury, then do not neglect to visit a doctor to exclude a diagnosis of possible fracture or dislocation of the foot.

How to treat a sprain?

Medical treatment consists of analgesics, local anesthetics, drugs that relieve swelling and bruising. Some experts recommend rehabilitation treatments magnetic therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, electrophoresis. But mostly, doctors suggest this type of injury be treated at home, of course, along with medical therapy:

alt="Honey for the treatment of injury of the foot">

  1. A paste of ground onion, applied to the foot, helps relieve pain and swelling.
  2. To resolve the hematoma can be prepared with the following composition: 100 g of chopped leaf aloe and 200 g sugar. These components are infused in a glass jar for 3 days. The resulting composition may be applied to the leg.
  3. To soothe and reduce the burning sensation in the area of injury you can use a decoction of the leaves of Linden.
  4. Place of injury can lubricate the decoction of celandine and wormwood. 3 tablespoons of herbs pour boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Then moisten the bandage in the decoction and applied to the injury site.
  5. It also helps with injury of the soft tissues following ointment: a few tablespoons of honey mixed with aloe juice. The product is applied to the injury site and fixed with a bandage.
  6. A piece of soap will help remove the swelling and bruise. Enough to put grated soap to the injured spot and leave for 30 minutes.
  7. To alleviate pain can be used the following bath: a few tablespoons of rosemary brewed in water for 15 minutes, the broth was strong. Pour it in the tub and soar feet.
  8. If you have bruised toes, can be used to compress the fir oil. They need to moisten the gauze or bandage to tie the injured finger.
  9. Finger also fits the composition of concoctions. It should be diluted in boiled water and apply to the bruised places.
  10. For baths you can use the composition of the salt, Bay leaf, birch buds, chamomile flowers. All this nicipality, infuse and add to the bath. This same composition can be used to compress on the night.

What else can help?

Well remove pain syndrome grated raw potatoes and honey.

vannochki dlya nog pri ushibahThe resulting composition is pressed through cheesecloth, so it was a bit wet and applied to the injured place.

Relieve pain syndrome from the inside using the tincture of Arnica. It is necessary to take up to 40 drops 3 times per day. It can be and compresses.

In addition, use:

  1. Plantain promotes quick recovery. Crushed leaves are applied to the injury site. You can use the juice.
  2. Alcohol tinctures of barberry and birch buds are used to compress on the night.
  3. To have good sea salt. It has an antibacterial and calming effect.
  4. In the early days for quick relief of edema should put a bandage of elastic bandage. When done dressing, you definitely need to massage the limbs and make different gadgets.

A sprain is a serious injury. It is not necessary to begin treatment inhome, if you do not receive the advice of a doctor.


Only a specialist will help to avoid complications and prevent errors in the treatment.