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Treatment of injury of the hip joint

Injury of the hip joint, a treatment which is very important to start immediately after receiving the injury, to avoid serious complications not uncommon.

problema ushiba tazobedrennogo sustava

Injury is a serious injury of soft tissues and organs, but their structure remains intact. If the injury is not torn ligaments, tendons or muscles. Injuries of the hip joint can be accompanied by bruising due to vascular damage. This means that in the bruised place to collect the blood that will soon turn into a clot. After some time, the soft tissues are fully saturated with blood and there is a noticeable bruise. Gradually the skin at the site of injury will change its color.

Symptoms of injury of the hip joint

travmoopasnye mesta tazobedrennogo sustavaThe symptoms of injury of the hip joint:

  • in the bruised place felt severe pain;
  • because of the pain hard to move as the hip joint and the knee, but passive movement is virtually painless;
  • when pressure is applied to the damaged place, immediately felt a strong pain;
  • when driving you may notice a limp, it hurts to stand on the foot from injury;
  • some time after the injury, you may notice the appearance of swelling, bruising.

Prevention of injuries of the hip joint

No one can be immune from injuries of different nature and complexity. In any situation, you must be very careful. If you play sports that use special clothing that can protect your body.

Special attention should be paid to the elderly. If a person suffers from frequent dizziness, various pathologies of the joints, it is advisable when walking to use a cane and lean on it.

Treatment of injury of the hip joint

okazanie pervoj pomoshi pri ushibeBefore the specialist will begin to inspect the damaged area, you should in detail to tell him about how you got this injury. In some situations it is difficult to diagnose, so every detail is important. In order to verify the absence of more complex injuries, e.g., hip fracture, or femoral head, have to do several x-ray images. In that case, if the picture is not possible to consider a small fracture, muscle tear, etc. the doctor may use resonance imaging, which can provide more accurate information about the trauma of the hipjoint.

Today, a bruised hip is treated only two methods. This conservative and surgical treatment. As a rule, if there are no complications, it is only conservative treatment. Complications in this situation it is possible to meet very rarely, and most often it will be subfascial hypertensive syndrome. Along with it can begin to develop the fibrosis of the muscles when the person is no longer able to move.

Treatment of injury of the hip joint is generally carried out too late and already after the blood enters the joint cavity, where it is converted into a clot. In this case, it is impossible to do without urgent treatment. In any case it is impossible to treat such injuries, you must immediately seek help from a specialist.

Conservative treatment and surgical intervention

This type of treatment aims to restore mobility and limb and the leg regained the former strength and range of motion.

After such damage, to remove swelling and severe pain, doctors recommend:

postelnyj rezhim posle ushiba tazobedrennogo sustava

  1. The patient to be at rest.
  2. In some cases the hip joint to fix a special bus.
  3. To use the compresses, which will help to remove swelling and to treat the hematoma.
  4. Use a variety of drugs against the inflammatory process, most often Voltaren or Xefocam.
  5. Physical therapy, it is administered a few days after injury to muscle does not lose its efficiency. Using physical therapy to strengthen all the muscles that surround the hip joint.

No one can say exactly how long it takes the body to fully recover after an injury of the hip joint. All this will depend on the characteristics of the body, endurance and how strong was the injury.

In most cases, when injuries should not do the surgery. But there are situations when it is necessary to open a strong hematoma to clear tissue from the clot. This occurs only when the wound is increased subfascial pressure and blood does not resolve on their own.

Complications after injury of the hip joint

voltaren pri ushibe tazobedrennogo sustavaComplications are rare. If injuries appear too severe swelling of the gluteal region or the thigh, the possible infringement of the muscles that are in the skeletal and fascial lodges. In severe situationsthere may be small areas of ossification. They are called ossification. As a result of such complications in the region of the hip joint appear unnecessary in bone mass, which can only be removed by surgery.

Not a very pleasant phenomenon is the detachment of the skin or subcutaneous fat tissue as a result of serious injury. A similar phenomenon called the disease of Morel-Lavallée. In the presence of such complications near the hip joint forms a small cavity, which is filled with fluid and blood. If we talk about appearance, it is a small swelling, which moves slightly when gently pressed on her.

Treatment of folk ways

polza joda pri lechenii ushiba tazobedrennogo sustavaFolk remedies have always been effective in the treatment of many diseases and injuries. They can be used also to treat and anesthetize the injuries of different degree of complexity. There are several effective treatments for injury of the hip joint, which are frequently used today.

Honey lapping will help to numb the injured spot. Take in equal quantity of iodine, glycerine and floral honey. Mix well and leave for 3 hours to infuse. The tool can be used. Apply soaked in the mixture a piece of gauze to the damaged joint. You can also apply a little of the mixture above and below the damaged area - this will improve circulation.

In place of injury you can apply curd that will help remove puffiness.

Helps onion juice, you can use finely chopped onion. To make the compress, and wear it throughout the day. During this time, it is necessary to repeatedly replace the contents fresh.

You can use warmed Apple cider vinegar with salt and a few drops of iodine. In this solution you need to dampen the cloth and tightly wrap her bruised thigh area. Put some ice and wrap another bandage. Thus you can get rid of even the most strong and large hematomas.

You can mix 2 heads of garlic, pre-chopped, with 0.6 l of vinegar. The mixture is left to steep during the day, then you can start to lubricate bruised thigh.

In the damaged area, you can RUB the butter.

Effective way - using raw potatoes, cabbage leaves and white bread which should be soaked in hot milk.


Thigh injury differs from other injuries. Even if you consider the fact that the thigh is quite far from the joint can still be complications such as myositis. At an early stage of development of the disease therethere are no visible signs. The symptoms can be observed only when the treatment is practically of no use. In addition, upon receipt of the injury always in need of prevention. These injuries do not require hospitalization of the victim, enough time to visit the doctor for examination.