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How to make vodka compress when the injury

Vodka compress when the injury is considered to be one of the most common means of coping with existing pain and swelling. Vasodilation contributes to the rapid flow of blood flow to the affected areas. Due to its properties of vodka compress reduces pain for various injuries, removes swelling and reduces inflammation. As usual, the vodka is replaced by ethanol, diluted in the ratio 1:3 with distilled water.

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Often with sprains and other injuries to the patient's joint impose sufficiently tight bandage, and for the night shoot. So to ease the pain at night you use different compresses using extracts of medicinal herbs in alcohol.

Indications for the use of vodka compress

A compress made on the basis of alcohol, it has a therapeutic effect. There are cases when he is appointed. Most often alcohol compress is applied when:

  • people got injured, dislocated, or bruised leg, sprain of muscles and ligaments;
  • the disease - otitis media;
  • a sore throat and other inflammations occurring in the throat;
  • happen joint inflammation;
  • thrombophlebitis occurs in the legs etc.

lechenie anginy vodochnymi kompresami na fone ushibovAs mentioned above, this method of treatment is useful for inflammation of the joints, to eliminate the negative complications from injuries or sprains. It should be noted that this can be done only after some time after the injury. Compression bandage provides assistance by eliminating the seal formed in the tissue region, manifested as a consequence of the injection. In addition, there are other indications, which is assigned to the treatment.

Specialists recommend to put a compress before bed or in the evening. The main thing is not to leave the room in the first few hours after the removal of the compressor bandage. Thus warmed area will not be chilled.

Sometimes treatment due to the vodka compress contributes to the appearance of the fever, but not warm. This means that the wrap was done incorrectly. Therefore, to properly carry out home treatment, you should know some technology implementation vodka compress with injury.

How to make vodka compress

Before you put a bandage on the leg, the vodka needs to be brought to a temperature of 37-38 degrees by heating. It is impractical to use a hot compress by applying to the skin a cold alcohol solution. Alcohol is usually warm in the bottlecover for a couple, or in a special container filled with hot water. It is not recommended to heat the alcohol in a normal Cup of gas, because it is highly flammable.

lechenie tromboflebita vodochnymi kompressami na fone ushibovThen, you should wet a gauze or cloth in vodka and leave for a while. After impregnated gauze is applied to the affected area one leg and covered the top with oilcloth. Placed on top of a row of cotton, and pack is fixed with a bandage. The therapeutic effect is achieved after 4 hours after the procedure. Alcohol compresses should not be placed on the body for a longer time, as this may cause burns.

In other words, vodka compress is done as follows:

  • the initial layer of bandage soaked in vodka or alcohol tincture;
  • second layer - polyethylene film (overlaid on 2 cm more in length);
  • the third layer - insulation (wool or wool fabric).

One of the serious injuries is the situation when a person had a complete rupture of ankle ligaments. In this case, the assistance may also provide a simple effective means - vodka compress. To do this, moisten gauze in vodka and put it on the sore spot. Then everything turns into polyethylene and then a bandage. On top of this bandage you can put cloth of wool or a warm scarf.

With the effectiveness of this therapy you cannot apply it without prescription. After examination the therapist will be able to assess the overall clinical picture and decide whether the compress. In rare cases, compression bandage, vodka, with a warming action can exacerbate ongoing disease.

Effective treatment for bruises

kompress na uho pri otite na fone ushibovThe result of the injury in most cases is the rupture of blood vessels and bruising. However, pain is felt when touching the affected area and swelling. Minor soft tissue injuries a trip to the physician is not required, since it is possible to eliminate the effects due to the simple folk remedies. Significant damage to the joint or soft tissue bruise encouraged to consult a specialist and undergo a medical examination. For the treatment of various injuries, to reduce pain symptoms, it is advisable the implementation of compresses and lotions on alcohol with the presence of effective medicinal herbs.

The first day injury you must apply cold. The next day allowed to use compresses and wraps, with a warmingaction. The alcohol just has that effect and absorbs healing substances of insist on it plants. In this regard, compresses of alcohol tinctures are considered to be analgesic, anti-inflammatory. It should be noted that to manufacture them do not need to use pure rubbing alcohol, as it can cause a burn. For these purposes, it is recommended to treat the site of injury tincture made with vodka.

In order to manufacture vodka infusion for a compress you will need ½ liter of vodka, 20 g of herbs (flowers of Spiraea ulmaria (L.) and cornflower blue, the leaves of bearberry gryzhnika, knotweed, horsetail) and 30 g of corn ryltsev, dried bean pods, birch buds. Herbal necessary to grind and mix well. Then 4 tablespoons of collecting pour the vodka. The resulting mixture should be left for 3 days to steep. Before use, the infusion should drain. In the treatment of the diseased joint a compress soaked in the infusion, should not leave more than 4 hours.

Effect on the affected area

travyanoj sbor dlya prigotovleniya nastojki ot ushibovWhat is the therapeutic effect of the compress of vodka? After blending the alcohol bandage, under it forms a moisture and increasing temperature. For this reason, all the metabolic processes in the tissues of the body proceed much faster, thereby normalizing the blood flow.

The healing components of the solution having antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, are impregnated into the skin area and resist inflammation. After the procedure is finished, the area where was applied a compress of vodka, you need to lightly wipe with clean soft towel. Then the skin area you need to re-insulate the dense natural fibers. As noted above, it is not necessary to go out after removing the compress. For this reason it is more expedient to do vodka compress on the night. Important: the bandage can not be left on the body before morning.

It is important to know all the details of the treatment of this procedure and be able to correctly attach to injury and vodka dressing. For example, in inflammatory diseases of the throat it is necessary to leave a free portion of the neck where the thyroid. A compress applied to the back and lateral surface of the neck. With a cold compress placed around the shell of the ear. It is important to know, what are the contraindications has such a remedy. First of all, this: any oncologic disease, pleurisy and chronic suppurative otitis media.

Do not use vodka compress when a strong inflammation of the skin, accompanied by rashes. First and foremost, you need to see a doctor, and then apply the poultice as a treatmenttool. It is thus possible to prevent undesirable consequences and negative side effects.

If compression is applied correctly, the person will feel heat in the area where he was wrapped up in bandages, not cold.


With proper application, there is no leakage of vodka from wool, so the surface layer of the bandage remains dry. In addition, the positive effect of compressor bandage is defined by the pink tint of the skin. If, however, dominated by the color red, that says about the fire.