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How to treat subluxation of the elbow in a child?

Subluxation of the elbow joint in a child is not rare. This is due to the peculiar structure of this division body, which consists of three joints:

  1. Brachioradialis joint, responsible for the ability to bend and straighten the radius.
  2. Preselective joint that is responsible for the work of the bones of the forearm.
  3. Localicious joint, thanks to him, rotates radius, and the forearm produces turns.

problema podvyviha loktevogo sustava

There are two types of dislocations:

  1. Incomplete dislocation or subluxation when the part is contact between the joints.
  2. Complete dislocation, when the divergent joints cease to contact each other.

This article largely covers the issue of subluxation, its causes, symptoms, consequences and treatments.

The subluxation of head of radius

Most often, the subluxation of the head of the radius occurs in children, primarily of preschool age. A subluxation is called "dislocation from pulling" or "painful pronation little children."

podvyvih luchevoj kostiDespite the fact that the disease occurs quite often and surgeons are actively practicing in this area, however, there are a lot of mysteries and knowledge regarding the subluxation of head of radius. A feature of this disease is that suffer from it mostly children from 1 year to 3 years. The older the child, the frequency of the subluxation is reduced, and after 6 years the subluxation of head of radius is considered to be the exception to the rule. In addition, in the study of this disease were recorded the following facts:

  1. In girls, the frequency of subluxation was observed in 2 times more often than boys.
  2. Suffers most left hand and left elbow than the right.

Causes of subluxation of head of radius

The main reason is the dramatic stretching of the hands as a result of a stretched position, when the stretching occurs at the brush or the bottom end of the forearm on the longitudinal axis of the leg up or to the side. This condition can occur in the following cases:

  1. When you drop the baby when an adult manages to grab his hand or he do not let go the child's hand.
  2. Upon rotation of the child around the axis holding hands, in moment of the game.
  3. When putting on or taking off tight sleeves.

In some cases, parents claim that with these actions, there is a certain crackle in his hand.

The symptoms of subluxation of head of radius

kapriznost ot boli pri podvyvihe The main symptoms include:

  1. Childcranky, crying from the pain.
  2. The pain occurs in the forearm.
  3. Disrupts the function of the elbow joint.
  4. Forearm bronirovania.
  5. The appearance of swelling in the area of injury of the joint.

Symptoms, which sets up the doctor on examination:

  1. The presence of ruptures of the joint capsule.
  2. Palpable head of the radius.
  3. Pulsation of the radial artery is poorly expressed.

How to reduce a dislocation?

Probably almost all parents are interested in the question how dangerous this type of injury. Should a little cheer of concerned moms and dads: special risk, this subluxation is not. But to follow the child will have with the utmost care, as repeated subluxations of the elbow can face the loosening of the joints, and this leads to the diagnosis of habitual subluxation.

Reduce a child's hand relatively easily, despite it to straighten the patient's hand needs specialist. Slowly bend the arm at the elbow to a right angle. Then sharp movement the doctor rotates his hand and forearm all up. Such a movement in medicine called supination.

priem obezbolivaushih pri vyviheIf after this action the hand can move freely, flexion and extension, the dislocation was reduced by all the rules. 2-3 days hand should be fixed, so put a triangular bandage on the arm. Then the child is sent home with parents.

Reasons to reduce a dislocation it should be the doctor:

  1. In cases of severe pain, the doctor injects painkillers and muscle relaxants that relax muscles.
  2. The technique of reposition should be carried out by specially trained people, because there are several types of reduction depending on the places of dislocation.
  3. At the time of reduction may develop a complication that requires immediate medical attention. It can be bleeding or clamping of the nerve, as well as other difficulties.

First aid for subluxation of the elbow in a child:

  1. Immediately apply something cold to the elbow of the baby, it can be ice wrapped in a cloth or wet towel.
  2. If severe pain, give the child analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug - could be effective, paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  3. The next step should be an appeal to the doctor the traumatologist, who will be able to fix the arm to your child.

obrashenie k vrachu pri vyviheTo check out the blood circulation in the elbow Department should in turn put pressure on the nail plate brush injured hand. Normally, the color becomes brighter and then returns to its normal condition. In additionchecked the pulsations of the radial artery.

Tips at constant subluxations of the elbow joint. If the injury occurred for the first time, no consequences, she is not responsible. The main thing is not to engage in self-reduction to the hands of children. At constant subluxations will need to apply a plaster cast. Definitely for 2-3 days to observe the condition of the hands, if it moves bad or there is some other violation, it is necessary to turn again to the doctor.

When communicating with your child try not to make sudden movements, especially if you lead a child by the hand. To raise the baby, holding him by the armpits or body, should not be. The older the child becomes, the stronger will be his joints and this problem should eventually cease to arise.

Diagnosis of subluxation of head of radius

  1. Doctor the affected area and probing.
  2. Palpation detected a small swelling in front of and outside of the elbow.
  3. Testing and tool monitoring.
  4. Conducting x-rays.

Rehabilitation luxation

kurs vitaminov pri reabilitacii vyvihaWhen subluxation of the elbow in a child the doctor always assigns physical therapy. But if you had a dislocation, besides the child is an adult, it is best to undergo rehabilitation. The doctor may prescribed preventive treatment with antibacterial agents, vitamins, analgesics.

The program further rehabilitation includes the following activities:

  1. Physical therapy, designed according to the individual program.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Massage.
  4. A special diet based on the fortified products.
  5. Acceptance of course of vitamins.
  6. Dressing.

If all recommendations of the doctor the recovery period goes quickly and the child will be able to return soon to their normal activities.

In the event that a child is a long period in injured condition and the parents did not take him to the doctor, even further reduction of the subluxation may not give a positive result.


This period can last from 2-3 days or more. After these days to insert a limb into place will not work, will have to do a complex surgical repair of cartilage. This is because the baby fast metabolism. Therefore, it is important to seek medical help.