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What is a sprained ankle?

The most common injury is a sprained ankle. This is not surprising. Feet account for the bulk of the load during walking and running. That's why such trauma can be produced not only by women when using the uncomfortable high heel shoes, but athletes, children who are extremely mobile in their games. In addition, in winter when the roads are covered with snow or ice, any awkward movement can lead to this injury.

problema vyviha lodyzhki

The cause of the injury

Injury is very easy to make only one wrong move. Mechanisms of injury include the following:

  • if the foot is turned inward or outward;
  • if the ankle is in a fixed position, and the leg started to move;
  • if a person is caught on an obstacle, and the leg continues to move parallel to the surface.

povrezhdeniya svyazok golenostopnogo sustavaYou can cite a number of examples, which is easy to get a sprained ankle:

  1. Trauma may be associated with sports. When performing sudden movements when running, jumping, gymnastics, skating and other types of athlete to this injury.
  2. In ordinary life, injury you can get when wearing high heel shoes, improper fixation of the leg joint near ankle when walking on uneven surfaces, if a person feels unstable on an icy road just to stumble on the rough and many other situations.
  3. The strength of the ankle joint can be weakened by old age or diseases such as arthritis, osteomyelitis, bone tuberculosis, oncological diseases, obesity, etc.

Symptoms that accompany trauma

Regardless of the type of dislocation, the symptoms of the injury are similar. Immediately after injury, the victim experiences pain, often accompanied by a crunch.

After a split second the pain dulled. This is due to overstimulation of nerve endings, and they for a while become insensitive. But after some time the pain returns, increasing and becoming unbearable when moving the injured joint.

In some types of dislocations observed deformation of the foot in one or the other side. For any type of dislocation occurs swelling of leg near ankle joint.

bol v lodyzhke pri vyviheThe swelling appears immediately after the injury and has a progressive character. Often at the site of injury, along with edema, a hematoma orbruise.

After the injury the victim loses the ability to move independently. Stop in a sort of "frozen", curved in any direction as the

For a correct diagnosis of sprained ankle symptoms is not enough indication of injury. For accurate diagnosis, doctors prescribe an x-ray of the injured place. With its help it is possible to establish the presence and type of dislocation, and the possible presence of bone fracture.

Treatment of sprained ankle

If there is suspicion of trauma and all its symptoms, it is necessary to know what to do when sprained ankle.

First, the patient should be put to try and completely immobilize his injured leg. Second, the damaged joint must attach a bottle with ice. Third, the patient urgently needed to call an ambulance or to take him to the hospital.

After examination of the victim, the doctor makes the final diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the injury are assigned to the necessary medicines, treatment and rehabilitation in hospital or at home.

If the injury is severe enough, the injured person is hospitalized.

poryadok okazaniya pervoj pomoshi pri vyviheOn the injured limb, a plaster or a bandage. Patient prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. To exclude effects on the injured limb, as a rule, in such cases, the patient is assigned crutches.

If the injury involves the treatment at home, the doctor recommends that the victim rest, applying ice to the affected joint for 10 minutes intervals of time, as well as medications.

Ankle sprains are divided into three degrees of severity. Treatment and duration of rehabilitation for them are different.

1 the severity of the dislocation of the easiest. The victim to relieve swelling and pain it is advisable to apply for a joint ice or special pharmacy bags. The place of dislocation is immobilized by a tight bandage. For this purpose, suitable elastic bandage. The patient is prescribed rest, to eliminate the load on the damaged leg. After 3-4 days after the incident, you can recommend warming ointment and foot baths. At the same time it is necessary to do massage and paraffin overlay. After 2 weeks and only in case if the pain were completely gone, on the aching joint can give the load. The bandage is removed.

nalozhenie langeta pri vyvihe lodyzhkiThis method of treatment is not suitable for 2 and 3 severity of the sprain. This injury is accompanied by the offsets.To force the joint back only by a qualified trauma surgeon. The pain is with injections every 2 days.

2 the severity of a sprained ankle involves the imposition of Longuet. The victim needs to wear it for at least 12 days. The patient is appointed medical physical training, physiotherapy and massage. The approximate period of rehabilitation the extent of the injury - 3 weeks.

3 the severity of the dislocation involves the most complex and lengthy treatment. The patient on the leg, a plaster and it captures the region of the fingers and the upper part of the tibia. Be sure to apply for rehabilitation physical therapy and massage. Usually assigned some physiotherapy heat exposure. In case of positive dynamics of treatment complete recovery can occur on the 30th day of treatment.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sprained ankle

Of course, to fully heal a sprained ankle folk remedies impossible, but locally to reduce swelling, relieve excessive pain or attenuation of hematoma in the place of dislocation. In addition, folk remedies will not harm the victim.

shema kompressaUseful to put to the place of dislocation of the compress, which can be done by mixing 5 g of salt and 100 g 9% vinegar. Moistened with this composition cloth applied to the site of the dislocation, wrapped in cellophane, put on socks and leave the compress on the night. In the same way you can make alcohol compresses.

Will help reduce swelling at the place of dislocation of the lotions from the infusion of celandine, succession, marigold and tansy. The composition of herbs pour boiling water and infuse for one hour. Then dipped the cloth applied to the site of dislocation. After the cloth has dried, repeat the procedure.

For the treatment of dislocation well to use an ointment made with your own hands. For this you need to mix lamp oil with camphor powder, turpentine, ammonia and a small amount of grated soap.

Prevention of recurrent sprains

If a person leads a sedentary life or in adulthood, to help prevent repeated dislocations need to engage in prevention:

  • necessarily after the injury to complete a full course of physiotherapy and massage;
  • you need to pay attention to the vitamins or medications that help restore the tissues and tendons;
  • need to do home exercises and to include exercises to stretch tendons and muscles;
  • use comfortable shoes and avoiding heavy heel;
  • to be cautious in his movements, especially when moving on uneven terrain.


If there isan accident and you got a sprained ankle, it is necessary to accept emergency measures: to immobilize the limb and apply ice. Then as quickly as you can ask for help, and later follow all the prescriptions of physicians for the treatment of trauma. Only in this case it is possible to avoid unpleasant consequences.