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Dislocation of the foot: how to treat at home?

The dislocation is fixed at 90% of the population. To properly administer first aid, you need to know more information about the dislocated leg and how to treat it at home.

problema vyviha nogi

Basically, the dislocated leg is a medical diagnosis, to be installed when damage to the lower limbs, when there is deformation of one of the joints, there is a sharp and prolonged pain, there is swelling, hematoma. Possible disruption of the normal function of the limb.

This injury comes unexpectedly. Doctors klassificeret types of dislocation according to the degree of displacement of joints relative to each other:
vidy vyviha kolennogo sustava

  1. Partial (subluxation) - the patient is fixed partial contact of the joint. This species is treated easier and faster.
  2. Complete - the patient's joints at the site of injury is not fully in contact.

Distinguish sprains and source:

  1. Innate. Such injuries occur in utero. Their cause may be various infectious diseases.
  2. Mechanical. This type is purchased from outside influence.

How to determine that the person has a dislocated leg

The symptoms of dislocation, regardless of which leg they are derived, have the same characteristics:

  1. Injury is followed immediately by a sharp and severe pain, when you try to move it worsens.
  2. Damaged joint instantly changes shape, swells, turns blue.
  3. Depending on the intensity of the injury, the limb may or may not move, or have partial motor function.
  4. Due to the fact that injured the spot infringed the nerve endings, the pressure on the blood vessels, there may be a sudden numbness of the limb.

otek nog - simptom vyvihaUpon receipt of a leg injury it is impossible to put the joint in place, this work is performed only by an experienced specialist. The most important rule when you receive this injury - fast and qualified first aid.

The sequence of first aid:

  1. The injured limb is fixed in a convenient position for the patient, and then superimposed on it the bus.
  2. Definitely in the first minute to the damaged joint is put the ice or any cold object. This helps reduce area swelling and pain.
  3. Fixed to leg has not received any additional injuries, it is necessary to impose a bandage from elastic bandage. This bandage should not pinch the foot, as it can completely stop blood flow in the limb. Pay attention to the color of the legs and sensations of the patient afterblend this dressing. The foot should not turn blue and numb.
  4. Immediately call the ambulance for the provision of skilled care.

Treatment of dislocation of foot

  1. How to treat a dislocated knee?

When injuries occur the knee joint is offset from the bone of the tibia and femur relative to each other. Given that the knee joint is gossip a large number of ligaments, the displacement, there is also a rupture of the ligaments. The dislocation of this part of the limb occurs very rarely, mostly in case of accidents.

shema vyviha stopyWhen dislocation of the knee joint drastically changes the shape and simple visual inspection we can say the trauma. Some patients the knee joint itself is in place. The only thing that remains - swelling, pain. Numbness and cold muscular tissue.

If the knee joint alone is not back, the doctors suggest immediate surgical intervention. To treat at home this type of injury is impossible. Under the kneecap is a large number of arteries and large venous vessels, and therefore, such injuries are often accompanied by their injury. After surgical care to foot a plaster, and the patient is not allowed to walk without crutches.

At home doctors are allowed to take painkillers and apply ice to the place of dislocation.

  1. Dislocation of the foot.

This type of injury stated in very rare cases. Bole common diagnosis is a dislocation of only one of the parts of the foot.

Very often patients confuse dislocation of the foot with exposed legs. For accurate diagnosis requires the examination of the expert.

okazanie pervoj pomoshi pri vyviheWhen receiving such an injury the patient has sudden and intense pain, severe swelling, temporary restriction of movement of a leg or specific joints. This injury comes after a bad fall or a sudden tucking the foot during walking or a sharp jump.

Such a joint can be treated with conservative treatment, and at home.

If you have confirmed subtalar dislocation, the doctors set the leg under local anesthesia and put into a cast for 5-7 days. Further treatment will occur at home. Is assigned a range of physiotherapy or remedial gymnastics. It is recommended to wear a special orthopedic Shoe for 1 year.

Treatment proven methods

This type of joint responds well to treatment at home. You can use the following tools:

  1. The pharmacy need to buy powder concoctions and mix until a thick cream with water.

Light massage movements thisthe mixture is rubbed into the damaged area. It allows you to speed up the healing process and the restoration of the disrupted ligaments.

  1. Leeks twisted through a meat grinder and connect with ordinary table salt.

polza luka pri vyviheUse the resulting mixture in the form of compresses. They applied to the damaged joint, wrap the top with foil and impose elastic bandage. This mixture will relieve swelling, reduce bruising and reduce pain.

  1. If you allow the doctor to warm up the joint, you can use regular sugar or table salt. They need to be heated so that the attached bag can be tolerated on the foot.
  2. If you need to remove the puffiness, you can use compresses of green tea.
  3. Soreness and swelling of joints you can use a solution of table salt and 9% vinegar. It is applied as a compress.
  4. Relieve pain and swelling of the bath of sea salt.
  5. If you want to carry antiseptic and warming procedure, we can use the pharmacy tincture of calendula, celandine or propolis.
  6. Relieves pain and swelling with dislocation of the foot cake, made from flour and 9% vinegar. The resulting pellet is applied to the damaged joint and fixed with a bandage.
  7. Lavender oil mixed with regular sunflower oil in the ratio of 1:5. This team should stand at least 2 months. It helps to relieve any pain associated with damaged joints.
  8. Barberry actively used for the treatment of sprains. It is necessary to take the bark of the Bush and its root, and carefully grind them. Half a tablespoon of pour a glass of milk and boil it. This medicine drink orally 3 times a day.
  9. Well relieve the pain and swelling of the alcohol tinctures. Effective tincture of flower of Arnica. It can be filled with alcohol 70 degrees and infuse for a week, then the result will be even better.

But the dislocations of the phalanges meet very rarely.

But with their statement of treatment is possible only with the help of a doctor. Very often this is accompanied by fractures. The lower part of the limb turns blue, your fingers lose their dexterity. The doctor performs the reduction of the phalanges, and for 2 weeks a plaster. After its removal are performed physiotherapy and exercises for return of motor function of the fingers. During this period, the treatment at home is contraindicated.


Any procedures on the leg at home could be done only after prior consultation with the doctor. Remember that dislocation is a complicated injury and self-medication can have dire results.