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How is the treatment of the shoulder after reduction of dislocation?

Despite the fact that doctors often can successfully fix a shoulder dislocation, the treatment after reduction is still required. Many people adhere to the erroneous opinion that after the dislocation reduced, all treatment ended. However, it is not so. Treatment after reduction of the dislocation should definitely go. Otherwise you can get serious complications, including chronic form of this disease.

problema vyviha

First, after reduction of the joint should limit physical activity - this will avoid re-dislocation. Second, the load on the patient's hand will contribute to the emergence of complications.

As a rule, the dislocation of the shoulder are contraindications for practicing virtually any sport for at least six months.

As right dislocation

There are several methods that doctors use to treat shoulder dislocation. First, the doctor sets a damaged shoulder. At first glance, nothing complicated, but it needs a specialist. All you will need to do is to provide first aid to the patient and send him to the hospital.

vidy plechevogo vyvihaMost often, the doctor may use one of several methods of reduction of the dislocation:

  1. The blade method. The patient sits or lies down on the table so that the damaged part of the body slightly overhung. The doctor slowly rotates the scapula damaged hands. Once the head joint is out of place, tucked in the shoulder impose a pressure bandage. This allows you to avoid re-dislocation.
  2. External rotation. The position of the patient is the same as in the previous embodiment. The doctor flexes the patient's hand at an angle of 90 degrees and then slowly rotate the damaged shoulder out. Very often reduction prevents muscle spasm. To carry out this procedure requires at least 10 minutes. The doctor continued manipulation as long as the head of the joint snaps into place. Sometimes the doctor just lifts up the injured limb, which allows to reduce a dislocation faster.
  3. Double traction. The patient is placed on the table. Under the patient's joint is placed towel, and then wrap the joint. Then the surgeon begins to pull the towel over the ends, and the doctor pulls the brush of the patient to himself. The result is muscle relaxation, and head positioning.
  4. Reduction with the weights. At the moment this technique is the simplest. For this the patient is asked to lie on the table so that a damaged shoulder slightly over the edge of the table, the patient hand has to hang down. Then to the wrist areaattach the load, which weighs about 1 kg. Then wait up until the dislocation will not reduce a.

In rare cases requires surgery. Often the indication is damage to the tendons, ligaments or muscles. Often dislocation may be accompanied by fracture. In such cases no intervention is necessary.

The first time after elimination of dislocation

vpravlenie vyviha po gippokratuAfter the dislocation was reduced, the doctor puts a bandage which provides fixation of the patient's shoulder. To wear this eye patch you need at least a week. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to their health. After the dislocation very often develop complications, particularly soft tissue injuries, repeated dislocations. In order to rule out possible fracture should be x-rayed.

If complications appeared, a bad shoulder will limit for a longer time. Often required and taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

To treatment as effective as possible, you need to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations. To increase the load on the damaged shoulder should gradually. Rehabilitation after dislocation of the shoulder joint requires quite a long time.

It is best to use to warm up the expander and dumbbells. This will allow to gradually develop brush. Treatment of shoulder dislocation should be comprehensive. First thing you need to consider the degree of injury. It is very important after a dislocated shoulder to keep the affected area.

You need to pass a rigorous examination after injury: this will allow time to see the complications.

The most common complications are:

  1. The risk of recurrent dislocation.
  2. The probability of fracture on the background of the sprain.
  3. After the dislocation has occurred soft tissue injury.
  4. Damage to blood vessels as a result of injury.
  5. Damaged tendons.
  6. Injured nerves.

In this case, an operation is needed. Very often it helps to strengthen ligaments.

Medication necessary for the treatment of dislocation

tempalgin kak boleutolyaushee pri vyviheAs a rule, the dislocation is accompanied by severe pain, so you need to take drugs that can help to get rid of them. Suitable for this analgesic drug, it can be Helped.

To eliminate spasm need to take antispasmodic. It can be Strong, which allows not only to eliminate muscle spasm but to numb the pain of a sore shoulder.

There are some relaxers that are recommended for relieving muscle tension. These include: Lorazepam, Diazepam,Midazolam. You can take painkillers such as Genital, Morphine, Lidocaine. However, keep in mind that these drugs are very strong and accept them when others do not help.

How is the rehabilitation after shoulder dislocation

To rehabilitation after shoulder dislocation was successful, the doctor will recommend exercise therapy. They are selected based on age, lifestyle, and also depending on the degree of injury of the shoulder joint. The rehabilitation process may take at least 6 months.

Physical therapy has such positive aspects as:

  1. The restoration of the damaged joint.
  2. Exercises help reduce pain syndrome.
  3. Workouts allow you to eliminate puffiness.
  4. Help enhance the absorption of drugs.

During complex physical therapy splint or bandage should be removed. Thus, the rehabilitation process takes place in several stages.


In order to avoid further complications, you should impose a pressure bandage. This will help to avoid recurrent dislocation and to reduce pain. Wear the bandage for at least 7 days.

In the second stage you need to start gradually to develop a damaged shoulder joint. However, this can be done only if there is no acute pain. If the pain is, you should wear the pressure bandage and take drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. In this case, a hand movement, is strictly forbidden.
Over one and a half months to do exercises, gradually increasing the load.