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The symptoms and treatment of dislocated shoulder

For a dislocated shoulder, according to statistics, accounts for approximately 55% of the injuries with which patients come to the doctor. This place has an anatomical feature which is that the surface area of the joint is quite small. The cause of trauma may be different. This may result in an ordinary fall on a hand or an awkward movement, which leads to an increased load on the joint capsule. The result is a rupture of the capsule and the humeral head may fall out.

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The types of dislocation of the shoulder

Depending on the nature of the disease, a sprain can be acquired or congenital. In addition, the dislocation can be traumatic and nontraumatic. Depending on the clinical picture, the first type can be voluntary and involuntary, that is chronic. If the doctor makes a diagnosis of traumatic dislocation, then be sure to specify its type. It can be complicated or uncomplicated.

There is classification at the time of injury. If the cause of the injury approximately three weeks ago, the doctor determines a chronic dislocation. In that case, if the injury received in the period from three weeks to 3 days, then it is a bad sprain, fresh - up to three days.

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There are several types of dislocations. Approximately 2% define a back sprain. This injury often results in a fall when the hands were stretched forward. A gap capsule in the back of the bag. The lower dislocations are extremely rare.

Most often develops injury in the upper part of the joint, in this case, the hand looks unnatural. It turned out and taken aside. In medical terms, this injury is called anterior dislocation of the shoulder. According to statistics, the disease are determined in 90% of patients.

Depending on the location of damage, sprains are divided into rear, bottom, top, and intrathoracic. They are determined by extremely rare, but are often accompanied by complications. Such injuries result in severe damage or destruction of the bones that are close by. When dislocation and damaged ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels.

According to many doctors, dislocation of the humerus - the injury is not serious, but it often leads to complications and problems. Many dislocations require long treatment and rehabilitation. This disease is dangerous because very often the damaged joint at the slightest load again falls. If it is wrong to treat a chronic shoulder dislocation, which often becomes chronic.

There is another type of disease called habitual dislocation. It can occur even at low load. The risk of developingrecurrent dislocation persists about 6 months after correction first. Most often affects patients under the age of 20 years.

The main symptoms of shoulder dislocation

Typically, this injury occurs when a strong blow, a fall, or when making a rotational motion with his hands.

mehanizm vyviha plechevogo sustavaAt risk to dislocation of the shoulder joint are athletes during training, when performing bench press, while lifting, and when performing exercises that cause strain on the shoulder joint region.

Dislocated shoulder symptoms:

  1. Damage to the joints accompanied by sharp and severe pain and the unnatural position of the shoulder.
  2. The affected shoulder seems sharp or lowered.
  3. In order to ease the pain, the victim holding a hand up.
  4. Very often when dislocation of the suffering blood vessels and nerve endings, so the pain is very sharp. Characterized by a sense of numbness, and bruising in the joint.

How is the treatment of dislocation of the shoulder joint?

First of all you need to provide patient care. If no medical education, is trying to force the joint back impossible. This can lead to even more serious injury. If there was a dislocation of the shoulder joint, treatment must be started immediately. Your goal is to quickly deliver the patient to a medical facility, where he will provide professional assistance.

You should try to ease the pain, to do this:

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  • apply a compress with ice on the shoulder area;
  • to limit the movement of the shoulder;
  • call the doctor;
  • to impose a pressure bandage.

The doctor examines the shoulder dislocation, the treatment is assigned based on the severity of the injury. Dislocation often results in inflammation, therefore, can be assigned to drugs that promote elimination of this symptom.

After immobilization, the patient need to undergo rehabilitation.

How is the diagnosis of dislocations

As with the treatment of any disease, to determine the method of treatment, the diagnosis of shoulder dislocation is very important. Most often the diagnosis is made on the picture of the patient's complaints. In addition, the doctor inspects. In order to differentiate a sprain, the doctor prescribes an x-ray. When necessary, gives direction to the holding axis technology.

varianty vpravleniya vyviha plechaHow to treat a dislocated shoulder? The treatment of dislocation is the method of reduction. As we have already said thatthe most common mistake done by many is an attempt to reduce a dislocation. All you have to do is bring the patient to a trauma, a trained doctor will do everything you need. Reduce the dislocation under local anesthesia or under General anesthesia. Solo attempt could easily lead to fracture or more serious injury.

In any case, the visiting surgeon must. Even if you managed to relocate the shoulder, then consultation will need. After all, to know how to help a patient, need to know the signs of dislocation of the shoulder joint. Also necessary to undergo x-rays to determine the nature of the injury and the extent of the damage. To treat sore shoulder must.

In order to avoid complications, need to rest after he set the joint, and to limit mobility for 5-7 days. If the dislocation is accompanied by fracture or soft tissue injury, you will need a longer recovery period. Of great importance is the prevention of re-dislocation. For this you need to strengthen the ligaments that support the joint. Useful exercises with dumbbells at a light weight and an expander.

Treatment of shoulder dislocation surgically

Sometimes, reduce a dislocation in the usual way does not work. In this case, the doctor performs surgery. The operation can be shown and in that case, if the dislocation is accompanied by severe damage to muscle, tendons and joints. Such interference is prescribed for a fresh injury.

Especially important time to conduct the intervention at risk of developing chronic dislocation. Then there is the opportunity to stabilize the patient's condition and strengthen the ligament. Operative intervention does not reduce the normal functioning of the joint. If the intervention is successful, after rehabilitation, the patient returns to normal life.

How is the rehabilitation

kompleks uprazhneniya dlya plechevogo sustavaThere are several stages that patients after shoulder dislocation. It is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations. By the way this injury is not insured, even cats. First aid for Pets need to be the same as for humans. But back to the recovery of people after a sprain.

The rehabilitation process should start immediately after the joint is relocated, or after the operation.

  1. You need to immobilize the joint for a week.
  2. In order to ensure the normal flow of blood in a motionless hand, you need to limber up the wrist and hand.
  3. To numb the pain, you should apply the compresses with ice. This will help to get rid of pain and swelling.
  4. Taking anti-inflammatory drugsrequired.

The second stage of rehabilitation:

  1. After 2-4 weeks you need to perform easy exercises for shoulder;
  2. If there is no pain, you should do a light warm-up to gradually restore mobility.
  3. You should not do: drawing to the sides of the hands to make turns out. This can lead to re-injury.
  4. The pressure bandage can be removed.
  5. If there is swelling, you should ice that.

The third stage of recovery:

  1. Ensured complete mobility of the shoulder girdle for 4 to 6 weeks.
  2. If no pain, add to the complex of gymnastics exercises with abduction hands to the sides.
  3. Regular exercises to restore mobility of the joint.
  4. Need to restore full movement of the shoulder joint.


If everything is in order, the patient gradually returns to normal rhythm of life. You can add exercises related to lifting small weights, or weights. The load increase gradually.