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How to treat a fractured 5 metacarpal bones?

Why is the 5 metacarpal fracture? This is an interesting question for many patients. Fracture - a violation of the integrity of any bone under the influence of various factors (impact, drop, etc.). Depending on the methods of obtaining a fracture, they can be divided into congenital and acquired. Purchased fracture is the result of mechanical impact, and in the presence of various diseases associated with the deterioration of bone strength, fracture can occur without the application of considerable force, even during sleep. Also often the fracture is accompanied by a deterioration of the skin and muscles, as with an open fracture are formed deep wounds.

problema pereloma 5 pyastnoj kosti

The purpose and structure of the pastern

Its purpose is directly related to the roles of the hands. All the metacarpal bones are involved in flexion of the fingers, having a slightly curved shape. This bone consists of elements such as the pineal gland and the body, which has a slightly curved shape.

What can cause fracture of the metacarpal bones? Most often such injuries arise as a result of exposure to brush mechanical damage. These include a blow to brush any solid object or greater effort. Often injuries of this type is called a boxer's fracture.

A fracture of the fifth metacarpal are more likely to purchase in the fight. The scene may be Boxing sparring for beginners. Symptoms: severe, sharp pain in the place where there is injury, restriction of mobility of the limb.

How to diagnose a fracture of the metacarpal bones

boks - prichina pereloma 5 pyastnoj kostiDuring the examination of the injured extremity medical professionals observe large purple bluish swelling on the brush. At the turn of the disappearing bulge of the head, if you squeeze the injured hand into a fist.

A fracture of the fifth metacarpal bone is quite painful, sometimes can be felt protruding broken part. If you press your finger on the main part of the phalanx, the victim experienced severe pain, the diagnosis of fracture of this bone is confirmed, and the ability to move the joints is sharply restricted.

But for the 100 percent definition of the diagnosis it is necessary to do x-rays of the injured limb, which will show all possible shift and chipped in Metacarpals cavity.

At the turn of the five metacarpal bones quite often there is a displacement of the fractured portions of bone at an angle, but, as a rule, these minor offsets along its length. However, when receiving fracture at oblique or spiral line displacement of the bone fragmentsoccurs in ninety percent of cases.

In severe trauma it is possible to obtain multisplintered fractures, the risk of complete fragmentation of the bone, after which it has not recovered.

Methods of treatment of fractures of the metacarpal bones

To the damaged bone healed in the future, quickly and correctly, it is necessary after injury, immediately contact the medical facility where you will provide the necessary medical care.

prokain pri perelome 5 pyastnoj kostiThe victim hospitalityat and only under the strict supervision of a physician perform the treatment of closed metacarpal fracture, without displacement. In the place of detection of a fracture, the doctor inserts ten to fifteen milliliters of a one percent solution of procaine. After five to ten minutes is carried out by manual reduction, thus an assistant is doing at the same time traction for the fingers on the damaged hand.

The surgeon makes pressure on the back surface of the fracture, displacing a broken bone in the Palmar direction, and the second hand, at the same time, produces a pressure on the metacarpal head is damaged the brush, shifting it to the rear. With the help of such action is eliminated resulting displacement of fragments at an angle.

Then the injured limb is fixed by means of gypsum, is captured the finger that articulates with a broken bone. Four weeks later the plaster is removed is re-x-ray.

If the fracture without any defects, you can begin exercises for the development of damaged joints. To normal of disability of the injured limb comes after five to six weeks.

If you have a complex injury of the fifth metacarpal bone multiple fractures, and fractures with displacement), or in the event when the bone starts to knit together correctly, the patient referred for inpatient treatment. Used in the treatment method of skeletal traction and different methods of surgical intervention. In the treatment can be used conservative and surgical methods of treatment.

hirurgicheskoe lechenie pereloma 5 pyastnoj kostiThe time required for immobilization, depending on the severity of the fracture. If the fracture is single, that's enough for four weeks, and if the fractures are multiple, 4-5 weeks. 2-3 weeks after is necessary to fix the limb with a removable splint.

In the presence of oblique or spiral metacarpal fractures, where the displacement of fragments of bone, should be used to treat skeletal traction of the terminal phalanges.

Surgical treatment in this type of fracture is the operation openof reposition and fixation of bone fragments. After the operation on the damaged plaster splint at the end of 4 weeks.

After use of conservative treatment, the recovery of the injured extremity occurs when a single fracture after 4-6 weeks, and if you have multiple of the number of fractures is about 6 to 8 weeks. After surgery full working capacity occurs after 5-6 weeks.

How to develop the brush after fracture

How is the rehab? In order to accelerate the rehabilitation of damaged limbs, it is necessary to develop every day several times a day.

  1. Put hands on table, palms down. Then gradually raise the fingers from the surface of the table separately and then all together.
  2. To occupy the same position of hands as in the previous exercise and make fingers bringing breeders and movements. After make a few circular motions with your fingers (each separately and all together) and brush.
  3. You must do the fingers "hit" and clicks.
  4. You need to compress the fingers into a fist and unclench. As one finger, and all at once.


The number of repetitions of exercises from ten to fifteen 3-4 times a day. Even recommended to touch the fingers of different grains, gather crafts from children's designer, doing exercises with expander. Also you can go for a massage of muscles or to resort to self-massage the affected limb.