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Treatment of ankle fracture with displacement: the operation with the plate

How to treat an ankle fracture with displacement, surgery with a plate after an injury - these issues are of interest to many patients. According to medicine, an ankle fracture is a relatively common injury in humans. Among them 20% of doctors refer to as complex, which involve various injuries hard and soft tissue.

perelomy lodyzhki so smesheniem

Often the causes of such injuries are:

  • accidents in sports training;
  • accidents in the workplace;
  • winter (this time of year, the number of different bone fractures is greatly increased in connection with the glaciation of the surface of roads).

In most cases, an ankle fracture with displacement, like a broken collarbone, leads to the fact that the bone can crumble in such planes: perpendicular, parallel, diagonal or spiral. At the same time, the bone chips are moved in different directions. Often, the fractures are formed of small bone fragments which subsequently proved to be in the soft tissues and, of course, lead to tears and injuries to the skin.

The diagnosis of the injury

rentgen - obyazatelnaya procedura pri perelomeIt is worth noting that many believe the damage is not very serious ankle injury and may not seek help from professionals. However, the visit to a medical institution is still necessary so as to recognize the nature of the damage and in which direction held the offset is possible only with the help of special diagnostic devices and methods, including: x-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI and others.

As for transverse fracture, if present on x-ray will be seen as in the area of the fracture angle occurs, and bone fragments diverge in the anterior direction. Note that the displacement of the bones in length is much more common than the rest of the damage.

Complex cases, such injuries are considered to be those in which broken pieces of bone begin to rotate. However, according to statistics the most common options combined damage.

The main symptoms of ankle fracture with displacement

This fracture of the victim or his environment can be identified by the following symptoms:

povyshenie temperatury pri perelome lodyzhki

  • acute pain;
  • irregular shape of the joints themselves;
  • roundness, swelling of the damaged area;
  • swelling of the ankle joint;
  • hematoma;
  • the mobility of the bone fragments;
  • the increase in body temperature,chills;
  • traumatic shock.

Experts draw attention to the fact that all types of injuries with displacement lead to damage to blood vessels and nerve endings. In addition, doctors stress that in the absence of timely expert medical intervention, may be followed by fever, paralysis of. Ankle fracture with displacement requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

Surgery damage to the ankle

An ankle fracture with displacement usually recommend surgery or conservative treatment, it depends on the severity of the injury. In the first and in the second case we should eliminate the resulting bias. It is only after elimination of deformation the bone can grow together, to acquire its previous healthy look and restore the basic function of the ankle joint.

Indications for treatment of ankle injuries with conservative methods:

  • the presence of contraindications for surgery;
  • the inability of the surgery.

artroz golenostopnogo sustava posle pereloma lodyzhki Conservative method when such a trauma has a significant drawbacks: after the disappearance of the swelling, the bone fragments are shifted, it is impossible to adjust the subluxation, high duration of rehabilitation.

In addition, it should be emphasized that conservative treatment of this injury is quite painful (edit offset ankle does not always work the first time, and so often requires realignment). The treatment of chronic injuries is much more difficult. In addition, this diagnosis may lead to a complication, for example, deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint.

The main indications for surgical intervention:

  • complications after removal of plaster or the inefficiency of this method;
  • by displacement of the nerve bundles and blood vessels;
  • getting the soft tissues in the crack of the bones;
  • if you cannot manually properly folded fragments of bone.

Ankle fracture with displacement: the operation with the plate

Most often when the victim is diagnosed with a fracture of the ankle with displacement, the plate is the main indication.

hirurgicheskaya operaciya pri perelome lodyzhkiThe main goal of surgery for trauma of the ankle with displacement:

  • the connection of the fragments and the bone fragments;
  • eliminating the offset of the ankle joint;
  • the stitching of the ligaments of the ankle;
  • the restoration of all acquired damage.

Surgery for this injuryis under anesthesia. Starting work, doctors map the ankle and connect it to the wreckage of a needle or a screw. If the damage of the deltoid ligament, it is taken in the entire length of the gap.

But titanium plates for fractures used in the case when the diagnosis was seen a gap from the top of the inner ankle. Plate fixed to the bone fragment in the same way as a plate in the broken arm.

Wear plate to full recovery (often several months), after which it recommended to remove, as it is a foreign body that the body can reject. Followed by a long, not always pleasant, but important rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of the ankle after surgery with plate

reabilitaciya posle pereloma lodyzhkiRehabilitation is an equally important stage, as, indeed, the very surgery on an ankle fracture with displacement. Just how exactly and to what extent strictly pass the rehabilitation period will depend on the efficiency of operations and further restoration of the ankle joint.

The main stages of rehabilitation:

Wound healing after surgery occurs in the first two weeks. The patient receives regular dressings. It is also possible that for the sake of the injured limb complete rest, can put a cast on. Of course, the movement of the patient will be in some way limited, if necessary, use crutches or even a wheelchair.

In most cases, a partial restoration of the joint occurs in the period from 3 to 8 weeks after surgery. At this time already completely removed the crutches, but the patient is highly recommended to give as little burden on the injured joint.

During this period, for successful recovery it is recommended that physical therapy. Virtually any expert will agree that physiotherapy is the shortest path to a rapid recovery of sore feet. In addition, by fixing the physician positive picture, remove the screws and plate.


In the next 2-3 weeks using the foot should be gradually increased. After 4 weeks prescribe x-rays to see how the process of coalescence of bones (although, if needed, x-rays can be assigned to a specialist much earlier).

After 3-4 months after surgery on an ankle fracture with displacement, depending on the course of recovery of the joint, you can gradually increase the load on the joint.