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Types of fractures of the surgical neck of the shoulder and their treatment

Fracture of the surgical neck of the shoulder is a common type of fracture is typical for elderly people.

problema pereloma hirurgicheskoj shejki plecha

Shoulder fracture this category is very unpleasant, and therefore requires immediate treatment. Trauma is accompanied by a particular strain, unusual movements, swelling, and pain.

Varieties of ailment

Fracture shoulder surgery may have several options:

  1. Impacted.
  2. Adduction - appears as a result of a fall on a bent limb.
  3. Abduction, or neocolony, arises from the falling aside of the hand.

vidy perelomov hirurgicheskoj shejki plechevoj kostiImpacted type of fracture occurs when one bone damage another. After an injury, quite often the movement of the shoulder joint persists. Accordingly, neocolony fracture is due to the tucking of the extremities outward . Any attempt at movement this fracture makes itself felt severe pain. In this case the mobility of the injured extremity is almost impossible.

When fracture of the surgical neck of the shoulder specialist by palpation to determine the location offset or examines where through the bone fragments, which can damage soft tissue. Immediately after the injury occurs swelling, severe hematoma and unbearable pain. The result of treatment depends on correct diagnosis.

Sometimes when fracture fragments of bone with displacement damage of various blood vessels and exert a strong pressure on the bundle of nerves in the injured place. This can lead to some complications, among them:

  1. A large swelling of the upper extremities.
  2. Complete paralysis or necrosis.
  3. The development of aneurysms and other pathologies.

A type of fracture of the surgical neck of the shoulder is uncommon. This is a rare form of injury, which is observed only in 7% of people who have fractures of the upper extremities.

snimok pereloma hirurgicheskoj shejki plechevoj kostiClosed without displacement fracture can happen in any place of the humerus:

  1. In the middle part.
  2. Distal.
  3. Proximal.

When the injury without displacement at the site of damaged bone of the shoulder is an internal hemorrhage, hematoma formed develop swelling of tissues. The mobility of the affected arm seriously broken. At the slightest movement causing severe pain. Against this background may appear differentunnatural changes of the shoulder, so it is important to provide high quality first aid and seek further treatment to the experts.

Causes of injury

Damage to the surgical neck of the shoulder can have various factors. The most vulnerable to such injuries by women, as with age their bones and joint tissues become more fragile. Such fractures occur due to falling, severe shock, physical impact of a stranger.

Diagnosis and assistance

obrashenie k doktoru dlya okazaniya pomoshi pri perelome plechaThe precise diagnosis of shoulder fracture only after x-ray. But if there is open or there is severe swelling, excruciating pain and signs of hematoma, need urgent hospitalization and investigation specialist.

During transportation of the victim, it is important to immobilize the injured hand. When providing first aid at the scene of the injury apply a bandage Desault and attach the arm to the torso in a bent position. Before you commit to the hand splint. You must perform the following steps:

  1. To move the arm in the shoulder joint region and at the same time gently bend it so that it was at an angle of 90°.
  2. Region of the forearm should be in the so-called middle position and the wrist is to be bent to the rear side, the fingers also needs to be bent.
  3. Completely straight fingers can not capture.
  4. In the armpit to insert the soft cushion attached to a healthy arm. Also, you must put soft cushions of wool or thick fabric under the chest and neck of the victim.
  5. Before splinting the hand wrapped with a cotton layer. During this process the hand must make a suspended position or to be fixed to the body. If there are no special tires, you can use regular boards. One Board is fixed on the shoulder, and the second on the forearm. Only after such an arrangement of boards they can tightly wrap a gauze cloth.

All other more complex manipulations must be carried out directly by the surgeon. In any case it is impossible to reduce a fracture of the shoulder, as it is quite a complicated injury that requires appropriate knowledge and skills.


When severe pain there is a threat of a painful shock and loss of consciousness. In this case, you must give the victim any of the strong painkillers, not forgetting to clarify whether you have injured any allergic reactions, as perceived by the body proposed drug.In order to avoid complicationsthe patient must be immediately taken to the doctor, where he will provide expert assistance.

How to eliminate trauma

The treatment process begins with a correct reposition of the fracture with pre-anesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the fracture, the victim may be ambulatory or stationary.

repoziciya perelomaThe specialist should first correctly set all the bones. If there is external damage, if necessary, will need stitches. When there is considerable displacement of the neck of the shoulder, the patient undergoes simultaneous manual reposition, and only then impose a special plaster bandage for proper fixation of the fracture. Reposition the manual called a surgical or mechanical impact, in which tissue and bone return to its original position.

With other types of fractures of the injured arm is fixed so that the injury is not aggravated the situation created and the regeneration process was faster. Trauma related to species impacted fracture, all patients, regardless of their age, make the dressing by the method Volkovich. This treatment involves the application of a bandage from shoulder healthy hands to the wrist joints damaged. When fixing the injury, the arm bent at the elbow at a right angle.

Preventive measures

After the fracture of any type of patient requires a certain period for the restoration of motor abilities.

lfk pri perelome hirurgicheskoj shejki plechaTherefore, compulsorily appoint physiotherapy. A course of special exercises can be quite lengthy, as it depends on the complexity of the fracture and the capabilities of the organism. With simple fractures of special exercises, the victim can perform in a few days. In General, the physical therapy course can be divided into three stages:

  1. Lasts only two weeks. It includes exercises based on the movement of the body. Only some of them are aimed at bending the damaged hands.
  2. Lasts up to four weeks. Consists of exercises, which includes not only movement of the torso, but the Mahi hands and feet, as well as the use of sports equipment.
  3. A more intense period based on exercises which can do a completely healthy person. This course is set individually.

The process of rehabilitation and recovery involves and alternative therapies:

  1. Different systems and types of massages.
  2. Salt baths.
  3. Mud therapy
  4. Swimming in the pool.


All recoveryprocedure clearly performed patients allow quickly and efficiently to regain motor function of the injured shoulder.