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As a bandage when the clavicle fracture?

As a bandage when the clavicle fracture? This question is of interest to many patients. Active childhood remembered flying with the bike, injuries, scratches. Lively child gets to the dressing station, if after the injury the pain in the hand, elbow, collarbone. Similar injuries happen in adults. How to identify a fracture? In emergency station, the doctor checks the injury with a rubber hammer. On the wounded place is put a light punch, if a person feels a sharp pain, then you need to do is wrap it. To do this, prepare the following materials: alcohol, ointment, bandage, splint, bandage. A bandage is applied exactly on the affected area.

problema pereloma kluchicy

Fractures of the clavicle

Typically a clavicle fracture happens when the drop occurs on an outstretched arm or after a strong blow. Deformed bone and muscle near the collarbone and shoulder. Injuries lead to injury, therefore the bandage when the clavicle fracture is mandatory for recovery.

In the hospital peace check first symptoms and the second reason.

The first sign of fracture of the clavicle - severe pain.

golovokruzhenie pri perelome kluchicyThe intensity of the sensation depends on the strength of the injury. The injury limits motion, you lose the speed of the movements, the activity of the musculoskeletal parts of the clavicle.

The victim should know that during acute injury manifest:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • weakness in the hands and joints;
  • the crunch of bone;
  • the swelling over the fracture;
  • bleeding.

If there is even one of these symptoms, you should go to the emergency room, which will make the dressing. For first aid you will need a scarf width of 35 cm, length - 40 cm the fabric of the bandage should be tight, but nice body. Thus transport is superimposed triangular bandage.

Methods dressings

How is immobilization with the fracture of the clavicle:

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  1. The first method. The bandage is applied neat movement. In order to fix the collarbone and to create around the fracture density, during application of the bandage should lubricate the skin anaesthetic ointment.
  2. The second method. Bandage secures the back on both sides. Covers it is necessary to fix the fracture. Using two fabrics can be bound. Remove the pain soothing herbs, pharmaceutical medications, such as Ketarol, analgin, aspirin.
  3. The third method is effective and reliable. With the diagnosis and blood testthe norm and condition of the body. The impact of antibiotic can cause allergies or irritation, so you need to be tested.

Before the cast, it is necessary to make a diagnosis. Treatment and bandaging cannot be assigned, not examined the wound. You need to know exactly where is the fracture. What is needed, and an x-ray.

A detailed overview of dressings

To stop bleeding apply gauze, bandages and cotton wool. Different ways to record a certain part of the body. There are various options for how to apply a bandage.

povyazka pri perelomah kluchicyBandage the Delbo is a form of fixation of the two cotton rings. Gauze folded several times. Rewind is held around the hole, covers a small portion of the collarbone or shoulder. The cast is worn for up to six weeks. Ring to fast prepare before the procedure. Cotton ring knot carefully to keep a small tension. Around the shoulders formed a circle, and on the back it is tied in a knot. Ligation effectively captures, but there is a sense of discomfort as the bandage or fabric is rubbed under the arms.

Convenient ligation is considered to be eight-shaped bandage. So, it should be noted that the bandage is not applied during first aid. One end is held between the two blades. Plus the dressing is a special way of rewinding in which the fixation occurs uniformly throughout the body. Minus - bandage is worn long, up to three weeks. The complexity of the dressing is in the correct winding. So, if not promptly change direction, a bandage is tightly and consistently to lie down. For correct use slant bindings curves. Traction and secure fit is obtained through togoshi.

The dressing they used for three-way fixation. A bandage is applied with the use of adhesive tape. Its length is one meter and a width of 8-9 cm. This sophisticated yet reliable method of rewinding is not done by one person. In order to keep the patch, it is necessary to wrap the collarbone. Independently perform this fast is almost impossible.


One of the simplest of dressings - dressing of Desault. Patch fixes the shoulder taking into account a simple winding of bandage and a cotton cushion. The collarbone from shoulder binding takes place, and the elbow tied the knot. Such a dressing can make even those who are not familiar with the basics of first aid.