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Characteristics of injury of the elbow joint

This type of injury often overtakes children and people engaged in sports activities. Injury of the elbow is a very painful and unpleasant condition affecting fully or partially the joint structure and soft tissue. Can manifest itself, hematoma, edema, and strong, sharp pain. The elbow is a combination of three bones, so the pain can spread to even the neck area.bol v lokte ot ushiba

What is the risk of injury

Strong injury of the elbow joint can cause internal hemorrhage, necrotic changes in tissues, extensive inflammation and hyperemia, which subsequently may lead to osteoarthritis. If the strike will cause a pinched ulnar nerve, the forecast may be the immobilization of some of the fingers on the injured hand.

This injury can cause a fall, shocks, targeted strikes, intense squeezing.

The clinic depends on the strength of impact and degree of hemorrhage into the joint cavity. This files most often present similar symptoms and signs:

gematom na lokte

  • quick bruising;
  • swelling and inflammatory changes at the injury site;
  • pain with pressure and movement; if nerve involved, the pain is especially intense;
  • mobility in this context is limited;
  • the skin at the site of injury more hot than in other areas;
  • there are cases when the patient is forced to record only at a certain angle.

Attention! If the pain doesn't go away, but rather grows, or the immobility of the joints, it is necessary to immediately consult a surgeon and undergo x-ray examination.

To alleviate the condition of the victim, it is necessary to conduct a series of manipulations:

  • immobilization of the damaged joint with bandage triangular type;
  • the attachment of the vessel with ice, wet towels or any cold source, which at this time is at hand;
  • when severe pain is recommended to drink a painkiller.

Strictly prohibited: move hand to stretch the joint to warm it by using ointments or other means before the doctor's appointment.

Not always traumatic overtake not far from the house or in the vicinity of medical institutions. Sometimes it's very nature or outside the city. In such circumstances, the main thing - not to get lost: just need to fix the joint at an angle of 110 degrees, as it is anatomically justified inclination. Next, immobilize the elbow with a homemade tire: sticks, boards, stiff wire, branches - any possible means. To the victim was morecomfortable, you can wrap the tire with clothing or a tuft of grass. The cold, which must be applied to the injury site in the first hours, it is easier to find in winter: ice or snow, wrapped in cloth. In the summer it can be a bottle of cold water. Better to find an opportunity to visit the doctor.

Diagnostic measures

Before you make a decision on the appointment of adequate therapy, it is necessary to make a correct diagnosis.

prikladyvanie ldaTo do this efficiently capable trauma surgeon in a clinic. What seems like a simple injury can be injury to the cartilage or bone, a serious change in the structure of the joint and the fibrous capsule. After applying a local anesthetic will be possible high-quality examination and x-rays that will allow you to proceed. X-ray method will help to differentiate the injury from dislocation, cracks, fractures or torn ligaments.

Wrong and late diagnosis may result in subsequent disability of the patient.

Treatment of injury of the elbow joint

Therapeutic tactics and duration of treatment will depend on the severity of the injury.

  1. If articulate hemorrhage, the doctor can make the decision on carrying out of the puncture to reduce the hematoma. Then prescribe procaine lavage, injection of hydrocortisone and apply a bandage.
  2. Immobilization of the joint is carried out in any case.
  3. Typically used anti-inflammatory drugs, as needed pain medication and cold application on the first day.
  4. Successfully used laser and magnetic therapy, as well as electrophoresis and UHF.
  5. Massage treatments in the acute phase should be designed to address solely the shoulder.

fiksirovanie ushibaWith regard to gymnastic exercises, they are allowed in a sparing mode, with a low intensity and only on the brush. The elbow is allowed to use not earlier than a fortnight.

In the case of fractures, entrapment of the ulnar nerve and cracks will need hospitalization, but if complications are detected, then allowed outpatient.

The child such trauma can occur even more likely than an adult because of physical activity and bone fragility. Activities related to the provision of first aid and treatment are similar. The only difference is that the younger the child, the harder it is to keep him in a relaxed, sedentary state, especially when pain syndrome is not so relevant. The task of parents in this case to captivate baby Board printed quiet games or interesting reading, respectivelyage.

Popular local media from injuries:

mestnye sredstva ot ushibov

  1. "Fastum gel": well get rid of the pain in the place of stretching and injury.
  2. "Ketonal": helps in complicated cases and has anesthetic effect.
  3. "Diclofenac": antipyretic and anti-inflammatory.
  4. Heparin ointment: eliminates redness at the site of injury.
  5. "Finalgon": analgesic and vasodilator drug.
  6. "Vibrators": anti-inflammatory remedy based on snake venom.
  7. "Indovazin" successfully resolves hematomas.

Have a right to exist and support a folk remedy, used for various purposes. To treat injury of the elbow only with the help of home healing ointments is not necessary, but with the appointments of trauma is even possible.

  • ointment in egg yolk mixture of honey and pickled onions;
  • wormwood water compresses;
  • powder Golden mustache to connect with vaseline and RUB into the injury site;
  • a compress of decoction of agrimony is effective when inflammation, if used in the form of lotions;
  • alcohol application with the addition of horseradish juice;
  • vodka tincture of birch buds and barberry is an excellent choice for applying dressings

There is a national Express anesthetic, time-tested. For its preparation you need grated to a pulp potato applied to the affected elbow. After this funds is guaranteed and the pain quickly subsides.

Possible complications of injury of the elbow joint

Frequent complications that sometimes arise from non-compliance with the regime and treatment recommendations, are neuritis and bursitis.

It is a heavy illness which can provoke serious consequences for the further life of the patient. For example, bursitis is characterized by inflammation of the joint capsule, which develops due to filling of joint fluid. It happens that in the future there is infection of the elbow cavity pathogenic bacteria, after which the treatment can be very lengthy, sometimes even with surgery.


Inflammation of a nerve, too, does not promise positive forecasts. Manifests itself in various paresthesias, sharp pain, tingling and weakness and numbness of the affected limb.

Elbow - the place is quite vulnerable due to a small number of soft tissues around it. Therefore, injuries in a place so common, painful and dangerous. To such complications from happening, it is necessary to contact the emergency station to conduct a thorough examination of the damaged region and assign the required treatment.