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As you can at home quickly to bring the bruise

The question of how at home quickly bring the bruise is raised by many. After all, no one is safe from bumps and drops. If a hematoma in a conspicuous place, it wants to get rid of in a very short time. There are effective ways that will help to do this.

problema vyvedeniya sinyaka

Remove bruises at home

The first thing immediately after the injury, you must attach to the site of injury ice, wrapping it in a towel.

polza lda pri sinyakahThis compress should be kept no more than 15 minutes, otherwise you'll start the process of freezing tissues. Thanks to the cold will be able to narrow the blood vessels and reduce bruising. Moreover, the pain will subside much faster and you can avoid the appearance of a tumor.

After a few hours, it is recommended to warm up the hematoma. This procedure will accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and contribute to the disappearance of a bruise. For heating you can use salt or sand. They need to be heated up in the oven, put in a cloth bag and attach to the injury site. On the day it is recommended to do up to three procedures. You can also just iron the cotton cloth and apply it to the bruise. After a few days the hematoma should go almost completely.

Resolving hematoma compresses from

Good clean bruises compresses. They have an absorbing effect, and the components for them there at all. You can make a poultice of onions and salt. Vegetable rubbed on a fine grater and mixed with table salt. The resulting slurry is applied to the bruise three times a day for 30 minutes. After a few days the bruise will resolve. If you find garlic, you can make a paste from it and apply to the bruise. The effect will not keep itself waiting long.

shema kompressa Of course, not everyone likes the smell of onions and garlic, but you can get rid of the hematoma and other means. In this case, will cabbage leaf. First you need to mash in his hands, and it is better to beat off a kitchen hammer. Then it is applied to the site of injury. In the same way, and should be done with plantain, burdock. These plants are excellent means against bruises.

Hematoma displays a good mixture of red beet and honey. You can find these components in every home. The vegetable should be crushed with a grater and mix with honey in equal proportions. The ointment is applied thickly on a bruise on top of it covered with a gauze and plaster. Keep the compress need at least one hour. 3 days later the hematoma to completely resolve. This recipe is good when the bruise is on the face. Components will not beto irritate the eye.

If the refrigerator is potato starch, it can also be used in the removal of bruising. For this you need to take a little money and mix it with water to make a slurry. She applied to the injury site, then a bandage, which can only be removed after 3-4 hours. The procedure can be repeated twice a day. Well resolves bruises and ordinary potatoes. The tuber should be cut into 2 parts and attach one of them to the injury site. If the potatoes will be out of the fridge, you can apply it immediately after impact. The effect of the stunning Buda, hematoma, though appear, but its size will be very small. Disguise it will not be difficult.

polza aloe pri sinyakahMany people have this plant, like aloe. It is known for its miraculous properties that help to cope with many diseases. However, few people know that aloe is good and bruises. You have to cut the sheet into 2 parts and attach it to the injury and fix it with the patch. Change the compress is recommended three times a day. After 3 days the bruise is almost gone.

To heal a bruise will help a compress of salt. You need to make a solution, the Gulf 10 g of salt 100 ml of water. Then in solution wetted cotton cloth and applied to the trouble areas three times a day for 15-20 minutes.

The bruises quickly disappear if three times a day to do a compress of the following components:

  • 20 ml Apple cider vinegar;
  • 10 ml of salt;
  • 4 drops of iodine.

All the ingredients are mixed and applied to the injury site at 1 hour. This treatment helps to reduce blue-black hematoma, which take place only after a month. Thanks to this compress will be able to get rid of the problem in about a week. You can just put on a bruise iodine three times a day. This tool will remove it in a few days. Iodine has warming properties, therefore, the hematoma quickly reabsorbed. In a similar way and used calendula tincture, which is sold in pharmacies.

polza joda pri sinyakahIf bruises appear quite often, it is recommended to prepare the ice parsley. This will need to chop a handful of herbs, to pour 70 ml of water, stir and pour into molds. Then they are put in the freezer and go when needed. This remedy allows to prevent the appearance of bruising when used immediately after an injury.

You can find in pharmacies lavender essential oil. They need to grease the hematoma immediately after the injury. It will resolve in the short term. If the bruise appeared for a long time and still can't get away, it is recommended to smear it rosemaryessential oil.

A bruise on the face can be quickly removed with the help of flax seeds. They need to be ground almost to dust and put in a bag of cotton fabric. Then he is lowered into boiling water for 2 minutes and applied to the hematoma. Keep the bag you need before it cools down. The procedure is repeated twice a day.

polza geparinovoj mazi pri sinyakahVodka compress quickly resolves hematomas. It is necessary to moisten in vodka cotton cloth, bandage or gauze and apply on the injury site. Then it is wrapped first with plastic and then a bandage. To do it best at night.

Wormwood will help to get rid of bruising anywhere on the body including on the face. You will need to chop fresh stems, to obtain a paste. It is to be applied on the problematic spot and fix a bandage. As soon as the grass dries, the poultice should be changed. To increase its effectiveness, it is recommended to a pulp add a little honey. The bandage must be renewed every 3 hours. The next day, the hematoma will decrease in size. To remove the bruises at home this way you can in a few days.

Treat bruising pharmacy means

At any pharmacy, there are an Arsenal for the treatment of hematomas. Their cost is low and they are no worse than traditional methods. They will help to restore the blood vessels in the short term, due to what will resolve the bruise. Good results give the following medications:

polza liotona pri sinyakah

  1. Heparin ointment.
  2. Badyaga.
  3. Lifeguard.
  4. Arnica.
  5. Lioton.
  6. Indovazin.
  7. Troksevazin.

All of these drugs can be used not only on body but also on face. They do not irritate, have no unpleasant smell, they are easy to apply. Use the pharmacy resources necessary in accordance with the instructions.

If despite using the above-described means, a bruise for a long time does not pass or it had left a lump, you must consult a specialist. He will examine it and prescribe treatment. You may need surgery.


To delay going to the hospital should not be, because there can be serious complications.