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Effective folk remedy for bruises

Long been a folk remedy for bruises rescued our ancestors and was a mandatory drugs in the house every housewife.

problema vyvedeniya sinyaka

There are situations where a bruise may appear at the wrong moment, and in a conspicuous place. Modern men and women resort to using creams and powders. But not everyone knows that they can have on a person's skin is not the most favorable impact.

The treatment of hematoma of folk remedies very real. You only need to collect required ingredients and use the tips.

Practical recommendations

To remove bruises and hematomas will help the following recipes:

  1. An old folk remedy that helps to get rid of dark spots, it is a regular onion and salt.

polza soli dlya vyvedeniya sinyakaTo prepare the mixture, you need to take 5-6 heads of onions and finely grate potatoes on a grater, then mix thoroughly with 1 tbsp. of salt. All content folded into the cloth and tie it. Thus obtained wet cloth, which must be applied to the affected part of the skin. To make a compress take a few days, then the bruising will gradually disappear.

  1. The simple folk remedy is the starch of potatoes.

This will require a little starch and boiled water. All the ingredients are mixed to a thick mass, which after applied to the injury.

  1. Now many may be surprised and not believe, but against bruises perfectly helps the skin from a banana.

All you need is to apply its inner side to the affected skin area and leave for about half an hour. So you need to do a few days.

  1. We should not forget about another trusted remedy is the mixture of vinegar and salt.

To prepare the mixture, take half a Cup of vinegar (9 %) and mix with half a teaspoon of vinegar. After this solution is dipped a cloth napkin or cheesecloth and put in place of bruise. This method will help to remove the pain and get rid of unwanted marks on the skin.

Some of the features

polza travyanogo nastoya pri sinyakahCategory bruises often applies common fight against dark spots under the eyes.

Below are listed a few popular methods of combating this disease:

  1. Compress based on herbs.

To prepare this decoction is quite simple. It is necessary to have a home dill or dried chamomile flowers. All this, pour boiling water separately and let stand at least 10-15 minutes.

After each ofdecoctions poured into glass jars. One solution is kept warm and the other cool. And then in turn wipe the place of darkening. This method helps to actively fight against fine wrinkles.

  1. Nourishing mask.

For this mask you need to very carefully grind a teaspoon of parsley and add to it 2 teaspoons of homemade sour cream.

maska dlya lecheniya sinyakaCream is best kept in a glass container. To use a mask is best before bedtime. It needs to be spread around the contour of the eyelids and eyes. Believe me, the result will not disappoint!

  1. The mask from fresh potatoes.

To remove the fatigue and to get rid of circles under the eyes will help mask on the basis of potatoes. Its preparation is simple: you need to RUB fresh potatoes on a grater and put it in the gauze, which is immediately applied to the eye area and eyelids. To keep requires about 15 minutes. After that you will feel very cheerful.

You need to try to spend the minimum amount of time in front of the TV monitor screen. Try to spend more time in the fresh air and drink plenty of fluids. It is very important to alternate the load and rest as eyes also need time to recover.

Recipes from bruises, time-tested

A very large number of popular recipes to help cope with the usual bruises and hematomas. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. You will need a couple of teaspoons of regular tea infuser black. It must be brewed in a quarter Cup and let stand a few minutes. Then the liquid is separated from the welding.

polza lda pri sinyakahIn the brew to soak a few napkins, which should be attached to the ground bumps. Keep them to about 2 minutes, but to change the napkins will have about 3-4 times. Then the skin was washed with cool water and smear moisturizing cream.

  1. Hematoma - perhaps one of the strongest hemorrhages under the skin.

Mostly, implying the treatment of a hematoma folk remedies, the most effective way to consider the cold. To avoid darkening of the skin, should instantly be applied to the injury site ice. For this you can use absolutely anything you can find in the fridge or freezer. The ice must wrap the cloth and then put on the point of impact. Keep the ice you need at least one hour.

  1. Even if the skin has already appeared dusky spot, don't despair. In this situation the best way is to use heat.

With its help the hematoma gradually dissolve, and the bruisedecrease. This is perfect warming ointments and rubbing. For Example, Menovazin. Readily accessible means that you can purchase at any pharmacy.

efirnye masla dlya vyvedeniya sinyaka

  1. Very effective is rubbing the injury site essential oils.

For fresh bruises better use of lavender oil, and for older rosemary oil.

  1. If you don't have time to prepare creams and concoctions, compete with the bruises with the help of concoctions.

This popular ointment which is very cheap, but gives the desired effect. Its application allows to dissolve accumulated blood under the skin. It will be easy to anoint her the place of impact. Stuff is a very good help for fresh injuries.

  1. After hitting on the second day you can start to draw a grid of iodine. It works razogrevaem, resulting in the resorption of hematoma.

A proven remedy is considered and calendula. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, and if you have time to prepare yourself. This will take calendula flowers and 70% alcohol. All the contents placed in a jar and insist on for several weeks. After this solution can be used for compresses or lotions on the affected area.

polza kalenduly pri sinyakahTo fight unwanted stains will help aloe. All that is necessary is to attach a piece of plant on the site of the injury.

Truly folk remedy is the cabbage. Everything is simple. Fresh leaves should be applied on a bruise, just a bit before they soften. After a few minutes the pain would subside and the bruising will take place a few days later.

There are many medical ways to help deal with the bruising. Important when used strictly adhere to the instructions.

In any case, everyone will decide for themselves what is the remedy for bruises use. It is very important during treatment to monitor the behavior of a bruise. If its color does not change, i.e. remains yellow or blue, it's all right. But if the skin sharply changes its color to purple, it indicates the emergence of infection. In this case, you must immediately contact the doctor.

What else can help?

  1. You need to boil beans, grind it, puree, cover it with a bandage and leave overnight compress to the injury site.
  2. Radish and horseradish. Grate on a fine grater these products and apply several times a day to the bruise.
  3. Pineapple. The pulp of this fruit are the elements that bruises quickly dissipate. Need to wipe the bruised pineapple juice or pineapple pulp).
  4. Garlic.Cut into 2 pieces garlic cloves lubricate the seat of bruises or apply to bruise the pulp of crushed garlic. You can also make a mixture of 250 ml of vinegar and 1 head of crushed garlic. The mixture RUB the bruises.
  5. Bow. Finely chop 1 medium onion and add 1 teaspoon of salt. With this mixture make compresses 2-3 times a day.

Another effective remedy for bruises is vitamin C.


As a rule, bruises often appear in people with a deficiency of vitamin C. to make up for it - eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of vitamin C contain citrus fruits, green onions, pickled cabbage.

Each to himself must select a remedy that will effectively. Despite the fact that is used for the rapid disappearance of the bruise, to monitor the injury is always necessary. If you do not notice any changes, so there is reason to see a doctor, since the accession of infection.